How to shorten a bracelet on a watch

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If the watches you like are great, you should not be upset right away, because such a minor nuisance can be easily fixed. Do not think that only a master can fit a practical accessory in size, because it is easy to do even at home. You just need to understand all the intricacies of the upcoming work.

Ways to shorten your watch bracelet

Leather and textile straps are especially popular today, but accessories made of metal links remain unchanged classics. If in the first and second options you just need to pierce a hole in a suitable place, then not everyone can cope with the task of how to shorten the bracelet on the watch. There are two ways to fix the size of the product: ask the master for help or do everything without outside interference, that is, yourself.

Mechanical watch with bracelet

  • Contact the workshop

The size of a ceramic or steel belt is easily converted to a millimeter in the hands of a watchmaker – it will solve the problem in a matter of minutes. The work will be done carefully, and the result will not be long in coming. However, the process of extracting an extra segment is not so complicated as to run into the first workshop that has come across. How to shorten the strap? You need to learn the possible ways how to remove the link on the watch’s bracelet, because if you like these kinds of accessories, you will often come across this issue.

  • Shorten the watch strap yourself

Metal links with a clasp or a pulling strap can be adjusted in size and without the assistance of a professional. You only need to get working tools. It is worth considering that any metal bracelets are designed for the widest wrist. Even Seiko or Kashio branded wrist products can be easily reduced to the desired size. There are a lot of photos and videos on the Internet, thanks to which you can familiarize yourself with the conversion process in detail.

How to reduce the bracelet on the watch with your own hands

So, you bought a watch, but the strap was great for the wrist. There is no opportunity or desire to go to the master, but how to shorten the watch bracelet? Take the straightforward fix in your hands. To remove the extra links or change the buckle of the lock, you should acquire the necessary auxiliary tools and patience. Before you shorten the strap on the watch, you should clear the workplace on the table and cover it with white paper so that all details and small nuts are clearly visible. You will also need:

  • pointy object or ordinary awl;
  • small hammer;
  • box for small parts;
  • screwdriver.

The belt can be independently reduced in several ways. Choosing the repair option should be based on not only your desire, but also taking into account the model and even the accessory company. For example, for Casio, some changes in buckle locks are suitable, but in Orient products, only link removal is possible. What actions need to be done to make a men’s or women’s watch fit?

Removing a link from a bracelet on a watch

With a buckle lock

The metal bracelet for watches is easily amenable to changes that allow the accessory to sit perfectly on the wrist. To adjust in small sizes, they make a buckle of the lock:

  1. Remove the eyelet or retainer font by clicking on the visible area..
  2. Rearrange it in the hole that is closer to the latch.
  3. The font does not need to be moved from the side where it was, because while wearing the ear will cling to clothes and cause inconvenience.

Removing Unnecessary Links

How to shorten the bracelet on the watch if adjustment with a buckle is not possible? The number of links should be reduced:

  1. Squeeze the pin on the links in the direction of the arrows – they are affixed on the inside of the belt. Find the narrow hole in the segments that you want to remove, with the help of an awl, press on the rod. If it doesn’t work, gently tap the milk.
  2. When the rod appears, grab it with pliers and remove it completely. Repeat with the second hairpin of the selected link. The initial stage, how to remove the links from the watch bracelet, is completed.
  3. Check the correct removal by applying the accessory to the wrist and connecting its ends. The product must not squeeze the hand. Cut the length symmetrically on both sides so that the latch is in the middle.
  4. We assemble the bracelet, placing the hole on one level and fixing it with a hairpin.
  5. This method is suitable for most models of male and female accessories. There is nothing complicated in how to shorten the bracelet in the watch..

Video instruction: how to shorten a metal bracelet on a watch

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