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Well-being does not always mean that a person is completely healthy. Preventive examinations help identify diseases that lead to disability or death in advance. The treatment will be as effective as possible, since the process is always easier to stop before it goes too far. Not everyone can afford to pay for specialist advice, but you can use the State Medical Examination Program.

Can I get a physical examination for free

Preventive medical examinations have been introduced on a free basis in the Russian Federation since 2013. According to the results of the examination, the doctors determined that most of the visitors to the medical centers did not know about their diseases. To take the opportunity to check the state of health, you need to know the rules by which the population is served..

State Medical Examination Program

The order of the Ministry of Health “On the approval of the clinical examination” indicates which categories of the adult population are entitled to be regularly examined for free. The state program is designed to identify groups of diseases, which account for up to? all deaths in the Russian Federation. Cardiovascular, pulmonary, oncological diseases and diabetes mellitus are more often fatal..

According to the order of the Ministry of Health, medical examination of the population is carried out throughout the Russian Federation. For adults from the age of 21, a free examination is possible once every three years. There is an abbreviated inspection program, you can use this service once every two years. For certain categories of the population, the medical examination is carried out more often – annually.

Clinical examination 2018

People who can undergo a full medical examination for free under the Federal Program must be born between 1928 and 1997. At the same time, the age of a person who can undergo medical examination in a clinic is strictly regulated. If the inspection time is missed, you should expect the next date for which a survey of people of a specific age is planned.

Family and doctor

What year of birth fall under the medical examination in 2018

Since not all citizens of the Russian Federation will be able to undergo a free medical examination in 2018, it is worth finding out which years of birth are included in the current list. People born in 1928, 1931, 1934 and so on until 1997 can count on a free examination. At the same time, the social status of the patient does not matter – employee, student, housewife.

What is included in the survey

The patient examination program is prepared individually – age, the presence of chronic diseases and gender matter. Each person who receives it receives a “routing sheet”, which indicates a plan for bypassing specialists. The stages of the follow-up are as follows:

  • Therapist. The specialist conducts the initial screening – interviews the patient, measures height, weight, blood pressure. The therapist performs a series of rapid tests for cholesterol and blood sugar for free. Further, the doctor gives a referral to general and biochemical blood tests, general urine analysis.
  • Since 2018, a new examination is being introduced – a blood test for HIV infection.
  • Women go to the gynecologist. The examination includes an oncological examination – the doctor takes a smear from the cervix for cytology to detect cancer at an early stage.
  • Men go to the urologist. The doctor will detect prostatitis, prostate cancer and other diseases of this type..
  • All age groups receive a referral to electrocardiography, fluorographic scanning of the chest organs for the early detection of heart diseases and bronchopulmonary diseases. According to the results of research, the patient is referred for consultation to a cardiologist, pulmonologist.
  • Appointed eye examination, consultation of an endocrinologist, dentist.

People who are 39 years old at the time of the clinical examination are prescribed additional studies. Their list also depends on gender:

  • Ultrasound of the abdominal cavity and pelvis is performed every 6 years.
  • Breast ultrasound for women is planned every three years up to 50 years, then – in a year.
  • Diagnosis of glaucoma – measurement of eye pressure.
  • From the age of 45, the risk of developing colon cancer increases, so a fecal occult blood test is performed.
  • From the age of 51, the patient is referred for examination by a neurologist, and men donate blood for the detection of antigen indicating prostate cancer.

The purpose of the program is to identify signs of chronic noncommunicable diseases, to diagnose the development of oncology. According to the results of the first stage of the examination, the therapist gives direction to tests or consultations of narrow specialists. A medical passport of the patient is created, in which all information about his state of health is entered. After all consultations and analyzes, the therapist assigns one of the three health groups to the ward, on the basis of which the procedures, exercise therapy or treatment are prescribed.

Where to go

Institutions where you can undergo a full examination of the body are strictly regulated. You should contact the clinic to which the patient is attached, according to his place of registration. You can obtain information about who the local therapist is and the time of the doctor’s appointment at the reception. In addition, information about the rules of medical examination is placed on information boards in the clinic.

Medic measures a man’s pressure

How to get through

To undergo an examination of the whole body for free, you should start by visiting a local therapist. The doctor prepares a route map and reports on where and when you can take tests and get advice from narrow specialists. All examinations are carried out during working hours, therefore employed citizens should contact the management of their enterprise (place of work) in order to get a day off or a day off during a visit to the clinic. According to the Labor Code, this day should be counted as a working day..

Is it possible to undergo a medical examination in another city

A full examination of the body in a state clinic is carried out only if the patient is attached to it. In order to undergo a medical examination in another medical institution (in your own or another city), you must fill out the “application for attachment” form and submit documents to the registry together with your passport and medical policy. After the administration has prepared the necessary documentation for the patient, it is possible to undergo a medical examination at the new address.

Clinical examination of children

There is a procedure for medical examination of minors, approved by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. These are three categories of physical examination:

  • Prophylactic. This is a comprehensive examination of children 1, 3, 7, 10, 14, 15, 16, 17 years old. The examination includes consultations with a pediatrician, ophthalmologist, ENT specialist, endocrinologist, surgeon, orthopedist, dentist, neurologist. Blood tests (general and biochemistry), urine, feces for worm eggs, a coprogram are performed, scraping for enterobiosis is taken. Sometimes the pediatrician prescribes additional examinations
  • Preliminary. This examination is carried out before the child enters the institution – kindergarten, school, technical school, university.
  • Periodic. Inspections are carried out annually and are organized in kindergartens and schools. For each age, the volume of research is different..

All types of examinations are carried out in a children’s clinic, but sometimes specialists come to school and conduct a physical examination on the spot. Before the medical examination, the child’s parents must sign a consent form. If you decide to refuse to examine the child, you must notify the medical institution. Children from 15 years old can personally agree to a physical examination by filling out the form.

Medical examination of senior citizens

The program of medical examination of the population does not have a separate article regulating the examination of pensioners. This category can undergo free medical examination in the clinic on a common basis. Groups of citizens who can undergo a medical examination annually regardless of age are identified:

  • disabled participants in hostilities, WWII;
  • WWII veterans who have received disabilities due to hostilities, general illness or injury;
  • prisoners of concentration camps during World War II.

Health Examination Center

In 2009, the state program “Healthy Russia” began its work. As part of this project, Health Centers have been launched nationwide. Each region has its own departments of such a center, which are located in city clinics or hospitals. The goal of the program is to draw public attention to disease prevention. Health Centers provide the following services:

  • measure height, body weight, compression force of the hand, stress level;
  • find out the level of cholesterol and sugar in the body;
  • determine lung capacity;
  • identify diseases of the spine;
  • assess the condition of arteries to prevent atherosclerosis.

Doctor and stethoscope

Clinical health rooms

Any citizen of the Russian Federation can apply to the Health Office at the clinic, for which you need to have a passport and a compulsory medical insurance policy. You can make an appointment in advance by calling the number indicated on the information stands or the site of the clinic. Having passed the examination, the patient receives a referral for consultation of narrow specialists, additional studies (ultrasound, X-ray, MRI, etc.) or for treatment.

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