How to recharge a mobile phone account through a terminal, the Internet, a bank card and from another phone

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The proliferation of mobile communications and its availability has led to the fact that constantly being in touch is already a necessity, not a luxury. Each of the operators seeks to give the most advanced functionality to its customers. One of the constant questions remains how to put money on the phone, because the limit may be exhausted at the most inopportune moment, so the ability to transfer to your mobile account should be available through a bank card, SMS and other methods.

How to fund your account from phone to phone

At some point, mobile operators came to the decision that emergency replenishment can be made without going through direct cash transactions. Users of the same network can throw money from one account to another in emergency situations when, for example, the client does not have a bank card, and the communication balance is zero or negative. In this case, the transfer from one account to another occurs using a short number or SMS (each operator has its own).

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This mobile phone company differs from other operators in the way how to put money from phone to phone. If other companies use USSD numbers, then in Megaphone you need to send a free SMS to number 3116, where the transfer recipient number and amount are indicated. The limit of transfer at a time is no more than 500 rubles. Funds are credited within 2-3 minutes, if there are no problems with the network.


The company, one of the leaders of the hundredth communication services, offers not only the ability to transfer funds, but also ask them if the client is suddenly left with a negative balance. “Top up my account” service: * 116 * subscriber number and #. This request can be dropped even by users of other operators. You can replenish someone’s balance using the combination * 112 * number * amount (up to 300 rubles) #. One-time commission is 7 rubles.


This company currently offers transfers from its mobile to someone else’s in two ways. The first is the classic USSD command: * 145 * recipient number (without 8, ten-digit number) * amount # must be entered. To confirm, you will receive an SMS with a code that must be sent to * 145 * code #. The second option is a service on the company’s website, where you need to enter two numbers: the sending and the recipient. The commission requires you to pay 3% of the amount plus 10 rubles. It is important to monitor changes in the conditions of the number of transfers per day and how many can be transferred at a time.

Tele 2

A rare case when the USSD codes of different operators match. Tele2 and Beeline have the same number for topping up between subscribers – * 145 *. Requests differ in the format for entering the recipient number. Beeline – ten-digit without the first eight, Tele2 – full with 8. Also, the last company has a mandatory limit on the account balance – 20 rubles. If the amount after the transfer may fall below, then the transfer of money will not be carried out. A full list of conditions for using the service can be seen on the Tele2 website.

How to put money on your phone over the Internet

Modern computerization and the availability of electronic money allow you to replenish the balance of your mobile, completely bypassing cash transactions. Almost all banks provide the ability to pay for a phone number with a bank card using the user’s personal account on the site. In it you need to specify the number and credit card from which you want to withdraw funds, or an account (if there are several). For those who make money on the Internet, you don’t even need to get a card in a bank.

The services of WebMoney, PayPel, Qiwi, Yandex.Money and others will allow you to operate with amounts on electronic wallets and make almost any type of payment, without looking up from the monitor. Their functionalities have long been used by mobile operators, and modern banking even supports remote payment of utilities (electricity, water, gas, landline telephone).

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How to put money on the phone through the terminal

Replenishing a mobile account through specialized terminals is easier than through a computer and electronic wallets. You need to choose your mobile operator, enter the recipient’s number and send cash to the bill acceptor. It is important to remember that the terminal does not give change. It is also necessary to keep the check, because if a failure occurs and the funds do not arrive to the account, it will be the only way to cancel or duplicate the operation (but this situation happens very rarely).

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