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The procedure for dismissal from work has been worked out in the legislation to the smallest detail – in most cases, the employee needs to warn the manager by writing a letter of resignation and work another 2 weeks. The question of how to quit without working out may be relevant for those workers who leave their jobs of their own free will, but due to life circumstances, are not able to work another 2 weeks. For example, this may be due to life circumstances – a state of health or moving to another location.

Is it possible to quit without working two weeks

Article 80 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation examines in detail issues related to dismissal at the initiative of the employee and it is here that the need to work the prescribed two weeks is legally determined. This period begins on the day the director receives the letter of resignation, regardless of when he approves it and preparation of the corresponding order begins.

At the same time, those who are looking for an answer to the question of whether it is necessary to work 2 weeks upon termination of employment, you need to know that this article of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation also states situations when an employment contract must be terminated by the time specified by the employee, or termination of employment by mutual agreement between employee and employer at the time of work.

Duration of termination in the Labor Code of the Russian Federation

If you approach strictly formally, then Art. 80 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation does not require a 2-week working out, but states that it is necessary to warn the head by this time (so that he can pick up a replacement, etc.). For example, if an employee writes a letter of termination of employment before going on a 28-day vacation, then immediately after the end of the holiday he will be fired on his own without working out. They also consider the term if the employee warns the director while on sick leave – if you then submit the sick leave certificate to the personnel department, you can take into account the days of the illness.

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Three days

The legislation of our country provides for situations when you can write a letter of resignation without practicing and stop working in the organization after 3 days. This applies when:

  • the employee has not yet completed the trial period (Article 71 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation);
  • the term of the contract concluded with him is less than 2 months (Article 292 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation);
  • the employee was involved in seasonal work (Article 296 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation).


2 weeks

Under the Labor Code, a two-week period is the period in which you need to warn the boss that you want to change jobs. In this case, the employee needs to work out the prescribed two weeks from the moment of writing the application, and get a calculation and a work book in the personnel department in order to get a new place. In fact, the date of dismissal is determined by management, by agreeing with which, you can terminate the employment contract earlier. In this case, written evidence of the agreement reached is mandatory (for example, a visa on your application).

It is convenient that if the situation changes and the employee changes his mind about quitting, then the application can be withdrawn. In the event that the employment relationship is terminated by agreement of the parties or upon dismissal after vacation, this cannot be done. However, if another person was found in the place of the resigning employee who draws up the documents for employment, then the application will not be withdrawn.

Two week period

1 month in a managerial position

Separately, the Labor Code of the Russian Federation provides for situations when it comes to the dismissal of a senior employee. Art. 280 states that a warning is required one month after the employer receives a completed application. Similar requirements apply to coaches and athletes – upon dismissal, they are entitled to work within a month (unless otherwise provided by the contract, usually a longer period). In all cases under consideration, this is due to the specifics of labor, which does not immediately allow you to leave your previous job.

Dismissal of the head

For what reasons you can quit without practicing

According to Art. 80 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, the mandatory attribute is not working out, but timely notification of the head of the dismissal through the signing of the application, and there is no difference whether the employee will work this period or will be on sick leave. Therefore, from a legal point of view, it would be more correct to talk not about how an employee quits without working out, but how to terminate an employment relationship with a minimum warning period or without it at all (for example, for pensioners). As a rule, this is due to the presence of valid reasons, to which the legislation includes:

  • Admission to an educational institution – a university or secondary vocational school for full-time education, when the study schedule does not allow to perform labor duties normally. In this case, supporting documents should be attached to the application..
  • Access to a well-deserved rest for those workers who have reached the retirement age defined by Russian law. Moreover, if such an employee of retirement age gets a job again, he loses the right to dismiss without working.
  • According to the decision of the Plenum of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation on March 7, 2004, No. 2, a new reason for resolving the problem of how to quit without working out is also the new appointment of a spouse with a change of residence – moving to another city or country. In this case, a statement on the transfer of the spouse to another job is attached to the application.

Farewell to colleagues in the office

Special circumstances prescribed by law

Labor legislation addresses special situations where an employee can not work out for 2 weeks upon dismissal. These are situations such as:

  • Pregnancy and other family reasons (caring for a sick family member, a disabled child, the presence of three or more minor children) with appropriate documentary evidence.
  • Non-compliance / violation by the company administration of the norms of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation or local regulations. The situation with wage delays of more than 15 days is considered in Art. 142 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation – in this case, the employee has the right to suspend the performance of his duties. If at the same time he requests dismissal, and the company does not pay his salary for another two weeks, then nothing needs to be worked out. A similar situation is in case of violation of payment rules for the period of sick leave, transfer of benefits to pregnant women, etc. Judicial practice shows that in these cases justice will be on the side of the employee.

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How to quit work without working out

Since this procedure may have several different reasons depending on the situation, the actions of the employee or employer will also be different. This may include:

  • minimization of the term before termination of the employment contract if the employee needs to quit as soon as possible (for example, if a more attractive job was found);
  • reduction of time spent at work (for example, in a conflict with the team, the employee is uncomfortable being in such an environment).

Working out

By agreement of the parties

In the event of an agreement between the parties, the employee can be dismissed without working out for two weeks, if the manager is not against such a termination of employment and documented this decision, referring to article 80 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation. In many cases, this situation will be more convenient for the employee than a two-week practice. However, in this case, it may take some time, because it is necessary to issue an appropriate order, the accounting department to calculate, and the personnel department to fill out a work book.

agreement with the authorities

Sick leave

Being on sick leave, and having received an appropriate medical opinion about the impossibility of fulfilling previous duties (for example, due to an injury), the employee can resign of his own free will. In this case, he provides the disability certificate to the person responsible for maintaining the time sheet in the organization, and can be dismissed immediately upon completion of the sick-list. If the period is less than the statutory 14 days for the director’s warning, the issue can be decided by agreement.

Medic fills a sick leave

Vacation followed by dismissal

According to the law, you can go on another vacation and quit immediately after its completion. These may be situations permitted by labor law when:

  • The employee wants to “walk around” the days set for him and asks for leave, because he has the right to do so.
  • An employee, for various reasons (for example, a suddenly found new job), decides to draw up an application while already on vacation. In this case, if there are 14 days or more remaining until the end of the vacation period, he will be dismissed immediately upon leaving the vacation. If this period is longer, then the issue may be decided by agreement of the parties..

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At the initiative of the employer

Article 81 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation considers situations when dismissal occurs on the initiative of the employer. These reasons can be divided into two groups. The first includes reasons independent of the employee himself (for example, a layoff, which he should be notified of no later than two months later). The second group is connected with the fault of the employee himself and does not provide for working out. This may be due to:

  • gross violation of labor discipline (absenteeism, appearing at work in a state of intoxication, disclosure of entrusted secrets, accident due to violation of labor protection rules, committing property crime);
  • repeated failure to perform labor functions without good reason;
  • when working with material values ​​- an act that undermines trust;
  • immoral acts of a person who commits educational functions.

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Sample Leave Statement

In this case, the document is drawn up in the name of the director of the organization in which the employee works. The text is written in free form, but there must be all the necessary information:

  • In the header of the document is written to whom it is intended and from whom, for example, to “Director of Boomerang LLC, A. Smirnov. from the driver Ivanov A.S. ”.
  • Then in the center of the line is written the name of the document – “Statement”.
  • The basic part contains a request for dismissal without working out, if necessary, supported by a reference to the legislation, for example, “Please dismiss me of my own free will without working (according to Article 80 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation) from 11/11/2017 due to the transfer of my wife to work in another city (reference is attached ) “.
  • At the end, put the date and signature.

Sample application for dismissal without practicing

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