How to get unemployment benefits – registration of status, size of payment and payment procedure

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Losing a job is unsettling for a long time; finding a new place can take a lot of time. There is a program to support unemployed citizens – unemployment benefits, for which you must apply to the labor exchange in the regional employment center. A person is officially recognized as unemployed and receives the right to financial support while searching for a new job. The assistance is temporary and paid until the moment of employment.

What is unemployment benefit?

Social payments on the labor exchange are assigned to people who are duly recognized as unemployed. Cash assistance is appointed by the state immediately upon recognition of a person as unemployed. The regulatory framework is the Law on Employment No. 1032-1 of April 19, 1991. The procedure for recognizing a person as unemployed is prescribed in the “Procedure for registering unemployed citizens of the Russian Federation”, which was approved by the Government (Resolution No. 458 of April 22, 1997).

Cash withdrawal

Who is eligible for benefits?

The payment of unemployment benefits is guaranteed by federal law to all able-bodied citizens of the Russian Federation over 16 years old and under 60 years of age who are currently not working, are not engaged in entrepreneurial activity, and are not full-time students. It is charged from the moment of official registration in the Employment Center.

Terms of appointment

Assistance to the unemployed is assigned when a person is registered at the place of residence or temporary registration and has provided information about his previous place of work. For those who are looking for work for the first time, you can do with a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation and a document on education. When liquidating an enterprise or reducing staff, additional bonuses in the amount of the average salary are assigned, but for this it is necessary to register no later than two weeks after dismissal.

How to apply for unemployment benefits

First, register with the Employment Center at the place of residence, submit the necessary documents. Next, you need to get the official status of the unemployed in the regional Employment Center, from the moment you receive this status, benefits are calculated. A citizen is informed about the rules for receiving, information is given on the method of transferring money (to a Sberbank card or bank account).

How to get unemployed status in an employment center

Unemployment status is not obtained immediately. After presenting the full package of documents, checking their authenticity and compliance with the requirements for submitting registration at the labor exchange, a citizen is offered several options for employment:

  • any vacancies available;
  • participation in community service;
  • retraining or training of a profession;

An applicant for unemployment status must give an answer to these proposals within 10 days, if he is not offered a suitable job, he becomes registered and is considered officially unemployed. Vacancies are provided:

  • corresponding to profile education;
  • acceptable for health reasons;
  • with wages above the subsistence level;
  • located in the accessibility zone (city or town boundaries at the place of residence of the citizen).

People at the employment center

The employment center may refuse to register (after a month, you can apply for re-registration again):

  • in case of failure to appear within 10 days to the Employment Center after submitting documents;
  • upon refusal of two or more employment or training options;
  • upon detection of falsification of documents and inconsistency of information from the previous place of work;

Documents for registration

In order to register, the following documents are required:

  • work book (if a person was officially arranged before that moment);
  • passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation;
  • document on education (if it is not in Russian, translated by a notary public);
  • pension certificate;
  • TIN certificate;
  • certificate of the average amount of earnings from the previous place of work (for those who are looking for work for the first time, is not required);
  • rehabilitation program (with medical recommendations for employment) for the disabled.

The main documents (passport and work book) are provided with originals. For help, you need to contact the accounting department of the organization, from where the citizen was fired. To verify the accuracy of the submitted documents, the specialists of the Employment Centers can send requests to the employer to determine the authenticity and provide additional information.

Unemployment Benefit Amounts

The size depends on the amount of wages for the last three months at the place of work. In 2019, the minimum unemployment benefit was 850 rubles, the maximum – 4,900 rubles (according to Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 1326 of 08/08/2016). These indicators have been holding for 8 years, the last increase has not been since 2009. The government plans to raise the amount of benefits up to 8,000 rubles, but so far this is only being discussed. The amount is the same for all regions.

What do unemployment benefits depend on?

The amount of monthly unemployment benefits is regulated not only by the size of earnings at the last place of work. The determining factor is

  • length of service prior to dismissal (at least 26 weeks);
  • Duration of dismissal and appeal to the Employment Center
  • circumstances of dismissal;
  • the moment of registration with the Employment Center;
  • work experience;
  • age.

The size of the scholarship may be affected by the district coefficient, if available in the region where the person lives. For example, the size of the regional coefficient of the Far North and the Arctic is 2.0, all unemployment benefits are doubled, that is, the maximum unemployment benefit will not be 4900 rubles, but 9600, and the minimum value will be set not to 850, but 1700.

Man counts money

Maximum allowance

The amount of maximum monetary unemployment benefits established by law is paid in the amount of 4900 rubles. It is accrued to persons who had a high average income at the previous place of employment, paid work experience of 26 calendar weeks. When calculating, only the official salary is taken into account. The reason for dismissal plays a role, the amount of benefits is reduced to violators of labor discipline.

Minimum Benefit

The smallest amount of unemployment benefits is 850 rubles and is calculated in the following cases:

  • previously not working citizens;
  • a break between dismissal and contacting the Employment Center for more than a year;
  • the reason for dismissal is violation of labor discipline and other misconduct;
  • having a paid work experience of less than 26 weeks at a previous place of work;
  • deducted from training courses to which the employment service has directed.

The amount of unemployment benefits with the necessary length of service

The basis for the calculation is the average earnings at the last job, but within the minimum and maximum amounts (in the amount of 850 and 4900 rubles). The order of money transfers consists of two 12-month periods, and first, the amount is calculated in a similar way:

  • first three months – the amount of payment is 75% of the salary;
  • next four months – 60%;
  • further – 45%.

The procedure for paying unemployment benefits

The main document that governs the accrual of benefits is the Law on Employment No. 1032-1 of April 19, 1991. Money is transferred monthly for 36 calendar months, but no more than 12 months in total (revision of Federal Law No. 361-ФЗ dated November 30, 2001). The minimum and maximum size is prescribed in the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 08.12.2016. If the employee was dismissed due to reduction or because of liquidation of the enterprise, the allowance is accrued after completion of the payment of average wages (rev. 367-FZ of 12.27.2009).

In the first 12-month period, assistance is paid within the established limits of the maximum and minimum size (850 and 4900 rubles). In the second 12-month period, the minimum payment amount is calculated, which is multiplied by the percentage of the coefficient of the region where the unemployed lives (if any), in fact it is 850 rubles.

Accrual procedure

Help is accrued from the first day a person is recognized as unemployed. Next, the amount is calculated (not more than the maximum benefit amount of 4900 and not less than 850 rubles), after which the amount is transferred to the bank account specified by the citizen in Sberbank. Children (up to 23 years old) left without parental care are paid an additional benefit – a bonus of 850 rubles for six months.

Man at the bank office

Payment terms

It is recommended not to delay visiting the employment center after dismissal, because the subsidy is calculated not from the moment of dismissal, but after undergoing the official recognition of unemployment. The allowance is paid monthly until the 26th day (allowed twice a month, but no more). The main condition for saving payments is the need to regularly register with the inspector of the Employment Center for re-registration, for non-fulfillment payments are suspended.

Payout duration

The deadlines for the payment of unemployment benefits are 24 months with a maximum duration of job search of up to three years. However, there are categories of unemployed with whom the cash bonus can be extended:

  • seniority is 25 years or more, but the retirement age has not yet arrived (the payment is extended by two weeks for each worked year, which exceeds the pension insurance seniority);
  • a person was dismissed due to liquidation of an enterprise or reduction of staff – there is the possibility of applying for an early pension if it is not enough for more than two years (Articles 27, 28 of the Federal Law “On Labor Pensions of the Russian Federation”).

Grounds for termination of payments

Payments cease simultaneously with deregistration in the following cases:

  • job search completed;
  • non-visit of the Employment Center for more than a month;
  • relocation to another region;
  • deception of employment service bodies;
  • personal initiative of the unemployed (upon written request);
  • the appointment of an old-age pension for long service;
  • conviction of the unemployed and sending him to places of deprivation of liberty or to corrective labor;
  • scholarship payment for retraining courses from the Employment Center.
  • death of the unemployed (heirs receive a lump sum payment in the amount of the maximum monthly allowance).
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