How to learn to write in beautiful handwriting: a calligraphy lesson

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About how to learn to write beautifully, many scientific papers and useful tips have been written. The process is painstaking, therefore it requires both effort and time. It is difficult for an adult to change his handwriting, but there is nothing impossible in the world. A little effort, and everything will work out: your own name and any letter or number!

Beautiful handwriting

Accurate and beautiful handwriting is an art that anyone can easily master. The process is based on calligraphy, the basics of which were taught at school a few decades ago. Now this subject is considered obsolete, it is simply withdrawn from the program. However, in everyday life, a beautiful handwriting does not mean the ability to patiently and leisurely display beautiful capital letters, but the constant use of acquired skills.

Calligraphic handwriting

Calligraphic handwriting refers to the technique of neat, legible writing. Several centuries ago, it was used exclusively for religious purposes, now it has much more purposes. There are professions in which calligraphy is not a whim, but a real necessity. These include school teachers, librarians, archivists, and those who have to fill in a lot of documents by hand.

Calligraphy for beginners

Mastering the difficult art of calligraphy, you need to choose the appropriate written set of tools:

  • roller pen or pen (for more experienced students);
  • notebook with paper for drawing;
  • 45 degree easel.

A beautiful handwriting is formed from letters, the accurate spelling of which must be mastered initially. Be patient: you will have to work out one letter for several hours or several days. However, if you really want to know how to learn to write beautifully, you can achieve the result quite quickly..

Roll pen

Calligraphic recipe

The easiest way to correct your handwriting is to use calligraphic letters. Seeing the pattern in front of him, the student intuitively tries to copy the style and immediately corrects his mistakes. Try using prescriptions for beautiful handwriting if you want to improve your writing style yourself, without involving teachers or attending thematic courses. You can even take those that are recommended to first graders. There is nothing wrong with this, on the contrary, these manuals are very well written.

Calligraphy lessons

When planning calligraphy training, you need to prepare your workplace in advance. On the surface there can be no “extra” things, and the hand should not hang in the air. Remember how the desk was prepared at school, make sure there is a lot of light, a comfortable table. The next thing to do is draw a sheet of paper. If you are just starting to study, it is better to use an ordinary pen. When beautiful spelling of letters becomes a habit for you, you can master the technology of writing with feathers.

How to teach a child to write beautifully

You can teach children to write from the age of three, if you feel that your child is ready for lessons. However, if you are thinking about how to develop a beautiful handwriting in a child, get ready to spend a lot of time and effort. It is necessary that the child’s hand is steady, so do not rush to study the prescription too early. The optimal age is considered to be 5-7 years: practice shows that children who started writing at an early age very rarely have a calligraphic handwriting, and then it is difficult to develop it. Starting training, use a copybook with oblique rulers and a convenient ballpoint pen.

Girl writes

How beautiful to sign

Beautiful painting is a business card of any person, which should look stylish and intricate. Here, subject literature or master classes are unlikely to help out. It is rarely possible to figure out how to learn to paint beautifully in a few hours. When a person signs for the first time, more often he uses the first letters of his surname and a cunning stroke.

Deciding on changes in adulthood, it is worth considering an existing option and understand what you do not like. You can change the angle of letters, add elements, or try to change the writing style. Remember that an elegant painting, working to create a positive image of its owner, should not resemble a children’s “kalyaku-kalyaku”.

Learn more on how to come up with murals..

How to fix handwriting for an adult

It is quite possible to understand how to make a beautiful handwriting in a conscious age. The principle of learning does not change from this. You need a pre-prepared workplace, a recipe, which includes the English or Russian alphabet, paper and a ballpoint pen. The procedure for solving the problem of how to learn to write in beautiful handwriting will be as follows:

  1. Preparation of the necessary elements and a full-fledged workplace.
  2. Ensuring the correct position of the body at the table: the back is straight, the elbows lie on the surface of the table.
  3. At a distance of about 30 cm from eye level, paper should be laid out on which exercises will be performed.
  4. The ballpoint pen must be held with three fingers – thumb, forefinger and middle so that the distance from them to the paper is no more than 1 cm.
  5. The selected letter should be written as many times as needed for a perfect result, if you are seriously thinking about how to correct your handwriting.

Man writes

Exercises for beautiful handwriting

Techniques aimed at how to quickly learn how to write beautifully presuppose the ability to concentrate on trifles and become meticulous. Moreover, in different cases, different methods are used:

  1. If the letters are too small / large, you need to use a notebook or download a special stencil. In the process, you need to try not to go beyond the border of horizontal lines. After long workouts, the letter will automatically fit into the specified fields.
  2. If there is no connection of letters, you should try to write words without lifting your pen from the paper.
  3. If during the process of writing there is a strong pressure, you need to work out the correct body position at the table. Shoulders and arms should be relaxed, and posture as close as possible to the ideal.

To assess whether the handwriting requires correction, you need to write in the usual manner several lines, for example, the Russian alphabet. It is advisable to transfer the result to an assessment by a third party. A person often gets used to his writing style and does not understand why he is bad for others.

Examples of beautiful handwriting

Calligraphy requires not only neatly writing beautiful letters in words, but also preserving a person’s own style. If you look closely at each of the works, you can see in them a different character. Having understood the technology of how to write at least the Russian alphabet in beautiful handwriting, you need to improve your acquired skills, gradually starting to solve more complex problems, and not be limited to block letters.

How to change your handwriting to beautiful

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