How to transmit the readings of water meters in Moscow by phone, SMS or via the Internet

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The use of individual cold and hot water metering devices (hereinafter – IPU) allows you to control the consumption of a resource and save on payment for housing and communal services (hereinafter – housing and communal services). The readings of the counters should be transferred to the engineering service of the state treasury institution (hereinafter – GKU IS) on a monthly basis.

Entering water meter readings over the Internet

You can transfer IPU data to the GKU IS through the Internet. Rules for a remote utilization report:

Online IPA data transfer method

Remote metering of water meters in Moscow – step-by-step instructions

Through the public services website

  1. Register on the website: enter passport, contact and personal data – name, surname, patronymic, insurance number of an individual personal account (hereinafter – SNILS), email address, mobile phone number.
  2. Log in to your account (hereinafter – LC).
  3. Click on the “Services” tab.
  4. Choose the option “Housing and Housing and Utilities”.
  5. Find the item “Receiving water meter readings”.
  6. Click the “Get a Service” button.
  7. Enter the apartment number and payer code – it is indicated in a single payment document (hereinafter – the EPD) – a monthly receipt for payment of housing and communal services.
  8. Enter the data of each IPU in the fields of the electronic form.
  9. A break in the use of the service for a period of more than 2 months will entail the need to resume data transfer through a multifunctional center (hereinafter referred to as the MFC) or GKU IS through a personal visit.

On the portal of urban services in Moscow –

  1. Register on portal – it is identical to creating a personal account on the public services website.
  2. Log in to LK.
  3. Click on the “Services” tab.
  4. Select the option “Housing, housing and communal services, yard” – the item “Receiving readings of water meters”.
  5. Click the “Get a Service” button.
  6. Enter the payer code from the EPD and the apartment number.
  7. Fill in the fields of the opened electronic form with IPU readings.

In the mobile application “Housing and Public Utilities of Moscow”

  1. Visit official Google Play or App Store sites.
  2. Enter in the line of the search query “State services” or “Housing and communal services of Moscow”.
  3. Select any of the applications found and download it to your smartphone.
  4. Install and run the downloaded program.
  5. Go through the registration procedure – it is identical to the design of the LC on the public services portal.
  6. Click on the “Housing” tab.
  7. Select the option “Readings of counters”.
  8. Click the active line of the item “Enter readings”, enter the data of each ISP.
  9. Click “Save”.

Man typing on a keyboard

How to transmit water meter readings by phone in Moscow

Contact the operator of the unified engineering service at +7 (495) 539-25-25. Calls are received daily for a whole week without days off from 08:00 to 20:00 hours. Please note: the call is paid, it can be disadvantageous to contact the IS via a mobile phone, you will have to communicate with the answering machine for a long time, transmitting voice commands. The operator needs to provide the following data:

  • testimony of IPU;
  • payer code;
  • address of the premises;
  • serial numbers of water meters.

Water meter readings

SMS data feed

Another way to submit water meter data is to use the Unified Mobile Platform (hereinafter – EMP). EMP service works by receiving and sending SMS messages. The usage algorithm is simple – to number 7377:

  1. Send a message “servicereg” to register in the EMP system.
  2. Add payer code. Send an SMS message “water kp xxxxxxxxxxxx”, where xxxxxxxxxxx is your 10-digit payer code from the EPD.
  3. Send an SMS with the readings of the counters through the commands “water add xx.x uu.u”, where xx.x is the data of the first counter, for example, hot water, and uu.u – of the second, for example, cold.
  4. If you make a mistake, delete the transmitted information – send an SMS “delete water”.
  5. You can get IPU readings for the current month using the SMS “water info current”, for the last – “water info last”.
  6. To find out the quarterly data, send “water info quarter”.

Man with telephone

Personal visit to the engineering service of Moscow

The transfer of water meter readings in Moscow can be carried out by means of a personal visit to the State Civil Code of the district at the place of residence of the consumer of utility services. Lists of addresses of the territorial offices of the Civil Code of IP are published on Write down the number of each ISP, remove the information and report the data to the engineer.

Testimony deadlines

The established dates for the transmission of water meter readings in Moscow are from the 15th of the current month to the 3rd of the next. If for some reason the tenant has missed the specified period of time and has not reported on the amount of utility services consumed, the amount payable for its use will be charged in any case.

The calculation of the cost of the service for the last reporting period is based on the average monthly consumption of cold and hot water over the past six months. If the tenant does not transmit information for long periods of time, the next 6 months. Amounts payable will be calculated on average. After this period, the calculation is made in accordance with the standards of consumption: cold water – 6.935 cubic meters. m per month / person, hot – 4.745 cubic meters. m per month / person.

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