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Some people are much more comfortable working at home than going to the office every day. Writing articles to order – remote work via the Internet, which involves the creation of texts for websites, online stores (description of goods) and forums. Authors who can write literate texts can make good money, especially if there are regular customers.

Earnings on writing articles

Promotion of sites on the Internet occurs according to certain rules. Search engines index (read) the text content of the site and on it give out a resource in the list at the user’s request. An important rule for successful promotion is that the resource must be filled with unique content. Here, the owners of their own sites and need the services of a copywriter.

Writing articles for sites for money is well suited to people who, for one reason or another, are forced to, or even stay at home. Freelancers themselves determine the amount of work, schedule and their earnings. The cost of the article depends on the level of complexity of the subject and volume. As a rule, customers pay a certain amount for 1000 characters without spaces. On the network you can find a variety of offers for writing articles:

  • beginners are offered from 15 rubles per 1000 characters;
  • experienced copywriters can apply for an amount of 50 rubles per 1000;
  • for comments and reviews, 5-10 rubles each.

Where can I write articles for money

All novice authors face one problem – where to sell their work or where to find copywriting jobs. Writing articles for money is a popular service, but the competition in this area is high. Mandatory literacy, a big plus will be an understanding of the basics of SEO (search engine promotion). In TK, a novice will encounter such concepts: keywords, anchors, sections H1, H2 and H3, exact or diluted occurrences, classic and academic nausea.

Many customers ask to show a portfolio of your publications. If there are none, then they will not be able to assess the level of ability. There are several basic ways to make money for freelancers:

  • Register on the copywriting exchange, where you can take technical specifications (TK). In the future, it will be possible to exhibit your finished articles there and earn money on them..
  • Find the owner of the site who needs to complete the filling of the Internet resource. This will be a large amount of work, but at some point it will end and you will need to look for a new employer.
  • Some online magazines buy ready-made articles, but there are fewer of these and they pay very modestly.

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The most popular option among novice copywriters, where you can write articles for money on the Internet. The sites are an intermediary. In the catalog, customers offer TK with a certain payment, and authors can take orders for work and receive additional earnings. The contractor is required to fulfill all the terms of reference. The presence of errors, violation of deadlines, low uniqueness – all this will become a reason for downgrading and refusing to pay.

Reviews and comments

This new type of earnings on the Internet appeared due to the fact that search engines began to take into account the activity of users on the site. The presence of discussions on informational articles or reviews along with the product greatly increases the likelihood of getting to the top of the list. This was the reason for the appearance of orders for writing or posting comments and reviews for money.

The task may consist in simply copying ready-made text to certain sites or writing from scratch. The more difficult the task is, the more money you can get for it. The average cost of one comment is 5-7 rubles. Orders can be selected at the following sites:

  • Advego

How to write articles on the Internet for money

To receive money for writing articles on order, you must be able to complete tasks for these requirements. This is not just a text in which you express your thoughts in a free form, this is not a school essay where you will be paid for beauty. As a rule, they require the entry of specific key phrases (these are the words that people write in the search bar when searching), the presence of a convenient structure for reading. Before delivery, you must perform a uniqueness check. Uniqueness is a parameter defined by a special program..

Articles on the Internet are repeated and it is difficult for a search engine to determine which one to put on the first line and which on the tenth. Therefore, it simply leaves the texts that were published later, below. To break up, the site needs materials that do not have copies on the network. This is an indicator of uniqueness. There is still a division into certain types and styles of writing:

  1. Rewrite. This type can be compared with the presentation in school. You read the source on the topic, and then rewrite everything in your own words with the same meaning. Cost is higher than for positive feedback, but lower than for copyright.
  2. Copyright. This is an author’s text, which is based on personal experience, conclusions and research. As a rule, a professional copywriter who has knowledge in a specific field can write it. You can compare copyright with publications in scientific journals.
  3. Transfer. With a good command of a foreign language, you can take a job to translate foreign articles with a good indicator of uniqueness.
  4. Selling text. A special kind that has an advertising idea, but does not promote goods aggressively. The article describes the benefits that motivates a person to buy.
  5. Comments and feedback on order. It implies composing a short note on the topic. It can be either positive or negative..

Remote work for money

Writing articles for sites

One of the main tasks of a freelancer who writes texts to order is to search for customers. There are a lot of authors, so you need to find an employer yourself. You can take orders on content exchanges, but it will be extremely difficult to get good income from them. The best option is to work for one regular customer, who will provide the copywriter with constant volumes of work.

There are special sites that recruit experienced writers and give them orders every day. This provides high quality texts and good earnings for competent copywriters. Examples of such sites are:

  • Bytext
  • Miratext.

This is an example of a quality platform that is recruiting professional copywriters. First you need to register and write to the administrator. You will be given a test task, files with rules for writing texts to order, which the site presents. It will be difficult for beginners to cope, but with experience in this area, problems should not arise.

The standard requirements are presented for the article: no errors, competent presentation of thoughts, a high indicator of uniqueness, the use of all the necessary thematic words. The author submits a task through his personal account and Bytext editors check it. If everything is fine with the article, then you are immediately paid money for it and you have the opportunity to order the next TK. You yourself determine in your profile which topics are close to you and indicate the required number of characters.


  • lack of competition;
  • the rate starts at 50 rubles per 1000 characters and continues to grow over time;
  • in the future there is the opportunity to become an editor on an ongoing basis with a fixed high salary.


  • high quality requirements for articles.

Sites for writing articles for money

It is difficult for beginners to find orders for writing texts, so it is better to start from special sites. Content exchanges mediate between the contractor and the employer. The latter leave their assignments there and assign a price comfortable for them. The authors are looking for a suitable work in the catalog and undertake its implementation. For successful orders, the copywriter gets a rating and, the higher it is, the more willing it will be to contact the site owners. Over time, it becomes possible to put ready-made articles on the site for money.


An old and popular site with a lot of registered users. Registration is free on the Etxt exchange, authors can apply for TK, and employers will decide who will write an article for them to order. Only cheap orders are available for newcomers, for which they will receive a rating. Over time, it will be possible to put your own texts for sale. High reputation also opens access to expensive orders..


  • large customer base;
  • convenient catalog search orders.


  • high competition;
  • interest for withdrawing money from the system;
  • low pay.

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Another giant in the vast unique content. The site has a good reputation, a large number of authors and customers are registered in the system. Many people know this resource thanks to the Advego Plagiatus uniqueness verification program, which works directly from your computer. Settlement inside the site is carried out in dollars, withdrawal to the currency web wallet. For the rest, the principle of operation completely repeats the Etxt exchange.


  • many users, there are always orders;
  • at a certain reputation, you can put your articles for money in the catalog;
  • there is a forum where beginners can get help from experienced authors.


  • big competition;
  • minimum prices for 100 characters on the Internet;
  • withdrawal of funds from only $ 5 within 3-5 days.

This is a newer service that provides a convenient tool for checking the uniqueness of online and also has a catalog with articles and assignments. Website owners can buy ready-made materials for their resources, and the authors can find a permanent employer or just extra income. Fulfillment of orders will be available immediately after registration on Before submitting, the article must be checked by the editors and returned.


  • convenient directory for job search;
  • competitive payment of tasks;
  • convenient tool for checking uniqueness.


  • high competition;
  • a percentage is withdrawn from you for the withdrawal of funds;
  • difficult to score.


To work on this exchange, the author must first write a test task. This helps to weed out completely illiterate and inexperienced copywriters. So the administration of the Copilancer achieves a good quality of articles. On the site they offer TK with a payment of 30 to 7 rubles for 1 thousand characters, but when withdrawing, the system withholds 20% of the commission from you. The exchange has a rating system for authors, so that customers can see who has the necessary experience in writing custom articles.


  • good pay for 1000 characters;
  • low competition.


  • high demands on the quality of texts;
  • big commission when withdrawing money.

Girl prints an article


Popular exchange, the basic requirements for texts coincide with other platforms (uniqueness, literacy). Payment for 100 characters for beginners is low, but when you receive a rating (1 star), you can put your own articles for sale for money. Some authors take months to get a reputation. To avoid this, you can apply for a paid subscription..


  • many orders from site owners;
  • a large number of registered users.


  • it is difficult to gain a rating; to get stars they require very high quality articles;
  • for exhibiting finished work you need to buy a paid subscription.
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