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Account owners in the Instagram social network of images expect their posts to be viewed and the number of followers to grow. But it’s difficult for a young profile to immediately gain a lot of likes and reposts if there is no one in friends. To do this, there are ways to win subscribers on Instagram, paid and free.

How does the application for cheating subscribers on Instagram work?

Instagram Followers

The reasons for cheating subscribers may be different, but, as a rule, a person tries to find a way to do this as quickly as possible. Third-party developers came up with special scripts that simplify this process. The administration of the service does not welcome such methods and may block the profile if the number of followers grows too quickly.

Many Instagram followers already use scripts that are not so difficult to find even in official app stores like GooglePlay, Appstore. The most popular options for such programs:

  • “Get followers for Instagram”;
  • “Followers for Instagram”;
  • “More followers on Instagram”;
  • “5000 Pro Subscribers”.

You can download any of them, the principle of action is similar and its main goal is to increase the number of followers. Using them is very simple, the following is an example on the example of “Get followers for Instagram”:

  1. Install the application, log in to it.
  2. Wait until the program analyzes the account according to the following parameters: the most popular photos, who likes more often, who don’t give them at all, how many reciprocal subscriptions, the number of followers.
  3. To order new followers you need to buy virtual coins.
  4. If you don’t want to spend money, you can subscribe to other users of this application and receive currency for it.
  5. After accumulating the required number of coins, click on the “get subscribers” button – and they will begin to be added to your page.

There are sites that have the same functionality. You can use them online from a computer, they guarantee the promotion of your profile, an increase in the number of followers, but the quality of such users leaves much to be desired. As a rule, bots come to you that will be blocked or unsubscribe from you in a few days.

How to cheat Instagram subscribers for free

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If you do not want to pay or follow everyone in a row, there is an option how to wind users on Instagram by other methods. You will need to spend more time filling out your profile, visiting communities on social networks for a PR account. If your Instagram is empty or boring, then the participants will simply begin to unsubscribe. It is important that PR is aimed not only at increasing the number of users, but also at their retention. So you will get great popularity in the service, real, living people, not bots, will come to you.

Through communities

This section will describe how to win subscribers on Instagram through active use of the community. The principle is that you need to “shine” more, which is very similar to real life. To get new subscribers:

  1. Put more likes to other users, they will notice it and can put a heart in your answer and even subscribe.
  2. Comment on interesting photos, well, if you will be the first. People usually read the first 5-15 comments. If you’ve reached this number, then they’ll probably go to your page. In the presence of high-quality content follow.
  3. Always respond to users who contacted you in a message – this will prove that you are not a bot, but a living person.

Through friends

This is a way to free Instagram followers for free without additional investment. Instagram offers to link your profile with pages from other social networks. If you do this, you will have recommended accounts appearing at the beginning of the feed every day, based on your friends list on VKontakte, Facebook. It is possible that a person wants to subscribe to you, in addition, all these people will be somehow connected with you. This method of winding, one can say, is approved by the service itself and is implemented through built-in functionality.

Buying likes on the Internet

How to cheat on Instagram with hashtags

You can use the option of how to cheat followers on Instagram using a feature of social networks called “hashtag”. If you add a “#” sign to any word without a space, then by clicking on it, records will be displayed by coincidence. This is an easy way to find or attract people with similar interests. There is a special service that selects the most popular hashtags by which you can get the maximum response, for example

For promotion, people came up with special versions of these records, which indicate a desire to get followers and consent to become a follower in response. The only problem is that your tape will turn into a mess from the posts of strangers to you who may not be of interest to you, but this is the price of getting free followers. Examples of such hashtags:

  • #follow;
  • #followme;
  • # follow4follow;
  • #followforfollow;
  • #followback.

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