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If each applicant knew that he had only 3 minutes to “hook” the employer, then the resume would be made more efficiently, responsibly and concisely. Self-presentation should look so that the personnel officer wants to meet with you and discuss the prospects for further cooperation.

What is a resume

Many candidates underestimate these sheets describing career life, but in vain, because the employer, not seeing you, can evaluate by your skills whether you are suitable for a particular vacancy. Summary – this document is, therefore, it should be drawn up carefully, meticulously, and also include a number of mandatory points. An experienced recruiter will determine a useful document in 2 minutes. How to write a resume so that you do not get on the list of outsiders, but win the competition for the main prize – face-to-face interview?

CV Rules

Begin work with a document with a name, purpose, contact information, age and marital status. Refine your key qualities, skills, work experience, education, achievements. How to write a resume correctly, your intuition will not tell you – you need to follow certain business rules, the knowledge of which will also be evaluated by the human resources department or the head of the company.

Points and Summary

What a resume should look like

Visually, this document should look concisely, strictly, in a businesslike way. Try not to experiment with fonts, text color, background, highlights (underscores, bold letters, italics). The volume of self-presentation should not exceed 2 pages, ideally, a recruiter should have 1 sheet on the table.

Create a properly designed resume for a job

What to write about yourself

Visual perception of the document often stimulates the decision to call for an interview. You need to structure information correctly. How to write a resume and correctly fill out each of the blocks to make a favorable impression:

  1. Surname, Name, Patronymic, Date of birth – according to the passport. Avoid nicknames, abbreviations, false information.
  2. purpose for you – the job title “…”.
  3. “Contact” includes current personal phone number, active email and address (if necessary).
  4. Family status must be indicated upon. There are 3 possible options that you need to write in your resume: married, single, common-law marriage.
  5. Education – in chronological or functional order. Seminars and “circles” that are insignificant for this vacancy should preferably not be taken into account so as not to visually overload the document and not waste the time of a staff recruiting specialist. Settle on the main profession required in the vacancy.
  6. experience It is indicated in the order that will be of interest to a particular employer. If you have been working as a chief accountant for 3 years, after which you got a job as a sales manager, and now you decided to return to the financial sector, then more important experience will be located at the top. How to create a resume that is not overloaded with “extra” companies? The employer is interested in work experience over the past 10 years, the maximum length of service in one company, and the last place of employment. In this paragraph, the following data should be concisely indicated: time range, name of organization, position.
  7. Progress include functional information: “developed”, “trained”, “mastered”, “supervised (number of people)”, “saved”, “developed”. So the recruiter will evaluate your potential usefulness, so it is important that he can quickly find your key skills in the document canvas.

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The field of activity in the resume – what to write

The “Additional Information” block is a section of your skills. Describe language skills, computer skills, an additional level of knowledge in any field, personal qualities. What to write about yourself in a resume to stand out among thousands of faceless self-presentations? The form of a perfectly designed document form never dazzles with information about the hobby of the applicant, if it is not a complement to his professional skills. Think about how to present yourself correctly and interest the employer in your person.

How to write a resume to a student

Immediately after graduation, your work experience is diverse, and an adequate employer understands this. How to correctly compose a resume so that it turns out to be short, but informative? Students and graduates often omit the “Work experience” block, compensating for the “gap” with the widespread information in the “Education” part. The knowledge acquired at conferences, international seminars, courses is much more important for organization than a month of part-time work as a waiter in a cafe. You can also list your awards and distinctions and indicate the topic of the diploma..

How to fill out a resume if you write such a document for the first time? The easiest way is to use a template from job search sites, but then you are unlikely to qualify for individuality. A competent way out of the situation is to study the rules, find out more information on how to create the right resume, and follow it. If you are preparing a self-presentation for sending to a branch of a large company, and the key skill of the job seeker is linguistic knowledge, it is better to print and execute the document in 2 copies – in Russian and a foreign language.

Create a properly designed resume for a job

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Sample a good job resume

Your checklist when creating a document will look like this:

  • concise presentation;
  • severity of design;
  • lack of frills in the form of a bright background, patterns, underlines;
  • the presence of all the necessary blocks;
  • competent, concise and informative presentation of the material.

For clarity, an example of a successful resume:

Sidorov Petr Valerevich

The purpose of the summary: an accountant position

Date of birth: July 6, 1985.

Phone: +7 (…) – …-..-..

Marital status: single


RSSU, 1992-1997.

Specialty: foreign regional studies (specialist)

MSUPP, 2004-2009.

Specialty: accounting, analysis and audit (specialist)

UMC of accountants and auditors, 2015-2016.

Further training – seminar “New VAT taxation”


  • February 2003 – December 2016, Prosenval OJSC
  • Position: Accountant
  • August 1997 – January 2003, OJSC “Highway”
  • Position: regional specialist


At Prosenval OJSC, it has optimized the tax base, due to which the company’s expenses decreased by 13%.

Additional Information:

Foreign languages: English (fluent)

Computer knowledge: confident user, knowledge of the Office, 1C Accounting, Dolibarr

Personal qualities: punctuality, self-discipline, ability to analyze, mathematical mindset.


Head of Finance Department, Prosenval OJSC

Avdotiev Konstantin Georgievich, tel. +7 (…) …-..-..

Ready to start work 01.02.2017,

Desired salary: from 40 000 rubles

Create a properly designed resume for a job

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