How to restart the laptop using the keyboard

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For some hardware or software failures, you have to crash the operating system. This process is carried out in several ways, which are used even when the mouse and touchpad are not responding. To restart, you will need instructions on how to turn off the laptop using the keyboard.

Keyboard shortcuts for rebooting a laptop

A restart during a hang is necessary to exit to the BIOS, where you can check the cause of a software failure. Choose the method of how to restart the computer using the keyboard, depending on the installed OS. Common to all models of laptops, whether Asus, Lenovo, Aser, Hp or any other, is the method of restarting by holding the power button. This option should be left in the extreme case when the computer does not give a reaction to any actions.

Reboot the laptop with the power button

Before such radical actions, you should use one of the methods described below, how to restart the laptop using the keyboard. In general, they are classified depending on the current state of the art, i.e., the computer freezes or responds to mouse actions. In addition, you need to follow this or that restart instruction taking into account the installed operating system, because each has its own keyboard shortcuts that restart the system. The main thing is not to despair and try to restart first with safe, and only then with more radical methods.

How to restart the laptop through the Start button

This method of restarting the computer using the keyboard is standard. It should be applied one of the first, because it is the safest, because all programs will be able to prepare for shutdown. Disabling instructions look like this:

  1. In the corner on the left, click on the “Start” icon or click Win.
  2. Find the “Shutdown” item below, by clicking the arrows, select it.
  3. Press Enter, again, using the arrows, select the command “off” or “restart”.

How to restart your computer through task manager

The second option to complete the work can also be used if there is no response from the mouse pointer or touch panel. To restart, follow these steps:

  1. Hold Ctrl + Alt + Del at the same time. This combination is used in calling a special menu to change the user or open the task manager.
  2. For Windows Vista or 7, in the window that appears, by clicking on the arrows, select “Shutdown options” in the bottom right and select “Reboot” in the list that appears, then press Enter.

Laptop with Windows 10 operating system

How to restart your computer with Windows 8

Today, most PC users have switched to Windows 8 or 8.1. The restart commands in it have changed. Reboot is done by clamping the Win + C combination. After that, a side panel appears on the right, where using the arrows you can get to the “Parameters” item. Then you need to press Enter – a menu with the proposed options for disabling will drop out. It remains only to go to the reboot point and use Enter again.

How to restart the laptop with ALT + F4 keys

The next option, how to turn off the computer using the keyboard, also uses a special combination of buttons. It is a combination of Alt + F4. It is suitable for any version of Windows. You can do a reboot like this:

  1. Pinch the desired combination – a pop-up menu will appear on the screen with options for shutting down.
  2. If the mouse does not respond, then select the desired item with the arrows.

The laptop does not respond to human actions

How to restart the laptop if it freezes

It happens that the laptop stops responding to any commands. The reason may be the work of some program or game. In such a situation, you have to resort to a restart. How to restart the laptop using the keyboard when the mouse and touchpad do not work due to freezing? Use one of the following emergency reboot methods:

  1. Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete. A new window should open, where at the bottom right, select the restart item. Do this by pressing the arrows. You can try and run the task manager, where to remove the task that caused the hang.
  2. Open a command prompt by pressing Win + R. Enter the text shutdown / r in the menu that appears. Then press enter.
  3. Hold down the power button. Use forced shutdown as a last resort, because it represents an incorrect shutdown. As a result of using this method, errors often appear in the form of a blue screen, which scares many users.
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