How to start pregnancy planning for a woman and a man – stages, preparations and recommendations

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The concept of pregnancy planning includes a whole range of mandatory measures that will help begin to prepare for the appearance of the baby: at this time, the woman should not take contraceptives, but seek the advice of a doctor. A healthy couple will be able to conceive a healthy baby after checking their health for infections, stop drinking alcohol, smoking, remove harmful foods from their diet, comply with the regimen, often breathe fresh air, and have a good rest. Tests will show if you need to undergo medical treatment..

What is pregnancy planning?

In order for a healthy baby to be born, a couple of spouses must make a lot of efforts and properly prepare for the upcoming pregnancy. Planning measures will help to avoid possible complications, endure, give birth to a healthy baby. Specialists will exclude factors harmful to the couple, give practical advice. Many women have chances to get pregnant. The process of conception is promoted by:

  • visits to doctors by both spouses;
  • consultation with a gynecologist for a woman;
  • collected analyzes;
  • chosen favorable moment with the help of the conception calendar;
  • elimination of genital tract infections.

Young couple at the doctor’s appointment

How to plan a pregnancy

The married couple must decide what steps to take so that pregnancy occurs, and the baby is born full. How to plan a pregnancy? Planning and preparation should begin with a visit to the doctor, consultation with a gynecologist. A medical examination will help to identify the presence of infections in the body, a chronic disease. A gynecologist examines the woman’s uterus and gives a detailed planning consultation. Proper preparation of the planning calendar will help the family avoid mistakes, confidently go through all the stages of preparation.

What you need to know

Understand what you need to know when planning a pregnancy. Find out:

  • how good health is, good at the time of conception;
  • how to calculate the moment of onset of ovulation;
  • what vaccinations to do in order to avoid infectious diseases (hepatitis, chickenpox, rubella);
  • what vitamin preparations to take to increase the body’s resistance;
  • how to completely abandon hormonal drugs and other drugs;
  • what will help not to drink alcoholic beverages, not to smoke;
  • what tests should be taken;
  • how to make a normal diet, exclude diet / starvation.

Where to begin

After visiting the doctor, you need to make a general planning calendar. List by points all the activities that the family must perform so that the probability of conception becomes almost one hundred percent. A few months before the onset of pregnancy, it is worth checking all vital organs (liver, kidneys, heart, lungs). It’s time to visit doctors (therapist, gynecologist, ENT, dentist), if you need an infectious disease specialist, a psychiatrist. It is important to make the necessary vaccinations on time. It is possible to conceive and bear a healthy baby if the parents follow the advice of a doctor.

Ovulation Calendar and Pregnancy Test


For the onset of pregnancy, the successful birth of a baby, a woman should start with the following steps:

  • visit a gynecologist, find out useful recommendations, tips;
  • donate blood for general analysis, biochemistry;
  • check urine;
  • pass smears for genital infections;
  • undergo examination of organs of the pelvic area using ultrasound;
  • check blood for antibodies to viral diseases (herpes, rubella);
  • tested for HIV, hepatitis B and C;
  • donate blood to blood sugar;
  • assess the condition of the uterus, ovaries;
  • check female genitals.

The man

What steps should a man take in order for his sperm to be vital, complete? It is advisable for a man to start:

  • make a general analysis of blood and urine;
  • check for any infection, inflammatory processes;
  • pass the allocation to the flora;
  • for high-quality, mobile sperm, monitor the temperature in the inguinal region (spermatozoa do not tolerate temperatures above 33-35 degrees);
  • minimize, completely abandon alcoholic beverages, smoking;
  • for the synthesis of sperm in the volumes necessary for the onset of pregnancy, reduce sex to 1-2 per week.

When to plan

The most likely to conceive a baby happens in a healthy couple. Conception planning and the age of future mothers and fathers are interconnected, the young body is stronger, more resilient, healthy. You can plan conception when, in the presence of a chronic disease, the expectant mother has undergone a course of treatment, is absolutely healthy. Ideally, both parents abandoned bad habits, have a good rest, spend a lot of time in the fresh air, eat right. The female body is harmed by the uncontrolled consumption of alcoholic beverages, smoking, a sedentary lifestyle.


There is a certain list of tests that a woman and a man must pass in this crucial period of time. Both future parents must pass without fail:

  • analysis to determine the blood group and Rh factor in order to exclude the pathology of fetal development;
  • smears, blood for the presence of genital infections;
  • analysis for HIV, hepatitis;
  • general, biochemical blood test, which shows the general state of health;
  • tested for antibodies;
  • OAM (general urinalysis);
  • genetic tests (if necessary);
  • studies of the quality, quantity of production of sex hormones in expectant mothers and fathers.

Medic performs a blood test

What to drink when planning a pregnancy

The planned pregnancy and childbirth proceeds safely if the girl is serious about taking vitamins. Recommended to take:

  1. Folic acid – it will prevent the development of fetal abnormalities. It synthesizes DNA, participates in the process of hematopoiesis, cell division, and forms the nervous system. Folic acid intake is recommended in all trimesters of pregnancy..
  2. Potassium iodide makes up for iodine deficiency.
  3. Vitamin E Helps Make a Healthy Baby.

Irregular pregnancy planning

Irregular menstrual cycles significantly reduce the chance of becoming pregnant. A sign of pregnancy is considered early toxicosis. To increase the likelihood of an event, you need:

  • pass an examination with a gynecologist;
  • calculate ovulation dates;
  • drink decoctions of oregano, linden, which normalize the cycle;
  • bring back your own weight, it is difficult for a thin or full lady to conceive a child;
  • regular quality sex brings the cycle back to normal;
  • treat the nervous system with the help of soothing medicines, medicinal herbs.

Floor planning

Often discussed techniques to plan the floor of the future baby. It is argued that the sex of the child can be affected by food. If you include meat, mushrooms, potatoes in your daily diet, eat bananas, oranges, then there will be a boy. Raw cabbage, nuts, beans, onions, peppers influence the girl’s sex formation. There are positive reviews and a high (not 100% probability) planning methodology for sorting male and female chromosomes in a sperm cell, with IVF. Try to plan the sex of the child using calculations for:

  • ovulation period;
  • year of birth of partners;
  • “Renewal” of blood.

Pregnancy Planning After Pregnancy

If in previous pregnancies everything went well, then the chances of getting pregnant again are very high. The optimal break between births is two years, during this time the body is fully restored, ready for the birth of babies, the next pregnancy proceeds well. A time gap of less than one year poses a risk of miscarriage. With a frozen pregnancy, if the first or second miscarriage occurs, the body recovers within three to four years. In the pregnant body, all processes are amplified, so he must rest.

Pregnant woman with daughter

How to increase the likelihood of pregnancy

You can plan the duration of pregnancy, increase the likelihood of its occurrence during the period of ovulation, when the egg can be fertilized within 2 days. The fertile period lasts from 6 to 8 days. Frequent sex activities contribute to sperm renewal. After intercourse, it is best to relax, lie quietly on your side or on your back. It is important to refuse:

  • from douching;
  • from the use of toilet soap, detergents.
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