How to quickly get rid of the smell of alcohol from the mouth with pharmacy and folk remedies

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Alcoholic drinks are the companions of any entertainment event. However, the next day, a person may smell unpleasant. After the party, the question often arises, how to quickly remove the smell of alcohol from the mouth, improve well-being and avoid a hangover? To do this, you can use special preparations or ordinary products that can be found in the refrigerator of each.

How to remove the smell of alcohol

To begin with, it’s worth figuring out what is the cause of the morning fume? Almost all alcoholic drinks contain ethyl alcohol, which is rapidly absorbed through the intestinal wall. A certain part of it is excreted by the kidneys, lungs and pores of the skin, and the remainder decomposes in the liver. The process is this: alcohol breaks down into intermediate products, one of which is acetic aldehyde (toxin). It is processed into acetic acid, which does not have time to be absorbed and is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, causing bad breath.

To neutralize the aroma of alcohol, a number of simple steps should be taken. They will help the body recover after the holiday. How to quickly get rid of a fume? Sometimes you just need to seize it or do the following:

  1. Exercise to keep your body toned.
  2. Carry out oral hygiene (rinse it with a decoction of chamomile or a special liquid).
  3. Brush your teeth, tongue. This will help eliminate bacteria, alcohol smell..
  4. Chew gum, candy (with mint or fruit flavor).
  5. Take a shower. Cleansing the body will help wash away the smell of alcohol that goes through the pores..
  6. Have a cup of coffee.

A man brushing his teeth

What can i eat

Judging by the opinions of many people, vodka and beer are two strong drinks that provide a lasting bad breath. To drown it out and make you feel better, you need to eat fatty foods, as well as vegetables and fruits, rich in vitamins and amino acids. What products, dishes help to weather the smell of alcohol:

  • onions or garlic;
  • citrus fruits (lemon, orange);
  • borscht;
  • parsley leaves, mint;
  • fried seeds (pumpkin, sunflower);
  • omelette;
  • milk products;
  • fruits, berries (strawberries, strawberries, cherries, watermelon);
  • nutmeg;
  • Bay leaf;
  • spicy pepper;
  • fatty foods (canned fish, linseed oil);
  • desserts (ice cream, fruit jelly);

What to drink

To quickly remove alcohol, the human body really needs water. It should be consumed both during the party and after. A large amount of fluid provides a normal metabolism and good work of all internal organs. However, water does not help mask the aroma of alcohol. How to kill the smell of fumes:

  • coffee without cream and sugar;
  • peppermint tea;
  • fat milk;
  • carbonated drinks with flavors;
  • brine;
  • kefir.

According to reviews, you should rinse your mouth with a solution of salt in order to gradually get rid of the pungent smell of alcohol. This should be done once an hour. The proportion is one tablespoon without a slide per cup of water. Both iodized and regular rock salt can be used. If discomfort occurs, it is best to replace it with lemon juice with honey. They are more pleasant in taste and smell..

Mint tea in cups

Remedy for fumes

Many drivers are interested in how to remove the smell of fumes, so as not to pay a fine. In the pharmacy you can buy special chewing preparations that will help hide an unpleasant aroma. Also, do not neglect medications that can relieve headache and weakness. What are the most effective remedies in this situation:

  • Anti-policeman;
  • Limontar;
  • Activated carbon;
  • aspirin;
  • Zorex
  • glycine.

How to remove fumes quickly at home

The state of a hangover does not create the most pleasant sensations, so I want to get rid of it faster. How to beat the smell of alcohol from the mouth at home? The following tools will help:

  1. Lemon. It needs to be cut into slices, pour mineral water, or orange juice, add a sprig of mint and drink.
  2. Cinnamon. Dilute one teaspoon of cinnamon powder in a glass of water and boil. You can add bay leaves and cardamom. Use mouthwash.
  3. Fennel. To make tea, you need to pour 1-2 tsp. fennel seeds with a cup of boiling water. Leave on for 6-10 minutes.

Fume from vodka

40-degree alcohol is eliminated from the body in about 12-13 hours. During this period, some of the alcohol manages to penetrate the blood, which causes a persistent, sweet smell. Many people believe that the best way to relieve discomfort after the holiday is sober. However, doctors recommend using harmless products and decoctions that do not affect the functioning of the liver and other internal organs. How to remove the smell of fumes? Infusions will help:

  • motherwort;
  • sage;
  • rose hips;
  • St. John’s wort

Sage infusion in a cup

The smell of beer

Beer is removed from the body very quickly (2-3 hours), but the abuse of cold alcohol leads to a hangover. Fume from this drink can be persistent, even though it contains a low percentage of alcohol. How to remove the smell of alcohol from the mouth quickly? The easiest way to eliminate the aroma in the morning is to chew it. What effective products should be consumed:

  • nutmeg grains;
  • fried seeds;
  • lemon juice (to be mixed with honey and water);
  • coffee beans;
  • mint leaves.

Some daredevils interrupt the smell of alcohol with the help of heart medications. They mix drops of validol, valerian, valocordin and drink them, or chew tablets from pressure. A healthy person should not do this, because such a method can harm the body and the normal functioning of the heart muscle. Better limited to safer ways to deal with a hangover.

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