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Macrame knot weaving

Knots are the basis of weaving in macram. There are different types of weaving: flat, figured, and without nodular.

The simplest non-Hercules knot:

1. We take two threads and fix each of them with a pin.

2. The right thread must be braided under the left, and the left one should be braided from the bottom up. Weave to the desired size, and at the end we make a knot.

Hercules Knot

For direct nodes:

1. You will need two threads, which are fixed with an uneven mount, to get 4 ends.

2. The extreme threads are considered workers, and those in the middle are the basis.

3. Then we take the worker on the right and start her as the basis, and then for the left worker.

4. We take the working thread on the left, then we put it under the base, and then from below into the loop between the main and working.

5. To weave the left-side chain, tie another three flat knots and turn the bracelet to the left by 180 degrees.

6. Turn it every four knots.

7. When we get the desired length, tie a knot and finish the bracelet.

A.Direct weaving in macram

Girl in Macrame Bracelets


The Spider Pattern in Macram

We attach four threads that have eight ends. On the first row weave several square knots. On 3-6 threads in the second row we tie one square knot, the base will be the 4th and 5th. In the third row we braid one square knot, using the same base, adding 2 and 7. The base of threads 4 and 5 is also used for the square knot in the fourth row using 1 and 8.

Spider weaving pattern


Chain scheme in macram

We need six threads. Numbering always goes from left to right. We make 3 and 4 as the basis. Then weave one square knot with the help of threads 2 and 5, and the second with the help of 1 and 6. We back off about 1 cm and repeat the steps, as in step 4, until the desired length of the bracelet is obtained.

Macrame chain


Scheme “Vertical brid”

As a basis, take a long thread and fix two on it. Further vertically, we perform rep nodes on each thread from left to right. When the first brid is finished, turn the working thread over and continue weaving the knots in the reverse order.

Macram vertical breedes

Scheme “Rhombus with a step”

For work we use 20 threads. We take one color for 10 and 11, for the rest we need a different color. Using 10 and 11 threads, we make one row with vertical nodes and arrange them diagonally. Further, on 8 and 13 we open a small rhombus. Then weave a square knot and close the rhombus with threads 10 and 11, and for large we use 9 and 12.


Scheme “tatting”

We take four threads. The base will be created on 2 and 3 threads. On them, with the help of 1 and 4, we perform four nodes “tatting”. We connect the warp threads and fix with a bead. Continue to get the desired bracelet length..

Tatting in macram

Macrame Bracelet with Nuts

The bracelet does not have to consist only of laces or threads. You can weave the most unusual jewelry. For example, nuts, in combination with ropes of gray or beige color, will create a marine style. The figure shows the braiding technique of braiding. Weave the nut on the two middle threads and tie a knot. Thus we create the length we need. Start weaving a bracelet with nuts



Bracelet with nuts

If you delve into history, macramé has developed precisely thanks to the navy. It is the sailors plate nets, ropes, wove various decorations for ships, as well as steering wheel covers. Nodes all the time complicated and improved. Now about 4,000 marine nodes are known only. The works were not only beautiful and unusual, but also their strength. Six types of knot weaving are now known..

The word “macrame” itself is of Arab origin, which means fringe, therefore, all products from ropes and threads were called just that.

See also: weaving bracelets from shoelaces.

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