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A simple and exciting game that has been known since childhood is sea battle. The rules of the game are not very complicated, anyone can remember them. Adults and children like sea battle, you can play it anywhere.

Game Rules Sea Battle

The essence of entertainment is that two players take turns calling certain coordinates on an opponent’s map, which they don’t know. The named point must fall into the ship or its part. The task of each player: earlier to sink all the ships of the enemy. There are several options for such a game today:

  1. On paper. This method is considered a classic entertainment option. It allows you to play anywhere. Suitable for a battle notebook in a box or one leaf (not even lined).
  2. Tabletop. The first version of such entertainment appeared more than 80 years ago. The board game of naval combat was distinguished by volume and colorfulness. After a while, many variations appeared with different numbers of ships, other sizes of fields.
  3. On the computer. Modern gadgets can easily be turned into a battlefield for ships by downloading and installing the right application. There are options for playing online. Features: selected points are fixed automatically, there is voice acting that adds reality to what is happening.


To understand how to play sea battle, you need to understand the basic concepts. You need to start by drawing your playing field. It represents a coordinate plane, a square of 10 by 10. Each of its sides has its own definitions: the horizontal is numbered from top to bottom, the vertical – with letter designations. The letters of the Russian alphabet are used from “A” to “K” or from “A to” I “if” E “and” Y “are skipped. Often, instead of lettering, the words “Snow Maiden” or “Republic” are used. They consist of ten letters, which corresponds to 10 squares on the playing field.

Next to the “own” field, draw the “alien”, which has the same dimensions and coordinates. This is the site for the enemy flotilla. The field is empty; it is used to mark one’s moves and “strikes” of an opponent. Given the fact that there are several options for the coordinate system, it is recommended to agree in advance which one will be used. Next, you need to arrange the ships.

Sea battle on a leaf

Number and arrangement of ships

There is a certain arrangement of ships on the playing field. A ship consists of several decks or pipes (hence the name, for example, “two-deck” or “two-pipe”). On the playing field are:

  • 1 four-deck, ship, battleship, – a row of four cells,
  • 2 three-decked cruisers – rows of 3 cells;
  • 3 double-deckers, destroyers, – rows of 2 cells;
  • 4 single-deck ships, torpedo boats, – 1 cell.

In a classic game, draw ships on the playing field according to the rules. For example, all vessels by sides or corners cannot touch each other. There are variants of the game when the ships are placed with the letter “G”, squares or zigzags, touching the corners is not prohibited. There are also battles with a different number of ships or their structure, for example, five-deck (aircraft carrier), several four-deck. When using more ships, a different field shape is used, with a size of 15 by 15. You need to decide on a game in advance.

Game progress

Playing sea battle on paper is necessary in accordance with certain rules. The instruction defines the conditions and sequence of moves:

  1. Initially, who will go with the first is chosen. For this, players cast lots.
  2. When making a “shot”, the player calls the coordinates, for example, B3.
  3. If there is nothing in the cage, the adversary says “by.” The ship is located at the named coordinates, it is “wounded” – if it was hit, “killed” – when it is completely destroyed.
  4. The cross indicates the enemy’s hitting the ship. With such a successful shot, according to the rules, the player walks a second time. The right to move is transferred to the second player, if the blow fell on an empty field.
  5. The winner is the first to sink all the ships of his rival.
  6. At the end of the game, opponents may require each other playing fields for verification. The loser will be the one whose fields are incorrectly filled. Victory goes to the one who waged a fair fight.

There are certain limitations in the game. The game may be completed earlier if there is a violation of the rules. Gross violations are:

  1. Incorrectly drawn field – the number of vessels exceeds the required, incorrect sizes of the sides or coordinate system.
  2. One of the players spied the location of the vessels of another.
  3. Skipping a careless move.

Board Game Sea Battle

Winning strategy

Simple battle is not built solely on luck. To achieve victory, there is a strategy and tactics for playing sea battle. It is as follows:

  1. A sheet with a plotted field must be kept so that the enemy cannot see.
  2. For convenience and reporting, it is recommended to mark the enemy shots with dots.
  3. The most vulnerable ships are the battleship and torpedo boat. The first is very large, so it is easy to detect. Torpedo boats are small, difficult to find on the field, but they are drowned with one hit.
  4. Beginners often aim at the corners of the game square, so drawing them there is not recommended.
  5. Experienced players are advised to immediately come up with a layout of ships on the field. Good results can be achieved by arranging the units of the flotilla according to the scheme. For example, gathering cruisers and battleships in one place, and arrange boats and destroyers in a chaotic manner.
  6. Flotilla shooting techniques can be different. To quickly destroy the battleship, it is recommended that you start looking for it diagonally. You need to shoot at the squares at 4, through 3 cells. Further, you need to move in descending order: look for tri-deck, double-deck and single-boat.
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