How to hide audio recordings on Vkontakte

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Users of the VK social network share news, videos, music and photos with their friends. However, strangers may come to the page from whom I would like to hide some information. Changing privacy allows you to make the profile partially or completely closed. Below are ways to limit access to audio tracks..

How to hide VK audio recordings

Each VK user has the opportunity to set restrictions on the right to listen to audio tracks or see photos. To do this, it is not necessary to make your profile completely closed, managing the privacy of your account is very flexible, for example, one friend will see a certain list of records, and the other person will be completely different. The site offers several options for hiding audio recordings on Vkontakte:

  • full block for viewing data – none of the friends will see them;
  • creating a list of people who can open songs;
  • You can turn off the display of tracks that are copied to the wall by other people;
  • setting privacy via the VK application on mobile.

Audio recordings on VK page

How to close audio recordings in VK from all users

If you do not want to allow someone to listen to and view audio tracks from the playlist, you can make this section completely private. Only the owner of the page will be able to listen to them. This manipulation is carried out directly from the account, so you must first log in. Next, you will need the following:

  1. Click on the icon with the name and photo, which are located in the upper right of the profile in Vkontakte.
  2. Click on the button, a menu will appear where you need to click “Settings”.
  3. A new page will appear to close the audio tracks, click on “Privacy”, this item is located in the right side menu.
  4. The fifth line will be to control the display of audio from the list.
  5. To completely close them from all network participants, you need to click on the link next to the lock icon, activate the option “Only me”.

Such conditions will force the Vkontakte service to display music from the “audio recording” group only for you, the rest of the network will not be able to watch the list of updates. If you want to share some kind of song with your friends, then you can still put them on the wall, and they will be available, send a personal message. To reopen the listening ability, in the same section, set the item “All users” or “Only friends”.

Instructions for closing audio files from all users

How to hide music in VK from specific users

Sometimes you don’t want to allow only specific people from your friends list to listen to audio. Perhaps they ridiculed your tastes, or maybe they are relatives who then look at you disapprovingly after the added song of Leningrad. There is a way to hide audio recordings on Vkontakte from one or more people. To do this, do the following:

  1. Click on the personal menu in the upper right corner of the profile..
  2. Select the item with the settings, go to the “Privacy” tab.
  3. You will again need the 5th line, where this time you need to select another item.
  4. Click on the link and activate the option “Everything except …”
  5. You will see a form through which you can add individuals to whom you do not want to be allowed to listen to your music.

You can immediately select the group in which certain friends are located, for example, “Work” or “Family”. If you need to close only one person, then in the line below, begin to drive his name into Vkontakte. So add everyone who gets into the “black list” and will not have the right to listen to the recordings. Next, click on the “Save” button and close the tab. On the same path, it is possible to remove a person and again open access to him.

Learn how to delete audio in VK.

Vkontakte tab on the tablet

How to hide your audio recordings in VK on the wall

Sometimes people copy audio not to a playlist, but directly to a page on Vkontakte. The service allows options to close them if there is such a need. Sound tracks are recordings on the wall, so you have to completely hide everything that will be published on it. A group with songs will be visible if you did not close it. This is done as follows:

  1. Open the menu in the right corner of the page.
  2. Go to the “Settings” section and click on “Privacy”.
  3. The second group of links is a section called “Entries on the page”.
  4. Click on the link opposite the item “Who sees someone else’s records …”, set the value “Only me”.
  5. When any music tracks appear on the page from an outsider, they will be hiding from everyone. You can listen to them without any problems..

Vkontakte privacy settings

How to block music on Vkontakte from friends via phone

To quickly find out about all changes in your account, the arrival of new messages, people install the program on mobile VK. This is the official application that helps to get into your profile via the Internet from your phone. There is a way how you can hide audio recordings on Vkontakte from your smartphone if you have a network connection. This is done as follows:

  1. Log in to your account. Call the slash to the left side of the main menu.
  2. Scroll down the page until the word “Settings” appears, tap on it.
  3. Go to “Privacy”.
  4. The fifth line will be the ability to close audio tracks. Click on the line and select the option you want. You can close them from everyone, only from some users, or only allow certain friends to view them..
  5. To disable this function, go along the same path and click on the line with the settings “All users.
  6. These manipulations are activated on the entire account, therefore they are saved when you log in from the computer.
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