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In social networks, public pages and groups have become an integral part of the service. Any registered user can create and maintain their own public. Each community needs subscribers to the VKontakte group, otherwise it will not make sense. To get them you need to correctly publicize.

What is group promotion in VK

Vkontakte subscribers

The goals of creating a community can be different. For example, some people are going to earn money on them. To do this, you should first publicize it well. Earnings directly depend on the number of participants, and you need to maximize the audience, actively publish posts. The more people entered, the higher the cost of advertisements on the wall. Promotion can be carried out independently for free or spend some budget on it, but it is better to combine both methods.

How to quickly promote a group in VK

If you are thinking about how to promote the VKontakte group quickly, you need to arm yourself in different ways to attract participants. There are several methods that do not require cash investments. The quality of the audience will be average or below average due to the large number of bots. The same development methods that you have to pay for work more purposefully and are designed to attract real, “live” participants. Learn the rules for combining them.

Vkontakte targeted advertising

Paid option, how to promote the VKontakte group – targeted ads. Many have seen contextual advertising for Google or Yandex search. The social network itself offers something similar, but there is a block to the left of the wall on the page, under the main menu. The main advantage of the promotion method is accurate orientation. Through the settings of an advertising campaign, you can set restrictions on which audience of users it will be displayed. The filter can be configured by the following indicators:

  • region of residence;
  • age;
  • floor;
  • marital status;
  • interests (communities, etc.);
  • education;
  • additional settings.

Using the services of promotion services

The network has many sites offering a relatively modest price to bring a huge number of subscribers to the community. This is a quick way to increase the audience of a public, but users from such services in most cases turn out to be bots with hacked pages. After 2-3 days, you will have more than half of them with a doggy avatar (temporarily blocked). Advertisers try to avoid groups that don’t give real transitions from ads, so use this method carefully. Can be used:

  • Sarafanka;
  • VKTarget;
  • SOC-srvice;
  • Qcomment.

Growth chart

Promotion with the help of advertising exchanges and agencies

Another paid way to attract people to the VKontakte group is to use the services of an exchange or agency. This is a more effective method than described above. As a rule, companies provide a smaller influx of subscribers, but they are all “living” people who can create activity in the group. Such services are recruited for people to work with their personal pages. If a person leaves the group after a paid entry into the group, a fine is imposed on him, the opportunity to earn further is closed, so the participants remain in public.

How to promote a group in VK yourself

If you are just starting the hard way of developing your community, then there are options for how to promote a group in VK for free. This method cannot be called fast: 20-30 people will be able to recruit in a day, but the costs will be 0. You will have to spend time creating interesting content, optimize it correctly for search queries, come up with and make a beautiful design. Promotion of a group in this way is more difficult, but the process will be more controlled.

Invite your friends

The first thing you should do is invite your friends to the community. They are unlikely to refuse you (at least out of politeness), but issue the invitation correctly, otherwise they may decide that you have been hacked and sent spam from the page. They may not be the most active users, but they will be consistently among subscribers. The network has recently put a limit on the number of requests for entry, so no more than 30 people can be invited per day.

To promote the group faster, make a beautiful picture with the name of the community and a link to it. Feel free to ask your friends to invite their friends to the public, so you can increase the number of invitations per day at times. If at least 10 subscribers send invitations to their contacts, then instead of 30 applications you will have 300 per day. Use the function in the Invite Friends group itself. It displays in the news feed information about the publicity being promoted, which has a positive effect on increasing your online audience..

Distribution of invitations to thematic groups

Not quite an honest, but effective way to promote a Vkontakte group for free is to send out newsletters on thematic groups. You go into the community of competitors and offer its users to join your public. You can offer “friendship” to general theme groups, exchange guards on mutually beneficial conditions for audience growth.

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Vkontakte SEO-promotion

Seo means setting up the Vkontakte community for search engines that will display your public for certain requests. Recently, in the TOP-10 search results in Google and Yandex, links to groups on social networks began to appear, which was not there before. For promotion, you need to use popular queries in the texts of your news and posts that you can collect from Wordstat Yandex or AdWords from Google.

To promote a group, it is important to determine the type of community. At the moment, there is the opportunity to create a public page – this option should be chosen. The advantage of this format is that subscribers have a special block “Interesting Pages”, where they will show you absolutely free. This is an additional opportunity to quickly develop public..

Search engine community optimization

Do not forget about such an option as free promotion of the VKontakte group. Search engine optimization in the network itself helps to increase the number of transitions. People often look for communities through VK, but they can get to your public only if the request contains matches by name. The more accurately, correctly you formulate the headline, the more likely that you will be found and join the community. If you have dedicated the group to making money on YouTube, then you should call it “Earnings on YouTube”.

Attracting users from other social networks and resources

To promote Vkontakte, you can use other social networks. You need to create an account, add friends or strangers and make reposts from your public. You can place a link to a group in your profile. Payment in this way is not required, PR can be carried out on such popular services:

  • Facebook
  • Classmates;
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Twitter.

In many ways, the likelihood of successfully promoting a group depends on the content. If the owner does not regularly publish interesting posts, receive reposts, interest followers with something, soon all people will simply leave the community. To maintain the audience’s interest in the public, you should devote a lot of time or pay a copywriter (SMM-box) for filling.

Miscellaneous devices


One of the most effective methods of maintaining interest, audience activity and attracting new participants is holding contests. This method cannot be called free, because you have to go broke for a gift to the winner (it must be mandatory). The essence of this promotion method is that you announce a contest, which necessarily involves joining a community and reposting posts from the public wall. Friends see this message through a news feed and may want to participate. This is called the viral effect of advertising..

To determine the winner, you can use any suitable service, a good example is the “Competitor”. He will do all the necessary work for you and will not give someone the opportunity to win fraudulently. This method also eliminates your personal influence on the results of the contest: the results will be honest. With a small budget for a gift, you will get a good influx of people in the group. In the future, they can talk about other ongoing rallies in the community..

Using programs and scripts to promote the VKontakte group

You can delegate the need to invite people to the group for special programs. Mailing can be engaged in:

  • VKInviter;
  • FvCheat;
  • VKBot.

This is the easiest way to promote a group without much action on the part of the owner. The script itself will conduct all mailings according to a predefined template. The main disadvantage of this method is the high probability of earning a ban for automated actions. Many people may perceive such messages as spam, refuse to enter public.

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