How to remove page numbering in Word 2007. Removing page numbers in Word

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A well-known editor from Microsoft automatically puts down page numbers to make it easier for the reader or author to find the right place in the document. Sometimes, according to the requirements of the file, you need to remove the numbering, you can do this in several ways, which differ slightly depending on the year of release of Word.

How to remove page numbers in Word

In most cases, the work will be numbered in the footer area, which is not part of the overall content of the page. With different settings for partition settings, the numbers may be in the lower or upper zone. The easiest way is to remove the numbering using the section for working with headers and footers from edit mode. You can do this as follows:

  • hover over the number;
  • double-click the mouse button (left);
  • A blue dotted line and the inscription “Bottom” or “Upper” will appear around the footer area.
  • after that you can edit the contents.

Page numbers in Word 2007 and later can be removed in two ways. The first is through the Insert menu. When you go to the subsection of this item, you will have the opportunity to edit the entire file at once, to make the pages no longer numbered. The second method involves manual editing. You can go to any part of the Word document and change all the elements in the workspace.

Word 2003 page numbering is also being edited, but the path to the tools is somewhat different. In this version, changes are made through the “View” tab, where the section for editing footers is located. You can also remove numbers from the editing mode, which you can switch to if you double-click the number button. After closing the tool, the footer changes will take effect.

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How to delete page numbers in Word in the whole document

You can use two simple ways to remove page numbering in Word. This is much easier to do for the whole file. For the first option:

  1. Double-click on any document number.
  2. Press the Del or Backspace button.
  3. The numbers will disappear from all work.

If the file is divided into several sections, then this procedure is necessary for each. The second option for cleaning numbered sheets is the editing tool. For this:

  1. Go to the Insert tab.
  2. Select “Page Numbers”.
  3. At the bottom of the menu, click on the line “Remove page numbers”.

If you are using the 2003 version of the program, then you should not search for the “Insert” item, but the “View” tab. All necessary actions should be carried out through the section “Headers and footers”. There are all the necessary settings for editing. The double-click method is equally relevant for all versions of Microdoft Word, it removes the numbering from the entire file.

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How to remove page number from title page

In some requirements for scientific or artistic work, it is necessary to start the countdown of a document from the second sheet. You can use one of the options for this, how to remove the numbering from the first page in a Word document. Below is an example of how to do this for the 2010 version of the editor. Instructions:

  1. Open the file for which to start numbering the sheets should with the contents.
  2. Find the “Insert” tab on the top menu toolbar.
  3. Click on the Page Number section.
  4. A window will open where you can specify the place where line numbers appear (bottom, top). Choose any option.
  5. Next, you will need to select the type of numbering.
  6. The numbers will appear immediately in the whole file and now it will be necessary to remove the number from the sheet under number one.
  7. On the top menu bar, find the “Work with Headers and Footers” item and click on the “Designer” section.
  8. Put a bird opposite the line “Special for the first page”.
  9. Go to the beginning of the file, you will see that the name “Header of the first page” began to be highlighted on top.
  10. Highlight and delete a digit.

Instructions "How to remove the page number from the sheet"

How to remove Word numbering for a specific page

Sometimes it is necessary to make part of the file begin to be numbered again. To do this, you should know how to remove page numbering in Word in one or more places. It will take a few steps to prepare. To remove a digit in only one place:

  1. Before the text, where there should be no numbering, it is necessary to establish a section break.
  2. Place the cursor on the end of the previous sheet..
  3. Click on the “Insert” section, click on “Break”.
  4. In the window that appears, activate the “New section” and the line “From the next page”.
  5. Set the cursor to text where numbering is not needed..
  6. Click on the “File” menu item and select the “Options …” line.
  7. Click on “Paper Source”.
  8. Find the item “First page” and put a checkmark in front of it. This will remove the number from the selected section of text..

This method can be used as many times as needed throughout the text. If you want the numbers to disappear immediately from two sheets of the file, then indicate the start of the numbering from 0. The editor will not write “0” and leave the field blank. This will turn out two sheets from the file without numbers. For convenience, it is better to make the necessary settings at the beginning of work on the file, so that they work correctly and there is a minimum number of errors.

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