How to recognize your guardian angel by date of birth and name

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Each person has a guardian angel, or heavenly patron, regardless of religion or place of residence, character or deed. Even criminals or unbelievers have intercessors. In order for the defender to give support, it is important not to deprive him of energy: to believe and not to forget to thank for help. How to find out your defender, determine gender and character, age – this knowledge will be useful to a person who wants to live according to the laws of decency and honor.

Who are guardian angels

The Bible says that one of the angelic manifestations is concern for people, protection from evil, various attacks and obsessions. Patrons who give protection to a mortal, help to know and fulfill God’s will, are called guardian angels. The word “angel” means “messenger” – the bearer of God’s message. According to the Orthodox belief, every person has it, but this is not a dogma. The divine narrative says that God, at his discretion, gives such protection that people, churches, settlements, societies and even entire nations can receive.

Many works of art portray guardian angels as able to fly, and the messengers also need wings to shelter and protect their wards with them. At its core, the patron saint is a spirit, a good being that has reason, feelings, but is devoid of an earthly body. Defenders appear to be asexual or tangible, anthropomorphic, large or small creatures that can take on any physical form for an unlimited time.

Value in human life

Even people who consider themselves completely unbelievers, at least once in their lives, but have encountered phenomena that cannot be called a miracle. You can connect these events with anything: intuition, providence, luck, but the fact is obvious – something tells, guides, gives a warning. Many are sure that this is the presence of a heavenly intercessor, so their importance in mortal life is enormous.

The presence of the patron manifests itself in different ways. More often, messengers act through intermediaries who have passed away the lives of loved ones, unfamiliar, but supportive of the guardian. The direct work of the heavenly intercessor can be considered to be on the verge and then the salvation of the mortal. There have been repeated cases when, at some call, I had to return home, and there an iron turned off, etc. Often people who find it easy to do things turn out to be called lucky – this is the “work” of our heavenly protector.

There were times when animals saved a person. Many attribute this to the fact that guardian angels inhabit them. Often the media give information about how pets literally forced the owner to leave the house before an earthquake or other misfortune, did not give something to do so that a person could not harm himself, pulled the sleeping one, and the awakening turned out to be a salvation. All this indicates the “work” of the custodians.

Guardian angel

How to find out who your guardian angel is

Celestial is determined by date of birth, by name, and features of its nature differ. To determine what kind of character or name of the Orthodox guardian angel is by date of birth, only numbers will be required. Born on the same day as a defender, will surely acquire similar character traits. The calculations are simple. The second number of the date of birth will determine the peculiarity of the heavenly intercessor. For example, the date of birth of the 29th, which means that the character of the defender will correspond to the number 9, 3rd – 3.

By date of birth

0 – the character of the defender is fiery. This is the highest level guardian who will follow his ward into fire and water. The defender is almost omnipotent, helps in almost all cases, from minor troubles to major problems, does not give up in difficult life situations. A mortal is very lucky if he is given patronage by an intercessor who is always in a hurry to help.

1 is a saint. This is a strong advocate of trust. The holiness of the angel does not allow to leave the ward in trouble. Guardians are often given to people with weak energy, who really need the protection of higher powers. The Holy Angel is easy to outwit. Evil forces take advantage of this and create obstacles for him, often difficult to overcome, but the keeper copes with all difficulties perfectly.

2 – a light, classic prototype of an angel with large white wings. From birth, the patron tries to find himself: in dreams, numerology, he can rearrange things in the house, be reflected in the mirror. To feel the presence, you need to pay more attention to unusual phenomena. It is believed that if an angel kissed a baby at birth, he would have birthmarks and freckles on his body..

3 – air manifests itself with the help of sounds, rustles. You should not be afraid of all this, because in this way the keeper makes himself discovered. It happens that the air patron leaves for a long time without the attention of his ward. To call him back, you need to read a prayer. Her keeper must hear and come back.

4 – wisdom. It is very important to listen to the advice of this intercessor. Help consists in sending the right thoughts to humanity or an individual representative. The bulletin helps to make the right conclusion, find a way to solve problems. All who are given the patronage of a wise angel have high achievements, quickly moving up the career ladder. Such people are distinguished by intelligence, quick wit, they are prudent, able to control and analyze the situation..

5 – metal protector. This does not mean that it looks like a statue of metal. The point is in his character and those whom he protects. The Bulletin directs its attention to strong-willed, courageous people who have a “steel” character. The celestial especially appreciates the manifestation of willpower. His help is physical and spiritual. The intercessor will always help in any troubles. With his invisible sword, the messenger easily cuts down all obstacles. Often people under the tutelage of a metal defender become military.

6 – rainbow protector or choleric angel, promotes creative development, gives a state of happiness, inspiration, accelerates melancholy and depression. A celestial willingly helps people of the humanitarian mindset, creative professions, all those who by their nature are inclined to mood changes. Heavenly intercessor always tries to suggest the right way out of the situation..

7 – the energy celestial in nature is active, loves people and is in constant interaction with them. A distinctive feature is vulnerability and variability. The intercessor is very easy to offend, for which he can leave the ward for a long time. In order not to lose touch, establish contact with him, it is important to pray and thank for your help. Then the messenger will always tell the right way.

8 – the defender does not choose his ward by chance, they are united by blood ties. The spirit of a deceased relative becomes a protector. The soul of the deceased oversees the mortal affairs of the mortal and directs him. A close acquaintance with the guardian helps to easily establish contact, the protector is merciful, kind. Prayers, gratitude and respect for the memory of the deceased help to strengthen communication with him.

9 is an angel with a warm character who is ready to do good, to bring light. The guardian’s conscience and warm heart are the main character traits. It always inspires optimism in people. The defender’s goal is to saturate the life of his guardian with happiness, harmony, love, peace. The celestial person gladly fulfills wishes on birthdays and major church holidays. So that the home does not fade away, prayers are necessary, thanks.

Angel girl

By name

It is believed that heavenly intercessors by the name of a person are a myth. There are many heavenly patrons that people can turn to for help. This fact is proved by different prayers, which are read in honor of each of them. The Saint, in whose honor a person is named at baptism, is addressed especially often. This is best done in the morning. Prayer is read immediately to the angel, then to the Holy. You can ask for help not only from them. For example, a lot of people turn to St. Matron, the Virgin, Nicholas the Wonderworker.

Every mortal has a guardian angel by name according to the church calendar, some have several. Those who are in close contact with the protector know the name of the keeper. This gives people very strong protection. If the name is unknown, you can try to find out the name of the keeper, but it will seem unusual. The main thing is not to offend the celestial with his unbelief. There are times when messengers send signs instead of letters. To find out the name, the characters will have to be decrypted.

There are several ways. For instance:

  1. Mechanical writing. You need to prepare a pen and paper, try to go into a trance, mentally call an intercessor, ask him for a name that will be written with his own hand.
  2. Meditation. The vision must be clear. With poor concentration, he will be offended by many outside thoughts and will give an answer only after a few days.
  3. An effective way is a prophetic dream. By calling your guardian from the depths of the subconscious, you can ask him for a name. If this is difficult to do, asking a question is mentally before going to bed. The protector must dream and give an answer.

Age and gender of the patron saint

If the name of the angel is difficult to recognize, then its age and gender will not be difficult to determine. To do this, you need a date of birth. It is important to know that the age of the keeper does not change. To determine the sex of a celestial, you need a full date of birth, age – day and month. For example, birthday: 07/29/1979. To determine the age, you need to add: 2 + 9 + 0 + 7 = 18. This means that the intercessor is 18 years old, but it is not known how many hundreds of years he is at that age. The keeper will look for eighteen years, while the real age can be more than one century.

The messenger gender is also determined by summing the numbers. Example for the same date: 2 + 9 + 0 + 7 + 1 + 9 + 7 + 9 = 44. The value must be reduced to a single digit: 4 + 4 = 8. The result obtained is an even number, which means the intercessor is a man. If the value is odd, then the keeper is a woman. As a result, it is determined by the date of birth that the heavenly intercessor is an eighteen-year-old man.

How many guardian angels can be

Most believe that there is only one patron, but the average Christian can have up to 10 defenders. It all depends on how strongly a person believes, what is his level of spirituality. There have been times when more than 10 defenders have been entrusted to people. St. Nicholas had 27 of them. It is believed that the more patrons, the more fortunate a person.

A guardian angel appears after birth in each child, during pregnancy and after childbirth it is additionally protected by a maternal defender. If the mother is destined to die during childbirth or the child is unwanted, the defender comes to the baby immediately after conception. At baptism, each boy or girl, God assigns a patron, whose task is to protect throughout life and bring a person to the court of the Lord.

Losers are people who have generally been left without defenders. This happens when people stop doing good deeds. In order to return the keeper, one must become prudent, begin to live according to conscience, not sin, not wait for gratitude from this, it is imperative to read a prayer-appeal. This will help return the angel and the attention of the Almighty. Some people return or increase the number of guardians with magic. The defenders tied in this way will belong to dark forces, demons or other evil spirits.

How to find out about the presence of a guardian angel

It is known that numbers play an important role in people’s lives. So, the number 11 is associated with the appearance of the defenders:

  1. The protector comes in a dream.
  2. Unusual colored balls are visible..
  3. I feel a sudden fragrance.
  4. Found a white feather.
  5. Visions of babies that adults cannot see.
  6. Clouds in the shape of angels.
  7. Angelic numbers in public: 11, 333 or other repeating.
  8. There is an incomprehensible change in temperature..
  9. Muffled voices are heard.
  10. The feeling that nearby someone invisible carefully supports, cares.
  11. Tingling sensation in the crown of the head.

What shoulder is behind

The question of where the heavenly defenders are located relative to the position of the human body has always been controversial. The most primitive option is the guardians on the right, the demons on the left. Such an image can be seen in the pictures: on each side sits on the adviser. The activity of defenders depends on their own behavior. It is believed that celestials do not have an exact location, because it all depends on the situation. Another version – the intercessors are between people and danger. After all, it’s not without reason that the proverb says: “My angel, come with me, you are ahead, and I am behind you”.

Girl with baby

What signs do heavenly intercessors send

Heavenly intercessors without special need never disturb the mortal’s peace. The dialogue takes place at the level of intuition, in the process of prayer. You can ask for help yourself. There are 5 main characters that defenders serve:

  • tinnitus – support;
  • feathers are hope;
  • hawks – you need to listen to yourself, not others;
  • birds are knocking on the window – trouble will come in order to survive, we must turn to the saints for help;
  • incomprehensible sensations in the solar plexus – warning of danger.

In each case, you must contact the defender for help. There are other signs that can guide you. For instance:

  1. I stopped writing pen when signing contracts – they try to deceive.
  2. Beautiful butterflies of the same color flying into the room – to danger.
  3. Before the trip, car keys fall – do not go.
  4. Documents fell before entering work – difficulties.
  5. Nailed animals – a fateful meeting.
  6. The car doused with cold water – it is better to be at home.
  7. A spider came down – important news.

Prayer and thanks to the patron saint

The Orthodox Church teaches that prayer calls to angels should be morning and evening, but it all depends on the requests. Prayer to the guardian angel is read before the icons of the Saints. Short prayers should be read in the morning, with a specific request – before an important event, to thank – at the end of the day. The strength of the patron is directly dependent on faith in him. It is possible to nourish and strengthen the capabilities of the heavenly protector by faith and gratitude to him.

The words of a brief prayer are: “The angel of Christ, my holy guardian and protector of my soul and body! Forgive me everything that I have sinned today, and save me from any insidious plan of the enemy, so that I will not anger my God with any sin. But pray for me, a sinful and unworthy slave, to present me worthy of the goodness and mercy of the Holy Trinity and the Mother of my Lord Jesus Christ and all saints. Amen.”

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