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In order to deposit funds into a current account, earlier it was necessary to defend the queue at the cash register. Today it is much more convenient to do this through ATMs. The operation takes a few minutes, the balance changes instantly – delays rarely occur. Only replenishing a bank card in this way will not work everywhere, the procedure has several subtleties.

Which ATMs accept money

Recharge cards from an ATM

Visually, these devices, which are briefly referred to as ATMs, look the same, regardless of the set of features. Rarely, ATMs with a cash-in function (called cash-in) are larger in size than those lacking it. Most modern cars are equally small, and the compartment for notes they have has a different arrangement, not always indicated by a sticker.

Options for its placement:

  • Hidden by a moving panel above the keyboard.
  • Located on the side, near the card reader.
  • Located at the bottom of the front wall.

To find out online where you can put money on a card, you should go to the website of the bank you need. Most have the service of searching for terminals in the city, choosing the ones closest to the metro station. The filter has not only a cash-in function, but also a currency exchange, transfers to brokerage accounts. The ATM may also have a sticker saying that it accepts money. Less commonly, this information is indicated only by the device menu, which opens after entering the card..

Features of the bill acceptor

ATMs and their protection

Carefully read the prompts that the ATM screen displays. It indicates how many bills it is permissible to put in 1 time. It depends on the electronic unit installed in the machine that recognizes and processes money..

Some terminals accept individual bills, others – immediately a bundle.

The volume can be from 30 to 100 pieces. If the instruction does not appear, examine the slot for entering money: the wide one is for a thick bundle, the narrow one is for single bills.

Be sure to see how the ATM offers to deposit funds, which side – up or forward. The screen should display a picture of the moment the bill was inserted into the slot in the receiver. Note that the device only processes paper money and may refuse glued, torn copies. Elastic bands, paper clips and other foreign elements must be removed before surgery.

Additional points:

  • On the screen of the ATM, the currency with which it works is indicated. Some devices accept not only rubles, but also dollars, euros or yuan.
  • Some banks limit the amount that can be paid through ATM to 15-50 thousand rubles..

Ways to replenish an account through an ATM

The procedure is best done through a terminal owned by the bank whose client you are. It’s easier to resolve contentious issues, increasing the speed of receipt of funds. You can use the ATMs that are established by partner banks, but they will have to pay a commission for the procedure.

Put cash on your card

How to recharge your card through an ATM

  1. Make sure that the ATM is working. This is evidenced by a welcome message on the screen, the backlight of the card reader.
  2. Insert the card into the compartment with the chip forward, face up. Wait for her complete departure, dial a PIN code.
  3. When the main menu screen appears, select “Top up account” or “Deposit cash”. Different banks may have different phrases..
  4. If necessary, specify the currency and amount – this is not necessary everywhere.
  5. Wait for the device to approve the operation: an invitation message will appear on the screen. Some ATMs automatically open a cover plate that protects the cash drawer..
  6. Count the bills, especially new ones, they can stick together, enter or insert them into the hole.
  7. Carefully check the amount that the ATM will show after recounting bills. He should ask for confirmation and provide an opportunity to add more or refuse further actions if some data is incorrect.
  8. Click “Enroll” (the option may be called differently) and wait for a message about the successful completion of the operation, issuing a check and your “plastic”.

To another person’s bank card

This function, which is sometimes confused with the simple transfer of money between accounts, is not implemented everywhere. It is in the terminals of Sberbank, through them you can deposit money to the card of any bank. Only for the movement of funds to the side will have to pay a commission. Its amount is in the range from 0.5 to 1%, but there is a minimum threshold of 50 rubles.


  1. Insert your personal card into the terminal.
  2. Enter PIN.
  3. Select the section “Transfer to a bank card” and the option “By number”.
  4. Drive recipient details and amount.
  5. Check the information shown on the screen..
  6. Make bills through the hole.
  7. Make sure that the amount is correct, and confirm the payment with the button. Do not forget to print the check.

Without a plastic card

ApplePay, GooglePay

This feature is also not available in every bank. Some terminals operate by electronic contactless identification system – ApplePay, GooglePay. To carry out the desired operation, you can simply attach a phone or a smart watch to the reader. In a contactless way, it will be possible to put money on a card through an ATM only at Sberbank.

Step-by-step scheme of actions:

  1. Select the “Transfers” tab from the on-screen menu.
  2. Enter the card details for replenishment. Be careful when doing this..
  3. Insert money into the bill acceptor, check the amount on the screen.
  4. Complete the operation by pressing the confirmation button..

What to do if the ATM accepted the money but didn’t credit it

What to do if the ATM accepted the money but didn’t credit it

Always keep a check until the transaction is completed. It reflects the date, time, amount, card number and other important details. They may be required when contacting the bank to resolve negative situations and prove your words..

Possible causes of funds transfer problems:

  • Lost Communication With Bank. This is due to device software updates, scheduled revisions..
  • Long payment processing. Money must come within 3 business days, but the deadlines may be violated due to the fault of the bank.
  • The technical error. Due to problems in the operation of the electrical unit, the ATM takes money, issues an error and does not print the check.

If the funds do not come for a long time, contact the bank:

  1. Call the hotline number, dictate the information from the check, wait for the solution to the problem. Often money is credited on the next day.
  2. If the operator does not help, visit the bank office. Write a statement indicating the date and time of the operation, the location of the ATM device. Attach a copy of the receipt.
  3. If money has not arrived within 30 days (this rarely happens), write a claim for damages, referring to articles 22 and 31 of the Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights.
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