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The rapid rise in the value of bitcoin has led to the popularity of ways to earn money on cryptocurrency mining. The difference in the equipment used for this gave rise to several types of mining. The need for producing cryptocurrencies using a computer to perform a large number of computational operations forces you to use video cards for these purposes or use mining on the processor (cpu minergate). Immediately after the appearance of Bitcoin, the power of home computers was enough for its extraction. Now you will need to create farms with several video cards or processors.

What is processor mining

Modern central processing units (CPUs), which are equipped with high-performance PCs, are characterized by a high frequency of operation and the presence of several cores. The CPU frequency shows the number of operations performed by each processor core per second. The main characteristic of the power and performance of mining equipment is the hash per second – the number of operations with 16-bit numbers that are performed in 1 second. The higher this value, the greater the maximum productivity of bitcoin and other cryptocurrency farms.

Motherboard with processor

Differences in gpu and cpu mining

The most suitable elements of a computer that can give out a lot of mining power are video cards and CPUs. Coin mining using a graphics processor (or video card) is called mining GPU, and when using processors – CPU mining. Modern CPUs provide a maximum power of 1.4 megachash / second. Using gpu can provide a lot of production, since video cards have processing power several times higher than processors, but they still require a motherboard and CPU, and consume a lot of electricity.

How cryptocurrency mining works on the processor

In order to start mining, in addition to acquiring a powerful CPU, you need to download the miner – a program for its operation. Popular miners are able to choose the currently profitable cryptocurrencies when starting mining. But their choice is possible at your discretion. Miner settings provide the ability to specify the maximum CPU load, the number of cores used. It is possible to additionally connect a good video card to the mining.

Mining Processor Performance

The most efficient CPUs that allow you to mine cryptocurrency are devices manufactured by Intel and AMD. Their names, frequency of operation and mining power are presented in the table:

Intel manufacturer


Frequency, GHz

Power cache / sec.

Intel Core i5-2320



Intel 2600K



Intel Core i5-3570K



Intel Core i5-3570K



Intel Core i7-3770



AMD manufacturer

AMD Phenom II X6 1075 6 cores



AMD Ryzen 1700X Octa Core



What cryptocurrency is profitable to mine

Using a CPU is well suited for ethereum mining, primecoin, zcash, and lesser-known and new cryptocurrencies:

  • HODL – for its mining, the mining algorithm ProtoShares Momentum is used, at least 1 GB of RAM is required;
  • NiceHash – the creators of the cryptocurrency developed and put on the network a program for its reproduction, which has a test version;
  • MinerGate – for this altcoin you should install a special program and start the process.

MinerGate Altcoin Logo

How to mine on the processor

To solve the problem of production on the CPU, it is necessary to take several basic steps. To begin with, it is worth choosing a powerful CPU, optimally choosing the motherboard, the required high-speed RAM, connecting a hard drive, power supply, monitor. The next step is to download the wallet for the selected cryptocurrency. Having the wallet address, select the program – altcoin miner and create a file that launches the extraction, indicating the parameters of the crypto, wallet, complexity, algorithm, etc..

Powerful processor installation

Advanced computer CPU companies compete to create ever more advanced devices. The industry leaders are Intel and AMD. Popular and common among people involved in cryptocurrency mining are Intel CPUs. But the latest developments of high-frequency octa-core processors from AMD make many experts pay attention to them. They are more economical in terms of electricity consumption..

Electronic Cryptocurrency Wallet

Choosing a cryptocurrency for mining, you need to download a special program from its creator’s website – a wallet for storing mined crypto, like a bitcoin wallet. The wallet is downloaded and installed on the hard drive of the mining farm. After that, you need to synchronize it with the network. The final step in the preparation of the wallet is to obtain its primecoin address, which will be used in the settings of the bat process that launches the extraction process.

Download miner for processor

The main tool that organizes and performs all the work of mining coins is a specialized program – the miner. Currently there are over 700 cryptocurrencies. Several hundred of them have the ability to prey on an amateur level. Several dozens of cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, are suitable for processor mining. But only a few cryptographic currencies are rationally mined using a processor and for each of them several algorithms and miners are suitable.

Running mining for NiceHash Miner processor

Create a bat file and start mining

Having chosen the optimal algorithm and miner for your crypto and CPU type, we proceed to creating the entire process configuring and launching the bat-file. This is a text file that sets the main characteristics of the mining process and includes:

  • miner file name;
  • address, port and your identifier on the miner pool;
  • parameters indicating CPU utilization and the number of cores allocated for mining;
  • Based on the load, calculate and indicate the maximum allowable power;
  • voluntary contribution to the owner of the pool.

The program for mining on the processor

The basis of cryptocurrency mining is miners. Miners like Wolf’s CPU miner, Ufasoft miner, Claymore CPU, Yam CPU, Ccminer, Ethminer, Nheqminer are suitable. For the extraction of more well-known currencies, miner options are used:

  • CPU miner (pooler) – used for the production of Litecoin;
  • 50MINER – for Bitcoin, Litecoin;
  • Ufasoft Miner – several cryptocurrencies Roll-Ntime, TeneBrix, SolidCoin, BitForce;
  • Jgarzik CPU miner – for mining only Bitcoin;
  • GUI miner (Phoenix + Poclbm) – for Bitcoin;
  • Eobot – for the production of Bitcoin, Dogecoin.

Is mining efficient on cpu

The concept of cryptocurrency mining efficiency is inseparable from assessing the cost and complexity of equipment, the costs of constructing farms, and ensuring uninterrupted power supply. When considering the whole process in a complex, mining on the processor turns out to be simpler and less dependent on energy consumption. And taking into account the creation of new and relatively inexpensive CPUs, the payback periods of the processor farm are much shorter than the farms on video cards or ASIC boards.

Mining bitcoins on the processor is not effective, due to the increasing complexity of mining. Buying a powerful computer or creating a large farm with powerful graphics cards will not make it possible to earn bitcoin, since the investments in creating new blocks and all the calculations far exceed the profit. In the algorithm for creating bitcoins, a 2-fold decrease in remuneration for each block after the creation of the next 210 thousand pieces is inherent. Now this amount is 12.5 bitcoins, which covers costs only due to the high rate of the cryptocurrency market.

Disadvantages of cryptocurrency mining on the processor

Mining using a CPU may be more efficient in terms of power consumption and the total cost of equipment, but less practical in terms of process speed. CPUs are more reliable and you can always use them in your own computers. CPU mining is characterized by the ability to perform diverse tasks at the same time, and the GPU copes with large volumes, but of the same type of information..

The disadvantages of production on the CPU include the limitation on the power of each processor and the complexity of building farms on their basis. Important are the large amounts of cost items when using the most modern CPUs for expensive additional components – motherboards of the latest models, high-speed RAM and others.

PC processors

Mining profitability

Why mining on a processor is less effective than other mining methods, we show an example. AMD Ryzen 1700X CPU with 8 CPU cores accelerates the processor to a maximum of 4 GHz. When mining the Monero crypt, it brings about $ 1.5 per day. Its power consumption is 95 watts, and the cost is $ 371. The cost of additional equipment will be about $ 300. As a result, the estimated payback of this CPU will be 247 days, which is an excellent result for mining on the processor. But mining even on an Nvidia graphics card is much faster and more profitable..

An alternative to hardware methods for mining cryptocurrency is cloud mining, which provides an opportunity for each network member to mine cryptocurrency on a regular computer. Cloud services rent network capacities from large mining companies and create pools. Any Internet user who can add the speed of mining his computer to the system’s capabilities can become a member of the pool. You should not be confused by the complexity of the network – to work in the pool you must follow the instructions and even a novice will be able to configure the program.

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