How to stretch jeans in a belt – ways to increase the size of conventional and stretch products

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Denim denim pants do not always fit well. Sometimes jeans do not fit at the waist, although they look beautiful on the hips. It is not necessary to return the item back to the store, because you can stretch them yourself. There are several effective home remedies..

How to stretch jeans at the waist

There are many options for adjusting pants in a belt. How to stretch jeans at home:

  1. Buy a special Waistband Extender. Wet the pants belt, fasten them. Insert Waistband Exstender, lock. Begin to slowly stretch the product to the desired size. Leave them on until dry..

    Important: the procedure will need to be repeated after each wash.

  2. Spray the pants with hot spray water. Put them on. Grip the wet cloth on both sides with your hands and stretch it in different directions with smooth movements. After spraying, the fabric will become softer and stretch.
  3. Prepare a solution of 5 liters of boiling water, 3 tbsp. l ammonia, 1 tbsp. l turpentine and 1 tbsp. l vodka. Soak the product in the bath for half an hour. Remove, unscrew and dry. According to reviews, soaking in this solution softens the cotton fabric..

Jeans are small

New jeans

There are a number of very good ways to stretch your trousers right after your purchase. How to expand the belt on jeans:

  1. Set the steaming mode on the iron. Iron the belt carefully. The fabric heats up and becomes more elastic. Put on your pants when they cool slightly. Walk in them until the fabric is completely dry.
  2. Soak the jeans in warm water for a while. Pull them over a wide metal or plastic hanger. When the material is dry, put on the item. You can use a plank as a spacer. Its length is the volume of your waist divided by two.

Spacer application


If the jeans are not made from pure cotton, but from fabric with additives, it is easier to stretch them. Put them on and do some exercise. Bends, squats, bending and unbending legs are well suited. You can even just do household chores.

Tight pants will stretch from any physical activity..

Stretch jeans

Using a sewing machine

If the methods described above did not help to stretch your pants, then drastic measures are needed. You can adjust the size using a sewing machine. Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Turn out the pants.
  2. Using the spreader, loosen the side seams on the belt.
  3. Take a crayon and a ruler.
  4. Mark where the new seams will go.
  5. Sweep and stitch. Pants will be half the size.
  6. If you need to expand your trousers more, spread them all the way.
  7. Sew denim stripes in a matching color or contrasting shade. You can take some other fabric to insert.
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