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Often, when contacting a support service or calling a hotline, a subscriber is urged to switch to tone mode, for example, when dialing an extension number of a subscriber. Most often this happens when you try to call a multi-channel number, which involves pressing the numbers on the handset to confirm your choice. Even a novice can easily understand these nuances..

What is the phone tone mode

Telephone communication is a complicated thing, but at the same time it is incredibly interesting. For this reason, before putting the phone into tone mode, you should understand its essence and consider what other dialing options are available. Telecommunication technologies go far ahead every year, and nowadays modern devices support only the tone type. For devices released earlier, you still have to switch between the two:

  • pulse, involving the closure of the telephone line in a special way, where each dialed digit corresponds to the number of pulses.
  • tone using an analog signal to dial the desired combination of numbers.

A user who does not understand the intricacies of this topic will be able to distinguish these methods of entering numbers by ear. Remember the old disk phones: when you scroll the disk, you heard some clicks that vary depending on the number. Some devices, released even 10-15 years ago, still have the ability to switch to pulse mode. Another input method will betray itself by the difference in signal height, which will depend on the key pressed. The advantage of digital tonal input over pulse input is primarily in the speed of dialing and connecting with the subscriber.

Landline phone

Tone mode on a landline phone

With the passage of time and the development of internal telephone networks, the abandonment of obsolete pulse dialing seems quite logical. Multifunctional office telephones, similar to those manufactured by Avaya, do not even have the ability to change modes. This is understandable, since in large firms the work is in full swing, and the speed of dialing to a client or partner is important.

Home devices will make you worry about how to turn on tonal mode on the phone. For example, a list of characteristics of a wired model of a Panasonic device indicates the presence of both options. In some cases, pressing the buttons is not enough to switch between them, and you should contact the company that provides communication services for help. It is a mistake to assume that absolutely all radiotelephones, unlike wired ones, have only a tone dialing. Voxtel Select Series supports both methods of transferring a phone number.

Tone mode on a mobile phone

Calls to long-distance hotlines, where you have to listen to an answering machine for a long time, are more profitable to make from a mobile. Most devices are equipped with only one input method, so the question of how to put the cell phone in tone mode does not arise. To switch to the internal line of the desired operator, you will need to press the keys with certain numbers, which is possible only with the tone version. The person dialing the call center number will hear a characteristic signal, which means that the connection is established with the selected operator.

There has never been an impulse connection on mobile, since this is a feature of telephone networks for stationary devices, and the modernization of Russian exchanges has made it possible to abandon this option forever. However, it may not be necessary to switch between input methods, but to turn on the desired type of connection, which is turned off for some reason. Without using this function, some devices will not allow you to dial a number.

Girl with a phone

How to put a mobile phone in tone mode

If you answer this question summarized and applied to each gadget, but the answer here is one – nothing! By default, all phones support and work in tone mode and there are no other options for choosing them. However, there are exceptions to the rules: you cannot transfer to another set, but you can simply turn off the existing tone. This instruction explains how to switch to tone mode on a touch-sensitive mobile smartphone:

  1. Dial phone number.
  2. Once the connection is established, call the on-screen keyboard.
  3. Press the asterisk or plus key. For various gadget models, you may need to hold these buttons for a while..

This algorithm will be effective for owners of push-button phone models. Here the situation is even somewhat simpler: you do not need to open the keyboard on the screen. When you dialed the dialed number and heard a request to turn on the tonal input, which was probably turned off, you only need to press and hold one of the keys (usually an asterisk, “pound” or “plus”) to a characteristic signal.

Dialing a number on the phone

Putting a landline telephone in tone mode

The internal arrangement of home urban communication devices, like telephone lines, determines the choice of mode change mode. In most cases, this can be done without leaving the borders of an apartment or private house. How to switch the phone to tone mode in the classical way is described in the following instructions:

  1. Pick up the phone, if it’s wired, or press the call key on the radiotelephone.
  2. Hold the star button for a second.
  3. Try pressing the number keys: if they make sounds that are different in tone, then everything is done right.

Another option is only suitable for some models:

  1. Inspect the handset from all sides for additional levers on it.
  2. If you notice a switch with Latin letters P and T, meaning pulse and tone dialing, then move the lever to position T.
  3. You can verify by pressing the number buttons.
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