How to originally present money for a birthday, a wedding, an anniversary

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Original packaging for money

Gift wrapping is selected taking into account who the gift is intended for and for what reason.

The girl can be presented with a heart-shaped box or sew banknotes into a teddy bear.

Newlyweds will be pleased to receive money at the “family bank” or in the “with jewelry” box. It is appropriate for a man to present banknotes in a cigarette case or suitcase, and for children – in toys and sweets.

Money bag

A money bag is sewn of fabric similar in structure and color to a canvas. On the bag, they draw a dollar sign or use a ready-made sticker. Together with folded tubules and bandaged rubber bands, at will, if desired, throw a handful of clinking decorative coins. Bags of dollars

Banknotes in sweets

A girlfriend will like a surprise in a candy box. At the bottom of the package you can put a beautiful card with a wish for a sweet life. There are several variations of such a gift:

  • fill the box with money instead of sweets;
  • wrap each candy with a bill;
  • instead of sweets, wrap banknotes folded into a roll.

Banknotes in a candy box


You can make a creative gift out of money with your own hands from paper, wood, metal and other materials. In order not to damage the banknotes, which are easily wrinkled and torn, souvenir money is often used for crafts, and the present is presented separately. If genuine banknotes are used to make a gift, glue cannot be used..

Beads and garlands

Such a gift is given only to women. If you tie each note with a thread in the center, you will get beads from multi-colored butterflies. In order to make a garland, you need to decide how much you plan to present. The length of the gift depends on this. The basis for the garland will be a necklace of bead beads, and you can make it like this:

  1. Fold the bill with an accordion, wrap in the middle with an elastic band.
  2. Tie the banknote to the necklace with a ribbon threaded in elastic. Tie a ribbon with a bow..
  3. Connect the opposite ends of the bill, fan out. Fasten with a strip of tape.
  4. Repeat with the rest of the banknotes, evenly distributing them around the necklace.
  5. Complement with other decorations.

Beads made of money

Money Tree

For the manufacture of topiary you will need souvenir bills. Operating procedure:

  1. Punch a plastic ball with a diameter of 10-15 cm with an awl.
  2. Spread a wooden stick with a length of 20-25 cm on one end with glue and insert it into the puncture ball. Lock the other end in a flower pot.
  3. Fold the banknote into a fist. Apply glue to the free edge and fix it to the resulting figure. About 150 blanks will need to be made for a tree.
  4. Paste around the ball with money bags, tier by tier, starting from the bottom.
  5. Dilute the gypsum in water in a ratio of 1: 1, pour the solution into a flower pot, let it harden. Decorate its surface with coins and pebbles..

Money Tree Design Options

House of notes

Money house can be used as a piggy bank. It’s easy to make an original souvenir from improvised materials on your own:

  1. Using a pattern or randomly cut out parts of the house from cardboard and glue.
  2. Glue the house with souvenir dollars.
  3. Put a wad of real money inside the house.



If you want to originally congratulate a man on a memorable date, give him a boat with gear from real banknotes. To do this, you will have to purchase a suitable souvenir in the store, carefully remove the sails with your hands, and insert banknotes instead. You can not stick them.Bills ship

How to give money beautifully

Exquisite gift will be floral arrangements and cakes from cash notes. They complement them with beautiful decorations: colorful ribbons, balls, beads. Creating such DIY crafts is a creative and lengthy process..


Flower arrangement will be a good gift for a wedding, anniversary. To make a bouquet of money, you need the ability to fold paper figures. One rose needs 5-6 notes. Step-by-step instructions for creating an original presentation for beginners to understand the origami technique:

  1. Fold the bill diagonally, twist all the edges slightly with a toothpick.
  2. Insert the wire into the bend and twist it in a spiral so that it turns into a petal.
  3. Repeat the process with each bill..
  4. Gather a rose from the petals, fasten it with a thin tape.
  5. Make a rose base out of artificial flowers. Instead of their buds in the sepals, insert roses from banknotes.
  6. Gather a bouquet of roses.

Bunch of banknotes


Money cake is a spectacular way of giving, but difficult. There are many ideas for such a gift, it all depends on the imagination.

It is made both with a sweet filling (for example, sweets), and without.

You can make a cake yourself:

  1. Cut out circles of different diameters from the cardboard according to the number of tiers of the cake.
  2. Cut out circles of the same size from polystyrene, stick to a cardboard base.
  3. Cut cardboard strips across the width of the bill, fasten them around the base vertically with adhesive tape.
  4. Roll bills into a tube to the middle and attach to the strips of cardboard on all tiers.
  5. Glue all the tiers.
  6. Decorate the cake with decorative elements.

Banknote cake

How unusual to give money

A gift from banknotes requires not only beautiful packaging and original design. It is important to supplement it with congratulations and wishes in prose and poetry appropriate for the occasion, and before presenting it, create a presentation presentation script and beat it with humor.

In the bank

Money in a glass or tin can will be not only an original gift, but also fun. Fill it with rubles, dollars, euros, a trifle mixed up. In the middle between the banknotes you can put sweets or a small memorable gift. It is desirable that the container was tightly corked with a lid for preservation. The jar of money is decorated with stickers with comic inscriptions. You can present it with these words: “Money has poured for you, Like a cabbage, in a jar, So that is enough for flour, Sausage and semolina!”.Gift Cans

Shovel with money

For the original gift, use a baby shovel or scoop. Decorate on top with a lush bow, paste rhinestones, draw banknotes. A bag of money is attached to the shovel, on which they write a parting word: “row money with a shovel.” You can present it with verses: “I came to your date, Give you a shovel. This is a wonderful shovel, With it you will live richly!”.Gift shovel

Painting of money

From a photo frame and money you can create an original decorative panel. They place notes under a glass fan or come up with a complex composition: they put together various figures, flowers, geometric patterns. Paper notes are pinned onto embroidery and appliqués, and coins are fixed to glue. A picture of money is presented with these words: “Under this glass in a frame is your material well-being. Try not to break it. ”.Picture

How to originally present money for a wedding

A surprise for the bride and groom will be cash gifts, unusually packed, or crafts that embody family wealth and prosperity. They are presented with jokes and hints of the upcoming family life. Popular presentations include an umbrella with banknotes, a money rug and a passbook.


For a wedding presentation, you need to buy a real cane umbrella and attach money from the inside so that it is not visible. Sew bills gently onto decorative ribbons or attach pins over the entire surface of the umbrella. Give it to young people with a wish for good weather in the house and unexpectedly open.

Inside you need to pre-pour confetti or sparkles.

Money umbrella

Family budget chart

Another option is how to give money for the wedding in an original way: draw a family budget diagram with funny tips and give the newlyweds a handmade book. Manufacturing steps:

  1. Place each bill in a separate envelope and seal.
  2. On the front of the envelopes make the inscription “purpose of contribution”.
  3. Cut cardboard cover and sign: “Savings book”.
  4. Sew in envelopes.

Give young people a gift with the words: “They say that happiness is not money, But life is so bad without them! We thought – we decided to give you a passbook”.Savings book


Money carpet is stitched from transparent files with banknotes embedded inside. There should be a lot of them, so banknotes of one hundred and fifty rubles can be used. In the middle, at the request, they place joint photos of the newlywed couple. A decorative tape is sewn around the perimeter of the carpet. They give a present with the wish that money always lay underfoot.Carpet from files


A comic gift is created from a brick or a piece of cinder block:

  1. Divide the brick into two parts with a special hammer. Hollow in the halves a recess in the middle along the entire length.
  2. Roll bills into tubes and tie them with satin ribbons. Put them in the recess and cover with the second part.
  3. Decorate the brick with gold foil to make it look like an ingot.
  4. Present a brick as a first contribution to the couple’s family life.

Comic brick

How to present money to a child in an original way

If you decide to give money to a child, it is worth considering how to make it a bright and memorable event for him. An element of the game is important: for example, bring a parcel with the emblem of the mail, where, along with sweets, fruits and a toy, there will be bills. Or hide money at the bottom of a pirate treasure chest – coins, rhinestones, pebbles.

In balls

In transparent multi-colored helium balloons with thematic inscriptions, you can pack money before inflation using a funnel. In addition to banknotes folded in a thin tube, inside put notes with wishes, small toys, confetti. Additionally decorate with decorative or satin ribbons.Balloon

In a chocolate egg

Replacing a miniature toy in kinder surprise is not difficult. To do this, gently unfold the chocolate egg and separate the chocolate halves. Together with a folded bill put a note with wishes or a comic letter. Euro to Kinder Surprise

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