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Any employee can receive a letter of appreciation from the organization, such gratitude is expressed in case of good work. This is a business document containing words of gratitude, and the reason can be different: high-quality service, well-done work, successful cooperation, assistance or assistance. A non-profit business letter is addressed to one person or the whole team.

What is a thank you note

A letter of thanks can be received by an individual person personally or by any team. This emphasizes the importance of people, their merits. Such a letter may be a response to a congratulation or invitation. A letter of gratitude meets all the requirements of a business style, it has the main parts: the document heading, the appeal, the main text, the paper is accompanied by the signature of the head, a seal is put. The letter is written on the letterhead of the company, has a clear form, is one of the types of business communication between people.

Framed letterhead


A letter of appreciation is considered a business document, but some deviations from the rules are allowed here. The cap is indicated if necessary, it is an optional element. It provides information about the person (or people) to whom gratitude is expressed. The following is an appeal. Then the words of gratitude, which consist of template phrases, are placed. And at the bottom left, a signature should be put with the main data expressing gratitude: full name, job title are indicated. All this is often executed on letterhead on behalf of the head.

Samples of thank you notes can be downloaded from the Internet:

  • for cooperation;
  • employee
  • Organization
  • to the teacher;
  • to the doctor;
  • the student;
  • for help;
  • for charity;
  • thanks to parents, veterans, volunteers, etc..

Sample spelling may be as follows:

  • Option 1:
    • The company (name) gives heartfelt expressions of gratitude and sincere gratitude to the company (name) and company managers for the high-quality and timely delivery of furniture (other goods).
    • We express confidence in maintaining the existing friendly relations, we want to express hope for further mutually beneficial, fruitful cooperation.
    • Position, signature, full name.
  • Option 2:
    • Dear (name, patronymic)!
    • We express our gratitude to you for your many years of work, you make a huge contribution to the development and prosperity of the company!
    • On the day of your 50th anniversary we wish you inexhaustible creative energy, accomplishment of all endeavors, further successes, good health, joy, happiness!
    • Sincerely, (position) signature, full name

Sample thank you note

For which they express gratitude in the letter

Making a thank-you message is done for the job well done, the help and support provided. If people financially sponsored or were suppliers of equipment, furniture, other necessary things, they can be sent e-mails of gratitude to them for their help, expressing deep appreciation in kind words that will cheer up the addressee, encourage new good deeds.

For conscientious work

Some people devote their work for many years, they put all their efforts, work in good faith. They thank the employee of the organization with such a letter, it must indicate the name and patronymic of the person, how much he worked in the organization, what merits were during this time. Make a text that will mention the personal and professional qualities of the person, the projects on which the person worked. The purpose of the gratitude message is to make a person pleasant, to raise his strength to a new level, so it is important to write.

Sample letter in which the employee is thanked:

  1. Dear (name, patronymic)!
  2. We express our gratitude, sincere appreciation for the fact that you have been working with us for 15 years, make a huge contribution to the development of the company!
  3. On the day of your anniversary, we wish you inexhaustible creative energy, success, good health, happiness, creative achievements, material wealth!
  4. Title of title, signature, full name.

Thanks for the work

The direct manager must compose a thank you note and then sign it. In the text they write an appeal to both one person and the whole team of the company. It is expressed if the project was completed on time or even earlier. If the team worked harmoniously and successfully, after which the company made a big profit, then the letter will also be in good shape. Sample structure:

  • Dear (name, patronymic or team such and such)!
  • Taking this opportunity, I would like to thank the employees of the company (name) for the provided service, high quality of work, promptness and timely assistance in resolving pressing issues.
  • I hope for further long-term, fruitful cooperation..
  • Regards, (last name, first name).

For the assistance provided

The expression of gratitude in business letters often follows how any assistance to the company or to a particular person was provided by another organization or individual. Help is expressed in moral support, the organization of an event. Often, help comes in the form of sponsorship of a company or person in his new project.

Sample thank you note:

  • Dear (io)!
  • The administration [name] expresses gratitude for the sponsorship provided in organizing the anniversary of the university. Performances of musicians were at the highest level, and the light performance is unusually beautiful! We express special gratitude to you because the successful implementation of this project would not have been possible without your participation..
  • We wish you and the whole team (company name) health, interesting ideas, their successful incarnations, good customers, and increased professionalism.
  • Sincerely, (first name, surname).

Thanks for the cooperation

This type of letter is very common, it is sent to people both within the company itself and to various business partners, and may be given at an official presentation. Sample structure:

  • Dear (name, patronymic)!
  • We greatly appreciate the collaboration with your company. We are well aware that we owe our success, first of all, to the companies offering our services, to successful cooperation with you. We wish you and your company success and prosperity!
  • Regards (name, surname of the head).

Letter of thanks for cooperation

For sponsorship

Very often, companies express their gratitude to their sponsors for their help, support, writing a letter at the same time like all the previous options:

  • Dear (name, patronymic)!
  • The administration [name of institution] expresses gratitude for the sponsorship provided in organizing the regional contest of children’s creativity. Successful implementation of this socially significant project would not be feasible without your participation..
  • We wish you health, interesting ideas and their successful incarnations, further prosperity of the company.
  • Sincerely, (first name, surname).

Rules for writing a thank you note

A letter of appreciation is an official style document, therefore, it has inherent clear standards, filling rules:

  1. The cap is located in the upper right, but options are allowed without it..
  2. There must be an appeal to either one person or a group of persons.
  3. The main part consists of template, standard phrases that are based on compliments and kind words.
  4. At the end of the letter must necessarily be the signature of the person who composed this paper. At the same time, the name and surname are indicated, there may be a mention of the position, a personal signature is put.


This is a mandatory element that is present in any official paper. Since a letter of gratitude is a document, there is always an appeal, often accompanied by the word “respected”. The person is called by name and patronymic, rarely a surname can be added. If gratitude is sent to the whole team, then write “dear colleagues (name of organization)”.

Bank details

Details can be presented in a letter to a minimum: only the name of the organization, the position of the person who draws up the document. But there is an option when the details are indicated in great detail:

  • name of company;
  • thank you post;
  • organization address;
  • phone number, fax number of the organization;
  • TIN / KPP, other important details;
  • the date;
  • thank you number.

Compiler Information

This paragraph of the letter does not take up much space. At the end, simply indicates the position of the person expressing gratitude, and his name. There may be a signature. In some cases, they write in full: the name of the organization, the position that the grateful takes, his full name and an abbreviated signature. If a letter is intended for parents, then an indication of the position is not necessary, just a name is enough.

Letter of thanks

How to write thanks correctly? Due to the fact that written gratitude is an official document, its content is always template. It necessarily includes standard gratitude phrases. The personal qualities of the people to whom this letter is sent are emphasized. Standard phrases are perceived as mandatory, but people are still pleased to receive such paper.

How to express gratitude

You can thank a person using simple but effective phrases. At the same time, you should not wait for a more convenient case, it is better to do it at any given opportunity:

  1. Let me thank you for…
  2. Our company wants to express sincere gratitude for…
  3. Thank you for the anniversary of the company….
  4. I want to thank you for…
  5. Thank you very much for…

Rules for issuing a thank you note

Avoiding template phrases

It is clear that a letter of appreciation is an official paper, which consists of generally accepted phrases, turns of speech, but you can try to avoid template expressions or slightly reduce their number. It is not worth speaking in general terms, it is better to concretize this case: mention real people, their merits, deeds, professional qualities, etc. The letter does not indicate the mistakes of colleagues, the shortcomings of their work, they try to emphasize only the positive aspects. It is better to use more sincere words, phrases “from yourself”.

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