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The towers of mobile operators are able not only to provide communication, but also to calculate the approximate location of the owner of the phone. This function provides the ability to track the location by phone number online, if the subscriber has given consent. This option can be useful to parents or heads of transport companies..

Geolocation by phone number

Many subscribers of mobile operators actively use the jeepies function on their phone. A special satellite system sends a signal to the beacon, which is built into the smartphone. The position of the phone is determined by the speed at which the sensor is received from the three nearest communication towers. This is the only way to determine the location of a person by phone number. However, this method does not work as it is shown in spy films: an ordinary user has no opportunity to track down and verify any person.

Location by phone number without the consent of the subscriber

Those who are looking for how to track the phone by number via the Internet should understand that the location of the device can only be calculated with the consent of the subscriber. In all other cases, this will be a violation of human rights, which may entail punishment. The only way to follow a person through the phone is to get permission from him. Next, on your device and the one you want to track, you need to install special software that will transmit location data.

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Phone tracking software

If you want to track the number for free via the Internet, then you will need a special program for tracking the phone. You can download the utility from the Internet to any version of Android, there are options for iPhones. Among the popular free tracking programs, the following can be distinguished:

  1. Where’s my droid. A free application that is designed to work only with Android phones. You can determine the movement from the tablet too.
  2. Live GPS Tracker.Real-time tracking helps track subscriber location.
  3. Spybubble. This is a paid program, but has a distinctive feature – it has a hidden (spy) mode, which makes it difficult to detect on the device.

All these applications can be downloaded on the official service from Google – Google Play. Keep in mind that secretly it is almost impossible to use them: even a child will see extraneous software on his device. For this reason, you need to inform the person and get consent. You should explain to the child why you need control over his movement through the Internet, that this will give you a sense of calm and security. Programs that determine the coordinates of the subscriber have several significant disadvantages:

  • where there is no connection, applications will not work;
  • in a city with dense buildings there may be a significant error due to signal reflection;
  • if you turn off GPS, the programs will stop working and determine the geolocation.

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How to determine the location of the phone over the Internet

Hollywood created the mistaken opinion of many that it is possible to trace any person through the Internet simply by knowing his phone number. Such services do not exist, these actions will grossly violate the human right to save personal data. The options for determining location by phone number are much more complicated. Before determining the position of the smartphone on the map, you need to install a tracking program in advance. The device must be in the coverage area, GPS-beacon and Internet are required.

All these conditions can be met only with the consent of the subscriber. Everyone can learn about what they are trying to track. A completely alien person will definitely not be able to see your coordinates. Real covert tracking can only be performed by law enforcement agencies through a request to a telecom operator. All large companies (Megafon, Beeline, MTS) can find out where the SIM card that was purchased from them is located using the network towers. In other cases, without a tracking program, there is no way to see the coordinates of a person.

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Geolocation by number from mobile operators

Telecommunications companies offer their subscribers another option, how to find out the location of a person. Each of them has a special service that helps to find out where the user is currently located, see the route for the day. This search function is not free, and also requires informed consent from the second subscriber. You can use the following basic services:

  1. Megaphone “Radar”. The service has several options; it helps to track one or several people who have confirmed the request for determining the coordinates. The advantage of this package is the ability to break through the search for subscribers of other operators (MTS, Beeline).
  2. MTS “Locator”. The ability to track will be after the consent of the user. For a month you will need to pay 100 rubles, and you will receive 100 requests for verification of coordinates. You can receive location data via SMS, watch through the application on a smartphone or computer.
  3. “Beeline Coordinates.” For use, a fee is charged once a day (1.7 rubles) throughout the country, you need to receive a one-time confirmation of tracking. You can simultaneously control where 5 users are located.
  4. Tele2 “Geopoisk”. The coverage density of this operator is lower than the others, therefore, the accuracy of determination will also be with a larger error. You can track the card after the consent of the user, the cost is 2 rubles / day.
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