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At any time, it may be necessary to find a person who does not pick up the phone, especially the child or elderly parents. The easiest way to do this is by phone number. The method is used by both ordinary people and law enforcement officials. It even works with cell phones that do not have internet..

How to track phone number

It will not work to control the location of a person without his consent. This is permitted only by law enforcement officials. For ordinary people, such actions are illegal. To find a phone by its number, you will first need to create a “connection” between gadgets through the application or the services of a mobile operator.

Search Methods:

  • Through geolocation, IP address. Data is sent over the Internet with high accuracy. This is how all programs for smartphones work. They must be present on both gadgets: the one who follows, and the one controlled. The phone must be turned on for this, and the geolocation function on it must be active..
  • By signals from cell towers. This is the basis for the search by number for telecom operators and the police. Works even for devices not connected to the Internet.

Contact the police

This method can only be used when the phone is lost related to theft. Turning to the police, you will need to write a search request, indicate in it the phone number and IMEI. These are 16 digits printed on the box from the device or in its Settings. The application will need to include a receipt confirming the legality of owning a telephone.

To find the gadget, the police will contact the mobile operator. He will conduct billing: analytics of calls, messages, subscriber movements and other confidential data. Military institutions, private detectives resort to the same method.

Social Search

Vkontakte person search

Almost all major sites (VK, Facebook) and instant messengers attach an account to a phone number. Finding a stranger by these 11 digits is easy: they need to be driven into the search bar of a social network. The scheme does not work if a person has several numbers, an unknown to you is tied to the account.

Another way – when entering the social network, do not drive in your account data. Instead, select “forgot password”, enter the phone number. The site’s algorithms will show the profile to which you are trying to “restore access”, they will offer to send the code to your mobile. You will receive the name, surname and email address of the person you need or a link to his profile.

To determine the location of someone, he must give access to the messenger or site to geolocation. Then all actions will be accompanied by labels with coordinates. In your own account, you can see when and where they came into it from any of the connected devices.

Find a phone by geolocation

Search for a phone by geolocation

In modern iOS smartphones, Andorid defaults to a utility that helps you find this gadget and its associated ones through the owner’s account. Similar actions can be performed through the Google website or iCloud by logging into your account. To find out the location of the phone in this way (via satellite), you need to turn on geolocation. The option is in Settings. Cell must be on.

Via google account on android

Search through google account on android

This function is available in 2 options: on the phone associated with the search, or on the computer. In the first situation, you need to open the Device Manager for Android (Android Device Manager, Find My Device for the latest version of the operating system), and in the second, go to the official Google website and log in to your account. The accuracy of the data is the same for both options. In all cases, the phone must be linked to an account.

Actions will be almost the same everywhere:

  1. Select the “Phone Search” tab in your Google Account.
  2. On the left or at the top, select the gadget that you want to find (if not 1 device is presented there).
  3. After a few seconds, a map with the coordinates of the phone will load. A search alert or call (optional) will come to him. If the geolocation was not found out, the program will show the latest available data (when the Internet was active).

In iCloud on iPhone

Search iCloud on iPhone

Since 2010, all Apple devices have a program “Find Friends”, with which it is easy to determine the location of a person. Its minus – it works only with owners of the iPhone, which you have included in the circle of “favorites”. A person must confirm a request to share their geo-location.

To do this, you need to perform the following actions:

  1. Open the program “Find Friends”.
  2. Select the item “Share the geolocation”.
  3. Send the request to the right person from the contact list.

In iOS 13, this locator was replaced by the Locator program: it has advanced functionality – it added the Find iPhone option to it. The action algorithm remained the same, as did the application flaws. The accuracy of the coordinates depends on the quality of the GPS signal of the tracked.

Phone search algorithm:

  1. Open Latitude.
  2. Below, select the “People” section, click on the icon of the right person.
  3. Click on the “Routes” item to build a path to its location. Map view changes from circuit to satellite.


  1. Go to the Apple website, select the “Support” and “iCloud”.
  2. Drive in account data, click on the “Find iPhone” icon.
  3. Log in again, wait for the map to load.

Order a geo-search service from a mobile operator

This method works even if the Internet is turned off on the phone, so it is also used on simple button devices. Search goes through cell towers. The disadvantage of the method is that it is impossible to locate a person’s location without his consent. The option assumes a monthly fee, and for some operators for movement alerts.


Service Search from MTS

Using the “Search” service, it is easy to find out the exact location by phone number, even if the person is a subscriber to another mobile operator. The exception is only Tele2. The service fee is 3–7 rubles per day. The price depends on the number of people you can search for, the storage period of the travel history. Other functions: control of entry and exit to the geofence, notifications. Trial option period – 2 weeks.

Action Scheme:

  1. To activate the service, go to your personal account on the operator’s website. Select “Search”, the desired tariff. Another option is through the application at the prompt.
  2. Through the site you need to add a subscriber, whom you will follow. He must be given a name.
  3. To search, send an SMS with the text “WHERE [NAME]” to the number 3322. In response, a message with coordinates will come. Geofences are added only on the MTS portal.



The “Radar” option is available on the operator’s website (you will need to enter your personal account), the official application, through USSD-commands – the answer will be sent to SMS. For using the service they charge 7 rubles per day, you can track no more than 5 people. The service not only shows the geodata of the desired subscriber, but also offers to send alerts when he leaves a particular zone or enters it. Additionally tracked routes.

Service Management:

  1. To connect, dial * 566 #, make a call.
  2. Open the menu, select “Add Subscriber”. Enter his number, wait for the request: the person must accept it.
  3. The search for the subscriber goes through the same command * 566 #: in the menu that appears, the numbers indicate the desired actions. Coordinates will come in SMS.
  4. If you want to see a person’s location on a map, open the operator’s official website, select the “I’m watching” tab (you will need to log into your account).


Beeline Locator

“Locator” works similarly to the search services of other operators, the standard service cost is 7 rubles per day. The first week you use it for free. You can monitor using this service through the Beeline.Locator application, website, messages, or USSD commands.


  1. Call 0783 or send any word to 5166 to activate the option.
  2. Using the command * 566 # and the menu on the screen, you can add subscribers.
  3. The search is carried out through the same USSD command, menu or SMS: you need to send the text “where [number without 8]” to number 5166. The coordinates will come in response, a link to the map. If you use the service through the operator’s website, you will need to go to the “Observe” tab, select the desired subscriber from the list.
  4. To improve the accuracy of the data, the application “Bug” is placed on the phone of the person being tracked.


Geopoisk from Tele2

The service is called “Geopoisk”, valid only in the home region. The subscription fee is 3 rubles per day, the first 3 days are considered trial. Use the service through the operator’s website, the Tele2 mobile application or USSD commands. Connect in the same way. Important: you will be able to track only subscribers of the same operator who are allowed to follow them.


  1. Connect the service by dialing * 119 * 01 # and making a call.
  2. To search for a person, enter * 119 * phone number (after 7) #. The response message will be the coordinates.
  3. To get acquainted with the service, drive * 119 #. A menu will open with commands to search for other people and your cell phone, add contacts, edit the list.

Phone Tracking Apps

Such software works similarly to the built-in programs for Android, iOS. To find out the coordinates of a person, he must turn on his geo-location, the Internet. In some programs, you must agree to a search query. The accuracy of the data does not depend on software: everyone can determine the region, area and even the street. How close it will be to the real point, decides the quality of the GPS signal.

Family locator

Family locator

Free software for smartphones on iOS and Android has a standard set of functions: search for family members, receiving alerts about their movements. It is possible to calculate the time of arrival of the right person at a particular point. There is a 3-month premium subscription option for 3000 rubles. It has a history of movements, there are no restrictions on geofences.

Cerebrus 3.6

Cerebrus 3.6

The application with the anti-theft function is developed only for Android and requires deep access to the system – root-rights. Thanks to this, remote monitoring of the gadget occurs, with a search on the map, motion control. It is possible to even secretly record sound and see data on recent calls. The application was deleted on Google Play, but it is available on the forums of owners of electronic devices. No need to pay for it.


FindMyKids - Where are my children

The popular GPS tracker for iOS and Android works not only on smartphones, but also on smart watches. Software is free, but with a catch: the first 7 days all functions are available, then only a person search. The rest can be obtained by purchasing an annual subscription for 990 rubles. The program is updated every 15 minutes, offers users to watch the movement history, monitor the battery status of the child’s phone, hear the sounds around him.

Kaspersky Mobile Security

Kaspersky Mobile Security

Software for Android and Windows Mobile is designed not only to protect against viruses. Among the functions there is the location of a lost or stolen phone, the ability to block its data from a thief. Use GPS-search and to control the movements of the child. The program is free, but since 2018 the manufacturer does not support it, therefore it is not responsible for errors on new versions of operating systems.

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