How to get a loan secured by commercial real estate to legal entities or individuals – an overview of bank offers

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When providing liquid collateral, banks give citizens larger amounts of money for temporary use. If the obligations of the contract are not fulfilled, then the property rights are transferred to the creditor. Making a loan secured by commercial real estate to expand a business or purchase additional trading floors in a mortgage belongs to this category of secured loans.

What is a loan secured by commercial real estate

This procedure implies a loan, where non-residential premises used for profit are the guarantee of payments. Businessmen often take out loans secured by non-residential real estate to replenish working capital. It is not necessary to inform banks about the purpose of taking money, but such a requirement may be provided for by a lending program in a particular organization.

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What real estate can be pledged

There are strict restrictions on property that can be used as collateral for a loan. Liquid commercial real estate is considered to be objects used for profit or capital growth. Such property is not suitable for living and brings a stable income to the entrepreneur. Collateral may be:

  • Office property. It includes classrooms, buildings, offices, business centers.
  • Industrial property. This category includes production halls, warehouses, objects for storing goods.
  • Retail real estate. These are shops, fitness centers, hotels, shopping centers, etc..

Purpose of loan

Representatives of large and medium-sized businesses use this banking offer to expand the scope of their activities. They acquire new equipment, land for the construction of workshops or retail centers. More often they take non-targeted loans for a large amount. With representatives of small businesses, things are different. Absolut Bank, Intesa Bank and other financial organizations provide them with loans only for specific purposes:

  1. Purchase of non-residential real estate for entrepreneurial activity.
  2. Repair of commercial property used as collateral.
  3. Construction of an object for entrepreneurial activity.

Who can get a loan secured by commercial real estate

This service can be used not only by owners of large industrial enterprises, but also by novice businessmen. A loan secured by commercial real estate is also provided to individuals if they provide a detailed feasibility study and a business plan. The minimum loan term for all types of borrowers in many banks is 6 months.


Making a commercial mortgage is one of the most affordable ways to organize your own business for citizens or to increase the amount of passive income. A loan can be made in the form of a lump sum payment or a credit line. The chosen form of financing affects the interest rate. Banks issue loans secured by commercial real estate to individuals if they can confirm their own solvency. The advantages of this method of lending:

  • an individual approach for each client;
  • loan maturity is set by an individual.

Hand-to-hand transfer of money

Legal entities

Representatives of large and medium-sized businesses can use this banking service. The size of loans for them will be higher than for individual entrepreneurs. Funds are transferred to the bank account indicated in the loan agreement. Money can be transferred to the card if it is used for settlements with business partners. This should be reflected in the financial policy of the company..

Individual entrepreneurs

A loan secured by commercial real estate can be obtained by representatives of small businesses. After drawing up a loan agreement, the money can be transferred to a bank card, bank account or issued in cash at the cash desk. An individual entrepreneur may entrust a loan to a trustee. When processing documents and receiving a cash loan, an attorney must submit a notarized power of attorney.

Lending terms

Financial institutions share all customers by revenue and business scale. These indicators affect the maximum loan amount. Loan applications from 2 to 10 days are considered. Such a loan can be taken not only by individual entrepreneurs, but also by individuals, open or closed joint-stock companies that meet the following requirements:

  • owners of the business or a significant part of it;
  • Sole executive bodies of an institution or enterprise.

Production method

As a result of a transaction with a bank, the client receives a loan in one of the selected types. This can be a line of credit or a regular loan. In the first method, the client receives the money in stages, when he needs them for private operations. The maximum and minimum amount of the credit line is established by the lender. Additionally, a time limit on the use of funds may be imposed..

Credit limit

Making a loan secured by the store, the borrower can receive an amount of not more than 70-80% of the value of the mortgaged property. This restriction is called the credit limit. It can be minimum and maximum. The limit is determined by the market value of the collateral and the solvency of the client. After full repayment of the loan, banks increase the maximum loan amount that the borrower can take..

Interest rate

With collateral lending, the calculation of overpayment is an individual approach. Take into account not only the liquidity and value of the object, but also the credit history of the borrower, i.e. founders of an enterprise or one legal entity. Today, banks provide loans at 18.25% per annum. A lower interest rate is assigned to borrowers who are regular customers of a financial institution..

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Which bank is better to take loans secured by commercial real estate

Many financial organizations in Russia are involved in issuing loans to medium and small businesses. Some of them require the provision of additional security, which can be withdrawn in arrears. Other companies limit the maximum loan amount to several million rubles. It is best for novice entrepreneurs to obtain a loan with a pledge of acquired or already purchased commercial real estate in one of the following banks:

  • VTB 24. Commercial mortgage available for individuals and legal entities. Secured by real estate money is issued if the borrower was able to confirm the solvency and the current tax burden of the company. Surely need a surety.
  • Rosbank. Loans are executed after the approval of the acquired property with the organization. Money is transferred to an account with Rosbank. The main requirement of the bank is to arrange insurance for the selected property.
  • Russian Agricultural Bank. The surety of investors or the main shareholders of the enterprise is absolutely necessary. Money is transferred to a current account opened with this financial institution..
  • Promsvyazbank. To apply for a loan for the purchase of commercial real estate can legal entities and individuals. Under the terms of the loan, the business owner cannot receive more than 50 million rubles. If the amount of the loan is less than 30 million rubles, the mortgage agreement is not executed.
  • Loko-Bank. Liquid objects are vehicles, industrial equipment, real estate.

Lending conditions for small businesses secured by commercial property in Russian banks:



Loan terms

Allowable amount, million rubles

Current rate,% per annum

An initial fee



VTB 24

Up to 10 years




A surety is required. You can apply for a delay of 6 months.


Ros Bank

Up to 36 months




Early repayment of the loan without commissions. You can get a delay of 6 months. Loan repayment is made by annuity payments.


Russian Agricultural Bank

Up to 8 years




Deferral of payment of debt can be issued for 12 months. All operations are subject to a commission. Individual debt repayment schedule.



Up to 36 months


From 10%

0% (the loan amount is fully secured by the market value of the collateral object)

It is possible to postpone the repayment of principal for 12 months. Letter of Credit Rates Reduced.


Loko Bank

Up to 5 years




The life of the business is 12 months or more. Loan repayment is carried out by differentiated payments. It is possible to develop an individual schedule with a deferred payment of up to 6 months.

How to apply for a loan

At the first stage, the potential borrower must submit the constituent and financial documents of his company to the creditor. After the experts have studied all the papers, the bank will decide on whether it is advisable to provide a loan secured by real estate to the applicant. Application review period – 2 days. If the company passed the audit, then the following procedures will follow:

  • Assessment of the borrower’s property by an independent expert. It is carried out in order to find out the true price of collateral. Property valuation can be carried out by an expert hired by the owner or bank.
  • Inspection of the property. As part of this procedure, the borrower will be asked for property documents. Banking specialists will check if there are obstacles to the implementation of the facility.
  • The conclusion of the contract and the issuance of a loan. Banks offer the most favorable conditions to borrowers who own real estate, which is in high demand in the market.

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Application for a loan

You can apply for a loan secured by commercial property exclusively at the branch of the selected bank. Beforehand, it is worthwhile to find out from the employees of the credit organization a list of documents that will need to be submitted for the loan. The term for consideration of the application depends on whether the potential borrower is a client of the bank and is he ready to provide additional security.

What documents are needed

The final list of certificates that the owner of liquid real estate must submit in order to receive money is determined by the lender. A potential borrower must prepare in advance papers confirming his solvency. This can be statements of accounts / deposits from other banks or certificates that show the company’s profit for the last year. The list contains the following documents:

  • application form of the person who decided to take a loan;
  • passport and other documents proving the identity of the applicant;
  • papers confirming the solvency of a citizen / enterprise (financial reports, certificates of dividends, etc.);
  • Feasibility study on obtaining financing (if money is taken for the implementation of entrepreneurial goals);
  • papers confirming ownership of the collateral;
  • technical, cadastral documents;
  • extract from the Unified State Register.

Features of lending secured by commercial real estate in 2019

Banks are tightening requirements for new customers. If companies operating for 6 months could get an early loan secured by commercial real estate, then now the life of a business for submitting an application should be at least 1 year. Interest rates have changed. Some banks give loans to new customers in 2019 exclusively at 20% per annum, while the loan amount does not exceed 60-70% of the value of the collateral.

Loan repayment

The debt repayment scheme is determined by the schedule of contributions drawn up by the creditor. Payments can be annuity when each month the borrower pays equal amounts of money, or differentiated. In the latter case, the contributions will have a different value, decreasing by the end of the loan term. It is more profitable for the borrower to repay the debt according to a differentiated scheme. Overpayment in this case will be less.

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