How to transfer money from a mobile account to a bank card using SMS, USSD-request or online

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If you received a large amount on your mobile account that you want to spend differently, find out how to transfer money from your phone to a card. It is not necessary to go to a bank branch to complete this operation. Today, there are many ways to transfer money through a telephone balance to a bank account. Choose your preferred method of transfer via computer or smartphone.

Transfer money from phone to card

Many mobile operators provide their customers with a convenient service for transferring funds to a bank card. Having performed simple manipulations, you can later cash out funds at any ATM. When transferring funds, it is worth familiarizing yourself with important information: commission percentage, daily and cash limit, duration of the operation. Each mobile representative offers customers affordable ways to transfer money from a mobile phone..

Which operators provide the service

Most mobile operators provide the described service. To transfer money from phone to card, you need to use the services of the following mobile companies Beeline, Megafon, MTS, Tele2, Yota, Rostelecom, Baikalvestkom. These operators have many options for transferring money from an account to a bank card balance, so before making a transfer you only need to find out the terms and conditions.

Which banks can I transfer money to

You can transfer funds to the card of almost any bank, the payment system is much more important. You can find out more on the official portal of your operator. If you use a Mastercard, Maestro or VISA card, you should have no problems. However, specify the details with the operator in advance: for example, you can not withdraw money from the MTS phone to the Maestro card.

The easiest way to deal with technology will be to customers of the largest financial institutions: Sberbank, VTB or Alfa Bank. You can top up your balance from your mobile phone account or transfer funds to your relatives and friends at any time online. The operation will take several minutes, you can also return finances back instantly.

Plastic bank cards

How to transfer money from phone to card

There are several simple methods for transferring money from your phone to a card. You can try this method: transfer funds to the account of relatives or friends, and in return receive cash from them. This method cannot always be used, so the operators decided to provide customers with convenient options on how to deposit money from their phone to a bank account:

  • on the Internet through a personal account;
  • USSD request;
  • SMS message
  • Turning to the intermediary;
  • using the application for a return to the service point of sale.

Transfer to a card via SMS

An easy way that requires minimal time is a request for transferring funds via SMS. The disadvantage of this method is that only Megafon and Beeline provide such a service – only 2 companies. How to transfer money from mobile to card? Before sending a message to the desired number (Beeline 7878, Megaphone 3116), check the text is correct. Megafon users must type in the message field “CARD number (16 digits) mm yy amount”. Instead of “mm yy” enter the validity period of the bank card. In Beeline, only the type, account number and amount of money are indicated in the SMS text.

On the website of the mobile operator

Log in to your personal account on the official website of the company. Choose “Money Transfer” or “Money Transaction” from the menu. Then it remains only to indicate the payment system and fill out a special form. When writing the amount, consider the commission. In most systems, you will immediately see the amount of cash, taking into account the deduction of the commission (the actual amount that will go to the card). Check that the entered data is correct and then confirm the payment.

Through an intermediary

WebMoney is an international system with which you can receive and transfer money from almost anywhere in the world. Take advantage of the transfer of funds through an intermediary in WebMoney can users of mobile communications Megafon, Tele2, MTS, Beeline, Baykalvestkom. You replenish your WMR wallet, and then withdraw money through an intermediary. There are no restrictions on the withdrawal of funds, and the commission is 8.6-19.6%. You can also make a withdrawal by transferring the amount to the intermediary via SIM card, and in return receive cash at a special cash desk.

WebMoney logo

How to transfer from phone to Sberbank card

Clients of various mobile operators can easily transfer from a phone to a Sberbank card. So Megafon users need to attach Sberbank balance to the number. Next you need to go to the operator’s website and select the “Transfer to card” tab in the “Cash Transactions” section. Then enter the recipient’s mobile number. To confirm the transfer of money from the phone to the Sberbank card, enter the code received in SMS. Before sending, you need to carefully check all the data.

Mobile Banking Service Sberbank

The largest bank in Russia has long studied the needs of customers in the remote transfer of funds. Holders of debit and credit cards can use the service of Sberbank Mobile Bank. This SMS service allows you to make money transactions at a distance and receive notifications about the movement of money in the account. The mobile bank offers 2 service packages: Full and Economical. You can connect the service with which you can transfer money from your phone to a Sberbank card in the office, through an ATM, or by calling 8-800-555-5550.

Transfer through 900

Sberbank is the largest bank in Russia, so subscribers of all operators can use the above service. Clients of Tele2, Beeline, MTS, Megafon and NSS must send an SMS request (number 900). Here is the instruction on how to transfer money from phone to card: enter the following message in the line for text: “TRANSFER 9XX1234567 500”. Instead of “9XX1234567”, indicate the recipient’s phone number that is registered with the Mobile Bank, and instead of “500”, after the space, indicate the amount without cents. Transfer time is from 2-3 minutes to 3 banking days.

How to withdraw money from MTS phone

There are three ways to withdraw funds from the balance of the MTS mobile operator: through Qiwi, WebMoney payment systems and your personal account. The simplest is the last option. After entering your personal account, select the “Payment Management” and “Withdraw funds to the bank card” section. In the form that opens, enter the number from which you want to transfer the money, the amount (the amount with a commission of 4% will be indicated below), the method of performing the operation. After confirmation of payment, money will instantly arrive.

Smartphone and cash

Beeline transfer from phone to bank card

Among bank payment systems for sending funds, the following are distinguished: Maestro, Mastercard, Visa Card. For a reliable transfer of money, go through the Beeline website to the “Payment” section. In the payment method, select “Pay from phone account” and go to the “Money transfers” tab. Choose the appropriate payment instrument and carefully fill out the data, do not forget to confirm the operation. Beeline mobile operator has set a limit on the number of operations – you can send money up to 5 times in one banking day.

Money transfers Megaphone from phone to card

Megafon provides an opportunity for its customers to put money on a card from a mobile account. On the official portal, select the “Transfer to a bank card” section. Get your password via SMS by entering your mobile number. Next, enter personal account information and the amount. It is convenient that the system itself will show you how much money will be transferred after paying a commission, which depends on the amount of funds:

  • 5000-15000 rubles – 259 rubles + 5.95%;
  • 4999 rubles – 95 rubles + 5.95%.

How to withdraw money with Yota

Contact your service provider or point of sale with a completed return application to withdraw funds from Iota’s personal account. Take with you an identity document or a notarized power of attorney. You will also need a special payment document if you have accumulated more than 10 thousand rubles. Refunds are made through a bank account, so you need to know all the details: type and number of balance, name of the owner in Latin characters, expiration date. The balance will be returned within a month..

How to cash money from Tele2 phone

You can carry out the operation of transferring funds from Tele2 to a bank account via SMS, a written request for a refund or through the company’s official website. Go to the translation section, specify the necessary parameters and click “Pay.” Cash can be cashed through Unistream’s Russian branches by taking an identity document and naming the transaction control number. You can cash money without a commission through the Market Tele2 online service without connecting a card or connecting via a USSD request or SMS.

Mobile phone and coins

Fee for transferring from phone to card

In most cases, the amount of commission depends on the amount of payment, the mobile operator and the name of the bank. For example, Beeline introduced a commission for one operation in the amount of 5.95%. In the case of the mobile communications company MTS, the amount decreases to 4%, while Megafon rises to 7.35% with a withdrawal of less than 5,000 rubles. At Tele2, a user cannot pay less than 40 rubles (5.75% of transfers).

Transfer limit

Each mobile operator or special online services sets its daily and monetary limits. So in the Tele2 system you can’t transfer the amount less than 50 rubles, and transfer more than 15 thousand rubles per day. Beeline reduces the maximum transfer amount per day to 14 thousand rubles. You can transfer money from 10 to 8000 rubles through the Sberbank Mobile Banking service. The number of operations per day should not exceed ten times. Daily limits within the Mobile Banking depend on the currency:

  • 3 thousand euros;
  • 100 thousand rubles;
  • 4 thousand dollars.
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