How to punch a person by cell phone number

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Hooliganism, threats coming from intrusive calls make people activate all their forces in order to find a subscriber on the other side of the device. This is not easy to do, because federal laws protect personal data, but there is always a chance that the company will succeed..

Search for a person by cell phone number

Signs of Phone Fraud

If the persistent subscriber calls with threats, it is better to immediately contact the police for help, because amateur activity can be dangerous. In all other cases, you can resort to tricks: call from another mobile phone, contact the operator, etc. With the right approach, you can find out not only the name, but also the address of the caller.

Call back

Armed with another phone, you need to call a person and say that you are conducting a social survey. For participation, it is worth promising a symbolic bonus – replenishment of the account by 10-50 rubles. Do not call sky-high sums, as this will cause suspicion. After a few simple questions, you need to ask the subscriber to introduce himself: in 9 cases out of 10 he will give his name.

Law enforcement statement

If threats come from a mysterious stranger, it is best to contact the law enforcement authorities right away. The application must clearly state the reason for the appeal: if it is valid, specialists will make a request to the mobile operator (who the number is registered for) and check with passport data. The information obtained will be used for the investigation, but not the fact that the owner’s contacts will be transferred to the plaintiff.

Calling your mobile operator

If you regularly receive threats from a stranger, you can directly contact your service provider and state the reason for the appeal in the application. Employees should consider it and decide whether to provide data or not. Practice shows that mobile operators often fail, requiring a formal request through law enforcement.

How to find out who called on the Internet for free

In general, there is a lot of data about each person. This method is completely legal, because sometimes people themselves post information about themselves on various Internet sites. Another thing is that this information may turn out to be inaccurate or outdated, then it will be impossible to calculate a person by mobile number.

Instant messengers

Search for a person in vibe

Popular applications (Viber, WhatsApp, Skype) often allow you to find out not only the name, but also the name of the user. To do this, click the “Add” button, enter the phone number and confirm the action. After that, in the “Information” field you can see personal data, user photo.

Social networks

The number must be entered in the Vkontakte search line: after which the entries in which it was mentioned, as well as the accounts to which it is linked are displayed. You can go into the form to restore access to the page and enter the phone. The social network will offer to send a six-digit code and show the account being restored. At this stage, you can find out the name and surname of the owner.

Search Sites

The easiest way to calculate the owner is to enter his phone number in the Google or Yandex line. If a person posted ads somewhere, the system will definitely reflect this. It is possible that the photo will be displayed.

Sometimes annoying calls are made from paid numbers: the fraudster discards after one beep, and when the call is back, the subscriber is charged. Victims often post information about intruders on the network, so before making a call, it is better to check the information.

Sberbank Online

Sberbank card holder data upon transfer

Transferring money by phone number is a great way to find out the details of a card holder through an online service. Donate the minimum amount to the conspirator so that during the transfer the system gives out the name, middle name and first letter of the surname of the person who owns the account.

Databases or directories of cell phone numbers

You can find out the owner by phone number on special paid and free resources. There is a high probability that the database will be outdated or the desired number will simply not be there. It’s better to refuse the paid option: after the transfer of funds, scammers often block the buyer and do not send him anything.

Special programs and mobile applications

How does Kaspersky application work?

Thanks to special utilities, you can determine the location of a person by telephone as accurately as possible. Programs are not free, but for the most part they work. Mobile databases are more complicated because their reliability is questionable..



This mobile application is a global telephone directory with information about popular contacts. At the time of the call, the numbers are determined automatically and displayed from the name of the subscriber. The program is popular in the EU countries, so it’s problematic to “calculate” with its help domestic users. The exception is hot phones – spam, scammers, collectors.

“Having broken numbers” – a identifier of phone from Google

Breaking through numbers from google

Thanks to this application, you can easily punch a person by their cell number: see all registered pages on social networks, sites for sale, etc. Registration is required, but the developers guarantee the confidentiality of user data. You can check both the number from the phone book and manually entered.

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