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Raglan is a sweater with a special cut of sleeves, which are one with the back and front. It is named after the British commander who tried so hard to hide his arm lost in battle. Today, this method of knitting has become popular due to the lack of seams. How to knit a neck with knitting needles in this case? Follow the instructions below..

Methods for knitting raglan from the neck with knitting needles

Most knitting publications suggest using the bottom-up method to create a raglan, but from the neck it is much more convenient. As a result, the product has no seams, because of which you do not need to spend time stitching parts. In addition, you can change the length of the sweater, because it is very easy to dissolve its lower part. For these reasons, the method is popular. The method of knitting raglan with knitting needles from the neck has 3 options for connecting all parts of the product:

  1. A narrow line made of one loop, relative to which on both sides they are added.
  2. A wide strip of 3 facial. Increases are also made around the edges..
  3. The widest strip in the form of braids, plaits, hemstitches or other relief patterns.

How to knit raglan with knitting needles

Method Advantages

A significant advantage is the absence of seams, which is especially important for children’s clothing, which should not rub. As a result of this, the time spent on manufacturing is reduced, because it is not necessary to stitch individual elements. A small number of threads due to knitting in a circle makes it easy to dissolve the product and, if necessary, change its length in any direction. When dissolving, yarn can be reused. A disadvantage is the large number of loops involved in the work. In addition, not all patterns can be performed in a circle..

How to calculate raglan loops

Before you start knitting raglan with knitting needles from the neck, you need to calculate the number of loops. First you need to measure the circumference of the neck: for a woman’s size 48 clothing, this value is 36 cm. Another necessary value that requires calculating the raglan from above with knitting needles is the density of knitting. To measure it, it is necessary to make a sample of about 35-40 loops 15 cm high. The pattern in this case is taken in which the product will be made. The sample must be wetted, dried and steamed, then allowed to lie down. Next, the ruler is the number of loops per 1 cm of canvas.

As an example, the instructions on how to calculate raglan with knitting needles from above take a knitting density of 2.5. Given this value, you can calculate the initial number of loops – you need to multiply 2.5 by 36, i.e. neck circumference. The result is 90. Next, this value is divided in the following percentage:

  • 45% – before;
  • 35% – back;
  • 10% for each sleeve.

From the total number of loops, you need to subtract those that will fall on 4 ragged lines. It turns out 90-4×1 = 86. If the strips will consist of 2 loops, then 4 need to be multiplied already by 2. As a result, the calculation reduces to the following:

  • 86 x 0.45 = 38 p. In front;
  • 86 x 0.35 = 30 p. – on the back;
  • 86 x 0.1 = 9 p. – for each sleeve.

Calculation of loops for knitting raglan from the neck

Step-by-step instructions with diagrams and a description of the work – photo

In addition to the instructions themselves, how to knit raglan with knitting needles from the neck, you will need several tools. To ensure comfortable operation, prepare the following:

  • several pairs of circular knitting needles of different numbers and hosiery for sewing without hoses;
  • markers for marking parts;
  • yarn, preferably wool with the addition of acrylic or mohair;
  • round knitting counter.

Knitting raglan top with knitting needles for women

An example of a women’s sweater 48 sizes. As was calculated above, the initial number of loops is 90. First 2 rows do this:

  1. Knit only facial, combine in a circle.
  2. Make another auxiliary front row. With safety pins, markers or threads, mark the position of the ragged lines and the middle of the front.

Next is tying the neck with knitting needles in the technique of partial knitting. The execution sequence is as follows:

  1. Kneeling start from the left side of the back so – the loop of the ragged line, the crochet, 2 knitted loops and the third, taken off the wrap.
  2. Remove the loop with a loop, knit the next 2, double crochet and again 2 crocheted loops, lifting the second increase from the broach. After 2 loops again, remove 3 with a loop.
  3. Pull the wrap around the first chain and knit as follows – 2 front, double crochet, rag line of 2 sts., Again double crochet, back, 2 front, pull up the wrap and knit it together with the loop.
  4. Continue to knit like this, alternating the front and back rows, while in each subsequent putting into operation 3 p. Of sleeves.
  5. When you reach the 7th row, knit the faces to the ragged front line.
  6. With the wrong ones, perform the 8th row, knitting the last 3 loops to the front line, which will equal the back.

Female knitted raglan

Then the knitting goes with the participation of the front, with the same addition of 3 loops. Increases rise from broaches – so up to the 18th row. At 19, knitting begins, but before removing the first loop, a yarn is made. Next, you need to continue this until the 44th row, and then drop the sleeves on the auxiliary thread. The following instructions for their implementation are as follows:

  1. Before combining with the back, knit a straight section of the sweater.
  2. To avoid holes in the armpits, dial 3 additional loops from the canvas of the body, as shown in the photo.
  3. Continue knitting, making reductions along the bevel line so – 2 together front for the front wall, then the loop is turned and the same, but for the back wall.
  4. Without tying about 6-7 cm to the estimated length, go to the rubber band, doing it like this: 2 front ones on the decrease line, wrong side, wrong side of the broach, etc..
  5. Go to the neck. Knit it like a sleeve.
  6. Finish the straight section of the product by making the same gum below.

For men

Instructions for the implementation of men’s sweaters are given for sizes 50-52. The distribution is as follows:

  • back – 37 p .;
  • before – 45 p .;
  • sleeves – 14 p each..

The knitting instruction is as follows:

  1. Dial the initial chain of 118 p., Knit 4 rows with an elastic band.
  2. To solve the question of how to tie the neck with knitting needles beautifully, make 4 rows with a hollow elastic band, alternating between the front and removed as the wrong one, for which you need to place the thread in front of the left knitting needle. In the next row, do the opposite. In the latter, knit the front and back together to return to the initial number of loops.
  3. According to the instructions for partial knitting described above, make a sprout.
  4. Run the sleeves by collecting 4 additional loops from the body blade and making reductions along the bevel line. Finish them with an elastic band.
  5. Tie up the main part, at the end also make an elastic band.

Men's knitted sweater

Raglan knitting on top for children

For children, knitting the neck with needles may not necessarily be done in a circle. Button tops are also made using the top method. The method of knitting from above for growing babies is good in that it is then easy to dissolve the lower part and add it to the desired length. For this reason, raglan is so often knitted for children. Below you will find an option for both girls and boys.

For girl

In your work you will need:

  • knitting needles on a fishing line;
  • scissors;
  • hook;
  • yarn of any color.

For example, instructions on knitting a blouse for newborn girls are shown. The steps are as follows:

  1. Dial 40 p., Make an elastic band about 1.5 cm.
  2. Mark the loops as follows – left and right shelf of 5, 4 rag lines of 2, right and left sleeve of 5, back of 12.
  3. Knit with alternating colors and front and back rows, making in the first 2 yarn over raglan lines.
  4. When reaching the child’s armpit length, throw the sleeves onto the auxiliary thread, tie the shelves and back to the desired size, ending with an elastic band below.
  5. Complete the sleeves, also completing them with a 1×1 elastic band.
  6. Dial the loops of the shelf on a long knitting needle, knit a strip of the desired width, making holes for buttons.
  7. Decorate the finished product by sewing on buttons.

Children's knitted blouse

For boy

The pullover for the boy is knitted from 45 initial loops. The circumference of the neck is taken equal to 18 cm. The distribution is as follows:

  • 16 p. – for the transfer;
  • 15 p. – for the back;
  • 4 p. – on raglannye lines;
  • 5 p. – for each sleeve.

Dial the desired chain and follow these steps:

  1. Mark and odd rows 1 through 9 knit, double crochet before and after each rowed line. Start and end with an air loop. In even ones, purl and air knit purl, and yarn – purl crossed.
  2. When you reach the desired length of the upper part, remove the sleeves on the auxiliary thread.
  3. Combine the back with the front, continue to knit to the desired size, then make a few cm of elastic.
  4. Close the bottom, cut the remaining thread.
  5. Tie the sleeves, performing a decrease in the bevel in each 6 row. Get to the desired length, perform elastic and finish knitting.
  6. Tie the neckline with an elastic.

Knitted sweater for girls

Video tutorials for beginners

Using the neckline method, it’s convenient to knit out any models of warm clothes, whether it be a pullover, sweater or turtleneck. It is only necessary to step by step follow the detailed instructions of the master classes. In addition to the usual knitting, various patterns can be added, for example, pigtails or rhombuses. If you are also interested in such needlework, then watch the video tutorials on how to knit raglan with knitting needles from the neck.

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