How to learn how to save a family budget – rules and tips for planning expenses

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Excessive spending of money is natural for large incomes, but they are no exception in a detailed analysis for families with small budgets. The constant making of spontaneous rash purchases is inherent in everyone. The question of how to save money in the family worries many, and for this you will have to learn how to properly allocate your budget according to the income received.

How to learn to save money

To learn how to save the family budget, you do not need to limit your needs, but you only need to develop the ability to competently manage available funds. To save, you should:

  1. Keep a detailed record of expenses and do analysis. Develop good habits, identify priority areas that are impossible to do without and refuse unnecessary expenses.
  2. Plan for spending money according to the funds received.
  3. Learn to save for unforeseen expenses, so as not to take loans during a crisis in the family – in case of job loss or the need for treatment.

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Eliminating unnecessary expenses does not at all reduce the quality of life. Saving money in the family is possible subject to the following rules:

  1. Do not go shopping hungry or after receiving a salary, but spend money after budget planning.
  2. Go to the supermarket with a prepared list of products and, in order not to buy unnecessary little things, visit only those departments where the necessary goods are located.
  3. For payments in the store, refuse plastic cards, and use cash. After making your purchases, do a general count..
  4. When deciding to make a major purchase, it is better to postpone the acquisition time for some period and weigh well the need for this thing.
  5. Use discount cards and cashback features to get discounts.
  6. It is wise to approach the ongoing campaigns, to be protected from the temptation to purchase irrelevant goods.
  7. Do a regular checkup with a doctor so that you don’t buy medications if you are diagnosed with an advanced illness.


You can start saving money in the family using the following methods:

  1. Five envelope method for four weeks of the month. The entire salary is distributed in five parts. The control of the spending of money occurs through the implementation of the rule – the contents of only one envelope are allowed per week. Fifth – provided for the remaining last days of the month and for accumulation.
  2. Keeping records of purchases and payment for services, followed by spending analysis. You can record expenses in a notebook, in the Excel table, or use programs downloaded on the Internet for this. Monthly analyze the committed expenses. This method helps to detect excess costs, and after analysis they can be reduced or completely eliminated..
  3. Refusal of loans. To borrow for a vacation, for the purchase of household appliances or a telephone when there are still old ones is an unreasonable decision. It’s better to save money and rest or buy the desired thing for the deferred funds so as not to spend money on bank interest.

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How to save money in the family – table

When planning the family budget, it is necessary to distribute all the estimated expenses in descending order of their importance and include the first ones from the list in future expenses. All family needs are shown in the table:



Unnecessary or harmful


Communal payments

Loan repayments





Vacation trip

Create Savings



Fun & Fitness


Harmful products

Expensive clothing

New technology

What can you save on

The wise use of the opportunities provided is a saving. You can reduce costs by:

  1. Utilities. It is necessary to install water and gas meters.
  2. Wardrobe. To buy clothes at the end of the season at sales. Do not strive to acquire a large number of clothes – you can create new outfits using a combination of several things.
  3. Household appliances. No need to buy a product with a wide range of functions – this increases the purchase price. You can select only the necessary options..

Food expenses

Vegetables, fruits are necessary for proper nutrition, so you can not save on them. Savings can be obtained with:

  1. Reduce meat consumption. From this, the quality of food will not decrease.
  2. Reducing the number of sweet desserts in the diet. It will improve your health..
  3. Purchasing products at competitive prices in the market before closing.

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How to save electricity

To save, you need:

  1. Buy energy-saving lamps.
  2. When leaving the room, turn off the electricity.
  3. To purchase household appliances that consume less electricity – class A, AA, A+.
  4. Do not place the refrigerator near a heating radiator or stove; regularly defrost it.
  5. Unplug electrical appliances after use.

Bad habits

When analyzing the costs, you may find that the costs of smoking and buying beer are consumed by several thousand rubles. A lot of money is spent on the purchase of chips, carbonated drinks, alcohol. With the exception of these costs, you can not only save money in the family, but also maintain health. Rejecting them will help compensate for shortages or use savings to save.

Cheap analogues

Large amounts of money go to purchase new products or branded items. There is no need to strive to buy expensive products or acquire new equipment and communications, if the old ones still work. Promoted brands of dairy products, cosmetics can be replaced with similar cheap goods of a local manufacturer. To do this, compare their composition.

How to save money with a small salary

Small incomes are not a sentence, but an incentive to streamline their expenses. How to save money in a family on a budget? You need to learn how to plan expenses according to the funds received. To save, you should:

  1. Refuse loans, as payment on bank debt increases the burden on the family budget.
  2. Determine the priority needs of the family and bring them in line with income – this way you can reduce spending.

Budget allocation

With a reasonable approach to the use of family finances, you can identify reserves even with a small budget. To balance income and expenses, you can use the recommendations:

  1. Plan needs for a month.
  2. Make a diet for a week and make purchases according to a compiled list. So you can avoid the acquisition of excess food and prevent them from spoiling.
  3. The necessary products that are consumed by the family in large quantities and do not deteriorate (sugar, flour), you can buy for the future at wholesale prices and so save.

Financial Accounting

Registration of all expenses will help to analyze them and detect excess or harmful expenses. How can you save money in a family with low earnings? There are options for this:

  1. Avoid going to restaurants and cafes, and prepare home-cooked food for family members and guests.
  2. Replace spa visits with home treatments, and paid fitness classes with morning jogging and exercise.
  3. Refuse harmful products (chips, carbonated drinks) and habits (smoking).
  4. Rest in exotic resorts is replaced by excursions to the neighboring region, visiting exhibitions and museums, a trip to a picnic.
  5. Do not buy ready-made food and convenience foods in supermarkets, but cook on your own. Instead of packaged goods and slices, purchase cheaper weighted foods.
  6. Periodically review mobile plans and choose only the best rates, which include the necessary options.
  7. Buying cheap items at online stores.

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How to start saving and saving money

In order to understand how you can save money in the family and learn how to save, you need to define financial goals for yourself and strive to achieve them. You can save money every month for: buying a car, vacation, home repair. Real estate does not benefit its owner, so the savings must be used to generate additional income through investments in investments. Money can be deposited on favorable terms with interest capitalization in a bank.

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