How to learn to fall asleep quickly: have a good night’s sleep

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The question of how to learn to fall asleep quickly worries many, especially when at night, after trying many methods of falling asleep, I did not have to sleep. It is difficult to fall asleep after intense physical exertion and after psychological fatigue. Existing REM techniques are based on complete relaxation of the body and switching brain activity. Try different methods – and you can choose the best for yourself.

What helps to fall asleep

If you went to bed, and there is no conflict with a colleague from your head, or your legs are frozen, you cannot fall asleep quickly. The causes of insomnia are affected by everything – both your psychological state at bedtime and physical comfort. Do this:

  • Ventilate the room before going to bed – let the air be cool, not stale.

  • Under the blanket should be light and warm, buy a comfortable pillow.
  • Do not overeat at night, but do not go hungry either: eat a banana or drink a glass of milk.
  • Provide darkness and silence: it is important to create physiological comfort for sleep.

The same applies to self-awareness: it should also be comfortable, in a state of stress it is difficult to quickly fall asleep. But achieving peace is a difficult thing to do, an internal dialogue begins in the head and cannot be stopped in any way, attempts to throw thoughts out of the head are futile. Special techniques will help you learn how to quickly fall asleep, you can listen to music, soothing audio books.

How to learn to fall asleep quickly

If you cannot fall asleep, thoughts and memories scroll in your head, you need to learn how to relax. Our brain is strangely arranged – the more we think about sleep, the less we want to sleep. Emily Martin, a professor of insomnia, said that to achieve sleep, you need to stop striving for it. The recipe is simple – the brain needs to learn how to distract. It can be physical exercises, psychological techniques, breathing exercises – there are many effective ways, they all have one goal – abstraction and relaxation. The main thing is to choose the right one for yourself.

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Fall asleep techniques

Insomnia is sometimes confused with the problem of falling asleep. If you haven’t fallen asleep after 15 minutes, then you don’t have to try to force yourself to fall asleep, since the internal dialogue is an energy-intensive process, it is not for nothing that a person feels overwhelmed after such a night. How to learn to fall asleep quickly during a dialogue with oneself? At his stop, several successful techniques are based:

  1. The special services method is based on the natural position of the human eye during sleep.

  2. The technique of reverse blinking immerses in a light trance, smoothly turning into a dream.

Special Services Method

Viktor Suvorov in the book “Aquarium” described the method of falling asleep, which is taught by military intelligence. This technique helps you fall asleep in 1 minute:

  • lying on your back, stretch out, hands palms up;

  • close your eyes, try to relax as much as possible;
  • without opening the eyelids, roll your eyes up, do it without tension – the main rule of the method.

Reverse Blink Technique

This method does not allow the brain to plunge into the internal dialogue and helps to fall asleep quickly and easily:

  • close your eyes, relax;

  • open your eyes for a moment and close again for 4-5 seconds;
  • repeat several times;
  • the brain with “blinking vice versa” does not have time to ponder the next thoughts of dialogue, you will quickly relax and fall asleep.

Quick fall asleep exercises

There are many effective exercises to deal with sleep disorders. They can be simple, complex, even funny, for example: lie on your right side, lie down for three minutes and turn over, turn over again after three minutes – you will fall asleep at the third turn. A funny technique with an endless internal dialogue after a difficult day: to find a place in the apartment where there is nobody, and for about 30 minutes to speak aloud any nonsense that only comes to mind. This exercise helps free the brain from overwhelming information; it reboots and discharges..

To learn how to relax and fall asleep quickly, try this exercise right in bed:

  • kneel first, then slowly sit on your heels;

  • spread your knees to the sides so that the big toes touch each other;
  • Slowly lower your body forward and lay your forehead on the bed;
  • stretch your arms along the body forward;
  • try to completely relax and feel how gradually your body relaxes, lengthens, becomes heavier;
  • watch your breathing – it should be smooth, feel the tension go out with an exhalation;
  • relax your arms, shoulders, neck, eyes, in this position the body should become heavy, and the mind should be calm;
  • repeat the exercise for 5 minutes before bedtime.

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Auto training exercises require skill. At first you will be distracted, extraneous thoughts will arise in your head. Quickly learn this technique will be able to people endowed with a rich imagination, able to create vivid images in the mind. After a short practice, when doing auto-training, you will feel sleepy around the middle of the exercise..

Exercise Ball:

  1. Take a comfortable pose, close your eyes.

  2. Imagine an ocean and a large ball floating in the distance, from which waves diverge in different directions.
  3. Concentrate on the ball, then on the waves – they diverge very far.
  4. As soon as extra thoughts appear in your head, turn your attention back to the ball.

Exercise Beach:

  1. Imagine you are on the beach.

  2. Warm sand pours on you – first on one hand, then on the other, on your feet (in turn), on your body, on your face.
  3. At the same time, you should feel warmth and heaviness: arms, legs, body, face become warm and heavy;
  4. You will completely relax and fall asleep quickly..

Breathing exercises

If training is needed for auto-training, then the use of breathing techniques will not be any problems, and you can perform them anywhere. Remember: these exercises can not be done with diseases of the lungs and bronchi. A quick way to fall asleep – method 4-7-8 is based on the transition of the heart rate to sleep mode:

  1. Inhale with your nose for 4 seconds.

  2. Hold your breath for 7 seconds.
  3. Blow out your mouth in 8 seconds.
  4. To repeat.

The method of square breathing is useful not only at bedtime, but in any situations when you are excited, it helps to relax, calm down. You need to breathe in a special way: do everything in four counts:

  • breathe;

  • not breathe;
  • exhale;
  • not breathe.

How to quickly fall asleep and get enough sleep

In order to instantly fall asleep and sleep, you need to provide several conditions:

  1. Clothing should not constrain movement.

  2. If it’s cool for you – do not bother, take a very warm shower, put on your socks (preferably two pairs of thin ones).
  3. The best physiological way to learn how to fall asleep faster is to wake up early. If you learn to wake up at 6-8 in the morning, in the evening you will want to sleep.
  4. To distract the brain from dialogue with itself, try drawing something. Enough for a piece of paper and a pencil – let it be a stream of consciousness – draw everything that comes to mind only carefully.
  5. Many people advise reading at night, but this is a double-edged sword: on the one hand, you really get distracted from thoughts, on the other – you can’t read without light, and light suppresses the synthesis of melatonin, a hormone that causes sleep. Read if this method helps you fall asleep quickly, but if not, don’t push yourself, this method is not yours.

In the afternoon

Sometimes you need to sleep during the day. 20 minutes of daytime sleep will improve overall health, but if you have trouble falling asleep? do not sleep during the day, accumulate sleep until the evening. But if you work on shifts, you need to get enough sleep:

  • no need to overeat before bedtime, a light snack is enough;

  • take a warm shower;
  • be sure to go to bed in sleepwear in a dismantled bed;
  • if extraneous noise bothers you – insert ear plugs, a sleeping mask will also not be superfluous;
  • the special services method will help you fall asleep quickly, you can do breathing exercises.

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At night

Night sleep is very important: during sleep, hormones are produced, the body replenishes the forces expended during the day, and tissue regenerates. Categorically it is impossible to consider a dream as a waste of time and intentionally minimizing it. So, how to learn to fall asleep quickly:

  1. Provide a comfortable temperature of 18-20 ° С in the bedroom.

  2. Before bedtime, do not pass, dinner should be no later than 2-3 hours before bedtime. If you are hungry, eat a product containing melanin or tryptophan: cherry juice, bananas, milk.
  3. Do not exhaust yourself with physical activity, it is better to walk before bedtime.
  4. Do not take gadgets to bed – the blue light of the screen keeps the brain in tension and prevents the process of falling asleep.
  5. If you can’t fall asleep quickly, use the methods and exercises described above. Choose what suits you best and works best.

If you do not want to sleep

It happens that you do not suffer from insomnia, but you do not want to sleep. In this case, start gradually preparing yourself for bedtime:

  1. Take a warm bath, it is possible with aromatic relaxing oil (bergamot, lavender, geranium).

  2. Do a relaxation exercise right in bed.
  3. The body is relaxed, you need to distract the brain – you can blink in the “reverse” way, or use the GRU method, if you just want to dream, do the exercise “Beach” or “Ball”. If the brain is free from thoughts, and there is no sleep yet – do breathing exercises, choose what is more comfortable for you, and you will certainly learn to sleep soundly.
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