How to open DMG file. Which program opens files with the DMG extension in Windows

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Some files, for example, game or data folders take up a lot of space on the hard drive and you need to compress them to write to disk. Different systems and utilities have an individual extension of stored data, for example, the dmg image corresponds to the Mac OS operating environment. Specific files can only be opened using special software..

Dmg file – what is it

Those who see the dmg extension for the first time, it is not immediately clear what it is and how to use this file. Anyone who works with disk images can encounter it. What is a DMG file – is the data that was recorded on a computer from Apple with their operating system. This extension was developed in order to achieve maximum optimization when working with archives for all Macintosh owners. As a rule, this is how the Mac OS boot disk is saved if reinstallation is necessary..

On all Apple computers, this format does not cause problems, because there is a built-in program for working with images – Apple Disk Utility. In some cases, you need to unzip the files in another working environment, for example, Android or Windows. This will not work with standard tools, so you will have to resort to the help of special utilities. Most of them are free and very easy to learn. You can extract data or convert the image to another format.

DMG inscription and arrows

How to open DMG format on Windows

Most problems with this extension occur for users of Windows, because it cannot be opened with standard applications or through the command line. To extract documents, there are many different programs that perform the same function, but differ in interface, the number of additional functions. You can change the contents of the image, but they will be saved already on your hard drive, and the previous version will be inside the archive. If you have met the DMG format, what to open in Windows will be described below.

DMG Extractor

One of the most convenient, popular programs for opening this format. Outwardly, the interface is very similar to standard archiver utilities. The main difference from them is the presence of a button called “Extract”, which means “Extract”. When you click on it, documents are copied from the image to the computer, which can be used or modified. The current version can always be downloaded on the website of the creators of the utility. Extractor menu is as follows:

  1. Open. When clicked, a Explorer will appear in front of you, through which you need to select the archive.
  2. Extract. After opening the archive you need to click on this button and you will be offered three options to choose from: send documents to the folder with the image, save all files in another place, save only the selected.
  3. Settings.
  4. Help.

On the site you can find a link to download the free version of this application. All functions will be available, but the maximum amount of image that you can work with cannot exceed 4 GB. This is the only negative in the Free version. If you have an archive larger than this volume, then you will not be able to work with it. This restriction will be removed immediately after the purchase of a license..

Windows DMG file


This is another option than you can open DMG. The utility is completely free, it provides the ability to view images with the HFS + file system that Mac OS X uses. Images of any size (without restrictions) can be opened with this software without any problems. The only negative of this option is that you cannot emulate or convert data to a virtual disk. To use the utility, you need to install Java Runtime. After installing HFSExplore, all DMG files will change the appearance of the shortcut and will automatically open when you double-click.


This is a powerful tool that helps open many different formats, including DMG. The utility is paid, but you can download and install the version with a trial period from the official site. The main plus of this option is that you can convert your Mac image to a standard one for Windows. Instructions for use:

  1. After opening you will need the “File” section from the top menu. Click on it and select “Open”.
  2. You will see a guide through which you must specify the path to the archive.
  3. Wait for the utility to complete the opening process..
  4. Right-click on the file, select “Extract to”
  5. Specify the disk location where you want to save open data.

Ultraiso program window

How to open DMG File through 7-Zip Archiver

The easiest way to open a DMG is to use 7-Zip. This is a universal tool that is able to work with a huge number of archives. It can be used both for reading content and for working on it:

  • editing;
  • copying;
  • removal;
  • content change.

The same applies to the format in question. The application is distributed for free, you can download and install it from the Internet from the official website. Instructions on how to open DMG files through 7-Zip archiver:

  1. Install 7-Zip on the computer.
  2. Find the desired document in Explorer, right click.
  3. Select menu item “Open in 7-zip”.
  4. You will see an interface through which you can manage content.
  5. If you make changes to the original archive, then it will change after the end of work.

7-zip program icon

How to open DMG via DAEMON Tools

This tool has been used for a long time to work with disk images. This is another option than you can open DMG. The application itself is small, but its functionality is perfect for working with files of this type. There is a wide selection of formats with which the program is compatible. As a rule, they use DAEMON Tools as a virtual drive that launches disk images and opens the possibility to install any games, software from them. The main task when choosing this utility is to correctly install. This is done as follows:

  1. Download and run the DAEMON Tools executable.
  2. In the window you should select “Free installation”.
  3. In the next menu, uncheck the box with the permission to send anonymous statistics.
  4. Next you need to specify the place where you want to install Deamon.
  5. When the installation process is completed, there will be another window in which you need to remove all the birds in order to avoid installing unnecessary software.

After starting, the application will collect data from your computer, find all the files that it can open. After that, the way to open DMG through DAEMON Tools will become very simple:

  1. Need to find the archive folder.
  2. Right click on a document.
  3. Select “Mount”.
  4. Go into the virtual drive and you can start working with documents.

DAEMON Tools File Icon

DMG: how to open on Android

Modern portable devices (smartphones, tablets) are released on the basis of the Android OS (except for Apple products). Some people look through the necessary documents, work with such devices and do not know how to open DMG. The easiest solution in this case would be to use ZArchiver. This is a free application that is available for download from the official Google store. Next, you need to do the following:

  1. Copy the image to the card or internal drive of the device.
  2. Search on Google Play ZArchiver and install on the gadget.
  3. After installation, run the utility.
  4. Open the archive storage location through the explorer on the device.
  5. Tap on it, select the option “Open as archive”.
  6. Click on the file you need, select “Copy”.
  7. Next, open the folder to store this document.
  8. Click in the bottom menu the leftmost button to save.

Wait for the extraction, after which you can use the information received. ZArchiver is equally well suited for use on tablets and smartphones. The utility is able to open, copy not only Mac OS archives, but also any others. The unzipping procedure is the same for all types of documents. The only difficulty is that you will have to transfer one document at a time, but this is the most affordable, easiest option to perform this procedure.

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