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For those who like to save money, without denying themselves a cellular connection, MTS invented a bonus system. Users accumulate points for using the network. The operator accrues remuneration – bonuses. Having understood how to accumulate the right amount, you can exchange them for services or options, purchase gifts for yourself and your loved ones. Learn how to spend bonuses on MTS.

Features of the bonus program

Bonus inscription

The more actively a user calls and communicates using his phone, the more he goes online or the more he sends messages, the more points will be added to his account. The full list of services for which points are awarded can be found on the MTS website. It is worth noting that not only the use of mobile, but also purchases in communication salons, inviting friends bring pleasant bonuses from MTS.

First you need to register in the system to take advantage of bonuses. There are several ways. To do this, you can call the operator toll-free number 08-90, send an empty message to 45-55 or dial the command * 111 * 455 * 1 #. For those wishing to know more details during registration, you can fill out the form on the official website. Next, you need to figure out how to activate bonuses on MTS..

Employees of the company have provided a convenient way to track their accruals: everything is displayed in the user’s personal account. Points are added after the participant’s application has been completely filled. An additional advantage is the indication of your birthday. On this day, the company will please you with pleasant gifts in the form of personal points. It is important that bonuses remain active all year, after which the account is reset.

How to check the number of points accumulated

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You can find out the rest of bonuses by going to your personal account or the company’s website. If there is no Internet connection, you can send a combination of the numbers * 111 * 455 * 0 # or send a message with the word BONUS to 45-55. In reply SMS will come with the necessary information. For the convenience of users, MTS came up with a system for checking how many points will be lost in the near future. To clarify, you need to write a FORECAST message at 45-55. When you know how many points, it’s time to find out how to spend MTS bonuses and how to transfer points to money on MTS.

How to use points on MTS

Since it is easy to spend MTS bonuses favorably, you need to start using it! This can be done using USSD commands or SMS messages. You have the right to choose communication services and pay them with bonus points. This is a slow and memorable way. It’s much easier to act differently: go to the company’s email address, open the rewards catalog and select options or discounts from partners.

What can I spend on MTS bonuses

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When it is known how to quickly spend MTS bonuses, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with possible rewards. The list of gifts is huge: from additional megabytes of traffic and minutes of calls to discounts in partner companies. It is easy to receive rewards: the site looks like an online store where you need to choose a service and pay for it, not with rubles, but with bonuses. On the eve of the holidays, personalized themed gifts often appear. There is a constant list of services for bonuses, they include:

  • free internet tariff packages;
  • additional free minutes for a month;
  • various SMS or MMS packages;
  • free download of pictures, videos, audio recordings and games;
  • free connection of GOOD’OK service.

For example, for 80 points, you can activate the Anti Anti Caller ID service for a week, when you call, no one will see the number. For 270 – a package of 100 SMS for a month, and for 300 – a free hour of conversations with MTS subscribers. For travelers, the service “Everywhere at home” is provided for three months for 1200 points. Fans of surfing the Internet will appreciate the SuperBIT service throughout Russia, having spent only 990 gift units.

Now you can buy movie tickets, order food, buy jewelry or cosmetics for bonus points. Very popular are discount cards and certificates for purchases in other companies. Thanks to regular calls, the active use of mobile Internet, you can save in many areas of life, for example, while buying books or doing fitness.

How to give MTS points to another subscriber

Transfer points from one subscriber to another

If you do not know how to spend MTS bonuses, you can always transfer them to your friend who will find them to use. On the site you must enter the phone number and the number of bonuses, click “Submit”. However, the service has several limitations:

  • You can not give points to a client in another region;
  • maximum you can send (spend) 3000 bonuses per month;
  • points can be sent only once a day.

Learn how to disable all services on MTS.

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