How to undo an action in Photoshop

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For everyone who at least once faced with the need for image processing, Adobe Photoshop is known. This is a photo editing application that offers wide functionality for making changes. The editor has many functions, so for beginners it is not always clear how to reverse the action.

How to apply hotkeys in Photoshop to undo

Keyboard buttons

How to undo an action in photoshop cs6 or cs5? One of the most important and useful features of Photoshop is the return of action on the keyboard, which allows you to take a step back during processing. This can be done in several ways, but the shortcut is the shortcut. With their help, you can cancel the change that was made in the program, you need to remember a simple key combination – Ctrl + Z. If you click it again, the canceled changes will be returned back.

How to deselect in Photoshop

Some program tools require the selection of a specific area on the layer. It is not always possible to circle the outline or portion of a photo correctly the first time, so you need to know how to remove the selection from the picture. Options for solving the problem:

  1. The easiest option is through the key sequence Ctrl + D. After they are pressed, the frame will disappear. If you hold them again, the outline of the entire layer appears..
  2. Many tools remove the selection when you right-click on any area of ​​the image. The only caveat – “Quick selection” will react correctly if you click inside the area.
  3. You can use the context menu, for this, right-click on the image and find the section “Unselect” in the list. In different versions of the program and even tools, the location of this item may differ (somewhere in the first place, and somewhere in the middle).
  4. Another option – go to the menu item “Selection”, which is located on the control panel, click “Cancel selection”.

How to undo the last action in Photoshop

When making a random mistake or getting a result that was not expected, it will be useful to know how to cancel the action in Photoshop cs5 or cs6. To do this, you can use the hotkey command or the program menu. To revert the latest changes:

  1. In the Photoshop main menu, click on the “Edit” section. The menu will drop out, you need to click the line that starts with “Undo”, and ends with the name of the applied tool or edit. It helps to understand what will be changed..
  2. The key sequence Ctrl + Z will take you one step back, will delete the last application of the tool.
  3. In the right column, find the section called “History” (in the Russian version of “History”). Here you will see all the operations you have made (usually the last 20). Click on the penultimate line, this will return your work in Photoshop to the state one step back. Sometimes this window or tab is disabled, you can enable the display through the settings of the workspace menu.

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How to step back in Photoshop

The keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Z only helps with the last change, but does not have the ability to return more than one step. To do this, use the combination Ctrl + Alt + Z. By pressing repeatedly, you can erase the last edits on the file by the required number of steps back. If you need to return to an earlier state of the document, you can use another way:

  • go to the “Edit” section in the main menu;
  • Find the Step Backward section;
  • press the required number of times.

How to undo several actions in Photoshop

In some cases, returning requires more than one step. This may come in handy if you made several changes in contrast, palettes, performed color correction, added brightness, but the end result did not satisfy you. I do not want to reload the image, especially if the necessary adjustments have already been made. You can use options for how to go back a few steps:

  1. To consecutively cancel several edits, you need to find the “Edit” section in the main menu and click the “Step Backward” item as many times as necessary. Tap an item as many times as many edits you want to erase.
  2. Exactly the same effect, as described in paragraph above, can be achieved by pressing the hot keys Ctrl + Alt + Z. Changes made will disappear in the reverse order of their application. Only those that were added to the image will be deleted, and the choice of brushes, colors will remain the same.
  3. To go back a few steps in one click, it’s best to use the History tab. Find this menu on the right of the program workspace (in the English version “History” is signed). By default, this list contains the last 20 changes, select the desired restore point and click on it. If it is thrown too far, then click the line below and the program will restore the state. This option helps to remove or return any necessary edits..
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