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Over time, some applications, games become unnecessary for the owner. In order to properly uninstall them, you need to know how to remove the program from the computer without leaving unnecessary files in the registry. The rules are the same for laptops and desktop PCs. You can uninstall using the built-in Windows tools or third-party utilities.

How to completely remove a program from a computer

Some users think that you just need to click the delete button on the desktop shortcut, but this is not true. There are several ways to remove programs from a computer, some of them leave invisible files in the system, others completely erase all data. If you don’t know how to remove unnecessary applications, over time you will accumulate so much “garbage” that problems with memory or system operation will begin.

The correct uninstallation manually or by means of third-party programs will help to avoid this. The most common utilities for these needs are:

  • Uninstall file
  • Your uninstaller;
  • CCleaner;
  • Revo uninstaller;
  • Windows built-in tools.

Uninstall programs in Windows 7

One of the common versions of this operating system has all the necessary resources to completely uninstall files. You do not need to download additional software to remove all unnecessary applications and games. You just need such an item as installing and removing programs in Windows 7. The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • click on the “Start” button;
  • select “Control Panel” from the menu;
  • inside you need to find the “Install and Uninstall” section;
  • choose from the list the application that you want to uninstall;
  • click on it and click on the “Delete” item;
  • wait for the end of the procedure.

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Uninstall file

All official developers leave the opportunity for the user without any problems, simply and quickly remove their product. There is a native uninstaller in the program, which, as a rule, is located along with all other files after installation and is called Uninstall. You just need to click on it, agree to uninstall and the file will perform all the actions without leaving hidden documents on the computer.

Utilities for the complete removal of programs

There are special software that is designed to erase data from a computer, clean registries, completely remove all components from a PC. Utilities will help get rid of all hidden, inaccessible files. You can use the following software to remove programs:

  • Ccleaner;
  • Uninstall tool;
  • Revo Uninstaller;
  • Unlocker.

How to remove an unnecessary program from a computer

Various options have been described above for getting rid of unused applications. You yourself can choose any of the ways to remove unnecessary programs from your computer. The option of uninstalling via the Start button is the simplest, but there are more advanced utilities that open up more options for experienced users. You can not only remove unnecessary programs from your computer, but also work with the registry. Keep in mind that you can only perform these actions if you understand what you are doing. Otherwise, there is a risk of erasing the necessary documents.

Free Uninstall tool

This is a lightweight, simple utility that is distributed freely on the Internet. Uninstall Uninstall tool can be used without buying a license. During installation, in addition to the main folder, hidden in other places on the PC appear, entries in the registry are added. Removing them manually becomes difficult because the search does not always find them by name. The utility in question will help you in this matter, it detects all the “tails” that were created during installation. You must do the following:

  1. Install software.
  2. It launches the application, in the first window the “Uninstaller” menu will open in front of you.
  3. From the list in the window, select an unnecessary application.
  4. Information about the file appears, it is possible to delete it forcibly.

Screenshot Uninstall Tool

How to remove a program using Ccleaner

This is a powerful tool for working with the registry, all installed applications, games. Ccleaner can be cleaned automatically or manually. The utility is able to collect data from all over the PC and offer to erase specific files. Outwardly, the main program window looks like a standard Windows tool. To get rid of unwanted documents, you must do the following:

  1. Install and open the application.
  2. Select the Service tab.
  3. The first item in the menu will be “Delete”, in the list you need to select the necessary line.
  4. Click on the “Uninstall” button, the software will perform all the necessary actions, guide the user through the necessary steps.
  5. Keep in mind that you need to click on the button above, and not on the “Delete”. This function erases data from the registry, not the application itself.
  6. Then go to the “Registry” window, run a scan.
  7. Clear all unnecessary entries that Ccleaner will find..

Revo uninstaller

A powerful utility that simplifies the process of erasing data. With its help, you can solve all the problems that may arise in this process. Revo uninstaller programs are uninstalled like this:

  1. Run the software, find in the main menu the icon of the document that you want to erase. Right-click on the line and select “Delete”.
  2. First, a preliminary analysis will take place, then the uninstaller will be launched.
  3. The uninstall wizard guides you through several steps, follow the necessary steps, choosing the desired uninstall options.
  4. There could be some “tails”, so go to the “Advanced” section, run a scan.
  5. The report should contain all registry entries after the deletion.
  6. Click on “Select All” and then again on “Delete.” You do not have to worry about Windows performance, only unnecessary data is deleted from the registry.
  7. Do the same in the section “Remaining files …”.

What to do if the program is not deleted

Sometimes, users may encounter a situation where an undeletable file or folder appears on the PC. In this case, you will need special applications that remove the ban. Popular are considered utilities for unlocking files LockHunter or Unlocker. These options help to remove the lock from the desired item, which displays the message “Cannot delete file”. Instructions on how to remove an uninstalled program:

  1. Download, install Unlocker, it will immediately appear in the OS context menu so that you do not look for it.
  2. Right-click on a document that voluntarily does not want to fly to the basket.
  3. In the window that appears, click on “Delete” and click “OK”.

LockHunter works on the same principle. When you install it, when you click on any document with the right button, a new line “What is locking this file?” Will appear on the menu. When you activate an item, a note will appear in which the path to the document and those processes that do not allow it to be erased will be written. To get rid of the document, you just need to click on the option “Delete it!”.

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How to remove a program from a remote computer

Sometimes it’s easier to do everything yourself than to explain to a person who does not understand the issue. You can uninstall programs on a remote computer. Only users who have experience with computers on the local network will succeed in doing this. Use of another PC must be approved by the owner. To work, you need the built-in WMI utility, you need to do the following:

  1. Press Win + R keyboard shortcut, type cmd.exe to launch the command line.
  2. Next, drive wmic.
  3. Next, you need to get a list of what is installed on the remote machine. Write the following: node: computer name product get name – and confirm the action with the enter button.
  4. You will receive a list and, for example, you need to erase the game “Scarf”.
  5. Re-type the following from wmic: node: PcName product where name = “Scarf” call uninstall.
  6. Confirm your decision with the “Y” button.
  7. A delete message will appear on the screen, additional parameters will be indicated.

How to remove portable programs

There are such utilities that do not require installation. They are simply copied to the hard drive and run from the exe executable. Removing portable programs is completely done with a simple key combination Shift + Delete. If you want to send the folder to the trash, then just Delete is enough (this will leave you the opportunity to restore data if necessary). Such cases do not require additional registry cleaning.

What programs can not be deleted from the computer

The main thing in this process is not to get involved, because you can erase something really important. There is a list of folders that should not be affected by the complete removal of programs. Some data is responsible for the operation of the entire operating system and their overwriting will lead to computer inoperability. You cannot delete any of the following folders:

  • ProgramData – if you do not know what the folder is responsible for, then you should not erase anything from it;
  • Windows – the main folder of the OS, here are all the components of the system;
  • Program Files – installed software, only if you understand what the folder is responsible for, you can erase it;
  • Users – user data;
  • Boot – system boot files.
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