How to knit a hat for a boy with knitting needles

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Making children’s things is a fascinating activity, giving the opportunity to show imagination and develop creative skills. Small clothes fit quickly in one go. For self-made things, you can choose a style to your liking, buy quality material.

Simple hat for a boy with knitting needles

A beginner needlewoman should not take complex patterns and styles into her work. On the basis of simple samples, cute products for kids are obtained. Detailed workshops and step-by-step instructions facilitate the development of knitting techniques. To make the finished product fit, you need to dial the exact number of loops. To determine their number, you should tie a sample with a 1×1 elastic band and measure the volume of the baby’s head.

You can knit a spring hat for a boy with knitting needles and decorate the product with ordinary thermal sticker with an image that the child likes. Performing such a thing is much easier than a model with ears or a visor. To work, you will need the following:

  • skein of cotton yarn (100g);
  • tape measure;
  • knitting needles number 3;
  • thick needle;
  • knitting hook;
  • thin hat elastic;
  • thermal sticker.


  1. Start knitting, divide it into 4 parts, do 5 cm with 1×1 elastic.
  2. Add 1 every 4 loops, continue to work with the front surface.
  3. Close the item 22 cm from the edge.
  4. Divide visually the top into 4 parts. Sew the top from the fold to the center to make “ears”.
  5. Fix the thermal sticker with gauze and iron.
  6. Crochet the gum from the wrong side around the edge.

Knitted hat for boy

Knitted hat for newborn

Newborn items are made from soft, non-spun yarn suitable for baby’s sensitive skin. It is better to choose threads from natural materials – cotton, wool or down. Knitting hats for the newborn with knitting needles with a description allows you to complement the first wardrobe of the baby with a nice thing. In this case, you need to focus on the head circumference of 34-38 cm. Prepare 50 g of yarn, applique for decoration.

A knitted hat for a newborn with knitting needles is done like this:

  1. Make 4 cm with 1×1 rubber band.
  2. Continue with facial smoothness. Complete 6 cm.
  3. Divide the knitting into 6 identical parts.
  4. Reduce evenly 6 times in each row. This is done by knitting two loops as one.
  5. Fasten the thread at the end of the work. Sew the product.
  6. Decorate the headpiece with applique.

Knitted hat for knitting for a newborn baby boy

Patterned children’s hat knitting for a boy

The model looks stylish with jeans clothes, is practical, suits a child 4-5 years old with a head volume of 50-54.5 cm. The relief pattern is made according to the scheme, including broaches, purl, front loops. Before knitting a hat for a boy with knitting needles, prepare 100 g of blue threads, consisting of half cotton. The denser the material, the more interesting the texture.


  1. Dial 80 loops, tie an elastic band 2.5 cm high.
  2. Add 10 loops evenly.
  3. Follow the relief pattern according to the pattern..
  4. After 16 cm, knit 2 rows, reducing 2 times in each report. The result is 54 loops.
  5. Reduce 4 times in each report.
  6. Knit every 2 stitches as 1 front.
  7. Finish the work by pulling the remaining loops with a thread.

Children's knitted hat with embossed pattern

Knit hat with ears

The winter thing with ears is done in two layers, suitable for the age of 1-2 years. The product is knitted in a circle, from bottom to top. First, the inner cap adjacent to the ears is made. Then an external, slightly increased in size is done. To do this, add a little on the sides and knit more in height. The top of the headgear can be decorated with a pompom. Crochet of thread of a different color, in harmony with the main one, looks beautiful. To knit a hat for a boy with knitting needles, you will need 100 g of woolen threads and a crochet hook.


  1. Dial 7 loops. Knit, adding 2 times from both edges, to form 19 loops.
  2. Cut the thread. Make a second eye.
  3. Dial 10 loops to the last element where the thread is not cut.
  4. Connect the details.
  5. Continue needlework, gradually adding one at a time from each edge..
  6. Do 8 rows.
  7. Form the superficial part by doing 16 crochets.
  8. Do 17 rows in a circle up.
  9. Gradually reduce the width of the product, dividing it into 7 parts.
  10. Pull the remaining 4 loops.

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A cap with earflaps for a boy knitted with his own hands on knitting needles

Paying attention to watching video lessons, you will learn how to knit beautiful hats for children. The thing presented in the first video looks spectacular thanks to openwork braids and a decorative knot at the crown. After watching the second lesson, you will see how to knit a sports hat for a boy with knitting needles. The product is made on a paper pattern. Large fishnet braids look great on a cap with earflaps in the third video.

Knitted hat for a boy

Hat for boy

Ushanka hat with braids

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