How to knit snood with knitting needles for beginners: description with photos and video

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A quick way to get a new thing is to make it yourself. To understand how to knit snood with knitting needles for beginners, select a pattern among the newest instances of this trend: a braid, elastic band or scarf collar. A stylish collar-shaped scarf serves as a warm collar, can be complicated by buttons, braid or even buckles. If you want to evaluate how the product will look from the side – make it a trial composition. For those who do not have experience in making scarves, hand made craftsmen are advised to start with a simple stocking method.

Knitting a knitting needles

At the peak of fashion – products not bought in a store, but hand-knitted. Technologies differ in the presence or absence of a unifying seam, as is customary to designate the inside out on the caps. Thanks to needlework, you can prove yourself: add a fringe to the scarf, combine shades, add original decor. Those who appreciate comfort choose a magnificent collar made of voluminous knitting threads to suit their style. He is able to replace the hood in bad weather, which is very practical. Outwardly, the product resembles an object such as a hood. Short snud will perform a decorative function.


Classic snood is a long ring scarf that is enough to wrap around the neck, cover the head. Popular models are made using the knitting method “gum”. Such products have different names: “Fish bone”, “Labyrinth”, “English gum” and look like horizontal stripes. Try to combine patterns with each other, for example, combine volumetric braids with plaits or rhombs. Gray, green shades, three-colored yarn dyed in sections with large links – running models of snud-yoke – volume hood covering the shoulders.

Knitted snood

Knitting technique

The scheme of knitting a knitting needles is carried out along a solid circle or transversely. The basis of the scarf is a scarf method of weaving loops. They can be typed in two main types: in the direction of the knitting needle forward – front and back – wrong loops. Try to update your winter wardrobe using such a needlework technique when turns of threads alternate in certain directions. But it is preferable to work with front (external) loops that differ from the wrong (reverse) pattern on the surface of the garment, with a dense knit structure.


Make a snood that emphasizes your personality thanks to the beautiful elements of needlework. Realize the models “Asterisk”, “Rice”, “Honeycombs” which can be knitted with small or large parts. Combination of a pair of patterns on one product comes into fashion: the gum method plus braid trim, large braids, braids decorated with laces and hem. A narrow scarf woven from a mesh or geometric shapes is ideal as an additional decorative element of clothing. It is more convenient to carry out light yarn of small thickness.

Threads for snud

Following each change of seasons, do not deny yourself the pleasure of wearing a knitted scarf-snood, but choose high-quality material for its manufacture. Decide in advance what thread color and yarn thickness are needed. It is recommended to choose natural material: for summer – cotton, for winter – wool. Try a composition where, in addition to wool, there is a part of artificial or plant threads. The material is warm and pleasant to the touch. The presence in some compositions of acrylic allows you to wash the yarn in the machine.

How to knit a snood scarf

The work of manufacturing an exclusive snud, in addition to great determination, requires knowledge of certain subtleties:

  • Watch for uniform height, loop density.
  • If you use a material of small thickness, the product will not be lush.
  • Using thick threads, you get a voluminous product.
  • The thickness of the working tool should correspond to the thickness of the yarn.
  • Snood is not worn tight to the neck, stick to a medium size (about 70 centimeters).
  • To connect a scarf-snood for beginners, choose a simple model with a description or instruction.
  • When the work is completed, gently wash the scarf with your hands, dry without the use of steaming devices so that the product does not lose its pomp and relief.

With braids

This cute scarf model is well suited for girls, it looks great in all shades of pink. At the end of the work, if you exactly follow the description, the product will take the form of transverse braids woven on the surface:

  1. Loosely knit stitches.
  2. For the first row, type four faces, then two wrong ones. Repeat the same number of front and back loops, continue ordering until the end of the row.
  3. Knit the second strip back first: two front, four purl stitches.
  4. In the third row, after knitting four front and two wrong, remove two loops with a separate knitting needle.
  5. Dial two front loops, combine with the deferred two at work.
  6. Complete the chain of loops on two seamy, four facial.
  7. Make the next strip using the four wrong, two front, similar to the description of the second paragraph.
  8. Duplicate the actions one by one, from the first to the seventh point, to get a horizontal pattern.

Pink snood with braids


Simple snood knitting needles for beginners are stitched with a circular knitting tool, 8 mm in diameter. The product can be turned over, worn as a double, combining with other wardrobe items. Connoisseurs of comfortable clothing prefer this stylish hat accessory. Knit it as follows:

  1. Make a set of loops of yarn up to 80 pieces.
  2. Make the first chain with facial loops.
  3. Work the next chain of loops with the wrong method.
  4. Combine these two methods in rows until you get 40 centimeters long.
  5. Join the edges of the snud together.

Pearl pattern

It is interesting as an elegant ladies accessory or a charming children’s scarf. A description of the same scarf model can be found under the name “Rice Pattern”, “Putanka”. The peculiarity of its manufacture is a convex pattern by the technique of alternating loops. Try not to get lost in their logical location:

  1. Dial loops.
  2. Start to knit the front loops, then do the wrong one, then alternate them until the row ends (the last is the wrong one). You can alternate not one, but two or three loops.
  3. Continue the alternation, but on the contrary – first on the wrong side, followed by the front.
  4. Tie the next, third row in the order that the first.
  5. Fourth – similar to the description of the second.

English rubber band

Fashion dictates the tendency to use snood for women’s and men’s wardrobe, to wrap a child in winter. Snood with an elastic band suggests an odd number of loops, the total length of such a scarf is about 120 cm. Start the first row, gaining facial loops. Follow the description:

  1. One loop is made with a winding of thread thrown over the knitting needle by a “to itself” movement.
  2. Alternate it with loose thread.
  3. The second row: the yarn yarn directed “on yourself”, one free loop that adjoins the previous strip.
  4. For the third row, prepare a straight crochet loop, performing a movement “on yourself”, knitting simultaneously with the outer loop of the previous row.
  5. Work ends with external loops.
  6. The finishing touch – beautifully combine both sides.

red snood knitted with an English elastic band


Use circular knitting needles to please yourself with an unusual accessory. The direction of work on the strip goes horizontally, closing the end loops on both sides without closing the seams. Description:

  1. Fill the first row with the seam loops, the second – the front.
  2. Continue alternating until you reach the desired height..
  3. Knit one crochet, then remove one loop as the front through the next three.
  4. Remove one loop forward, then knit two outer ones together.
  5. Throw the removed loop on the knitted.
  6. Continue these steps to the end of the knitted chain..


Work using thick yarn equal to the size of the work tool. The actual model for the winter period, when you want to look fashionable, not afraid to freeze and ruin your hair. This method of knitting has a peculiarity – that for products from massive yarn you need to select simple patterns. Learn how to knit snood for beginners step by step:

  1. Dial the same loops for all parameters.
  2. Start combining the front loops with the wrong ones.
  3. After finishing the stitch, turn the work sheet.
  4. Continue creating loops while turning work.
  5. Close the rows with purl columns.
  6. Sew the sides of the product carefully.

On circular knitting needles

The advantage of circular knitting needles is that the finished product is seamless, there is no need to connect the sides. The tool is a knitting needle with a plastic, light wire. To knit a scarf-snood with knitting needles for beginners, a job description will help:

  1. Dial loops up to 128 pieces.
  2. Press the first row with an elastic band (2 front loops, two wrong loops).
  3. After completing the first row, lock it in a ring, then knit round, continuing the gum pattern.
  4. In order not to get confused, mark the beginning and end of the rows with a pin or thread of contrasting color.
  5. When your pipe reaches a length of 10-15 cm, change the technique: go to the garter stitch, i.e. alternate the front rows with the wrong ones. Scarf length – at your discretion.
  6. Knit the last 10 rows again with an elastic band..
  7. Close the loops.

Double sided

Such a two-way model implies that you can wear and drape a thing on either side. Choose yarn in beige, coffee, terracotta tones in harmony with the clothes you prefer to wear. Start knitting snood with a description for beginners:

  1. Tie the first row with three faces, move the loop to the side, make the next one not knit.
  2. Remove the thread, make three outer loops.
  3. Second: one front, one displaced, not knitted loop.
  4. The thread is removed, one external one follows, shift one loop not knitted, remove the thread, one front.
  5. Actions are repeated similar to the beginning of the description..

Beige knitted snood


If you combine several colors of yarn, you get an interesting and eye-catching thing. The color product made by this technology is two-sided. Widespread was snood, made with a smooth gradient transition from several harmonious shades. Combine up to three “related” colors with one product. The description of this sample consists of a classic, black and white combination of acrylic threads. Try to connect snood knitting needles with a description for beginners:

  1. Throw a black thread to create an external, behind it inside loop.
  2. A chain of one facial loops becomes a white thread.
  3. Make a crochet and one wrong side stitch.
  4. Take the thread to work.
  5. The third row of white thread is made with a double crochet and two loops that we remove, one wrong side.
  6. Take the thread to work.
  7. In the fourth row weave the black thread with one outer, three loops together with the wrong.
  8. The fifth row of black thread is similar to the initial.

Coarse knit

There are models made of such a thick material that in it you will not be afraid of any frosts. To knit a scarf-clamp with knitting needles for beginners, a description of an example of large knitting using this interesting technology will help:

  1. Start sketching loops up to three hundred.
  2. Connect the workpiece with a ring without twisting it.
  3. Knit in a circular loop, the same for the first three stitches, using the four purl, three outer, seven purl and three outer stitches.
  4. Repeat the described method until there are three loops left that are tied with the wrong technology.
  5. On the fourth line, tie the product with external loops.
  6. For the next three rows, two outer, seven back, three outer and seven back loops are needed.
  7. Repeat the pattern until the last loop, which designate the front.
  8. For the eighth line, knitting will go completely face technology.
  9. Do not change the knitting method until the part is close to 30 cm.
  10. Loose open loops.

Made of cotton

A lightweight scarf with exquisite ornaments for the offseason. Thin-diameter tools and high-quality cotton threads are useful to you:

  1. Dial loops, the number of which corresponds to the desired width of the scarf.
  2. Alternating external with reverse loops continue to work.
  3. After you finish knitting, close the loops, connecting the ends of the snout with a neat seam.
  4. Decorate with beautiful decorative buttons, floral motif brooch.

Lilac knitted cotton

Snood trapeze

Choosing circular knitting needles as the main tool, work in a circle, creating facial loops. If you prefer ordinary knitting needles, you will have to combine the front and wrong stitches. The trapezoidal model narrows at the neck and expands to the shoulders. See how to knit such a snood for beginners:

  1. Knit about twenty centimeters of canvas
  2. Tie the seventh with the eighth stitches together.
  3. After the next twenty-five centimeters, knit together the sixth and seventh loops.
  4. Determine the optimal height of the model, close the remaining loops.
  5. The finished pattern of the snood scarf must be combined into the pipe with an invisible seam.


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