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Winter holidays always require careful preparation from people. It is very important to decide in what color to meet the year 2018 of the dog, because the shade and style of your outfit determines how favorable the symbol of the eastern calendar will be to you. Properly selected clothing will help you attract love, wealth, luck, family happiness, health and just give a festive mood, positive emotions. Find out which colors are suitable for New Year’s Eve 2018.

What will the year of the yellow earthen dog bring

The sign is considered very powerful. This means that in the coming 2018, which will be held under the auspices of the yellow earthen dog, people will be able to see solutions for those situations that previously seemed hopeless. Experts believe that this period is ideal in order to establish your life, to direct it in a favorable direction. The yellow earthen dog will help everyone as much as possible if it is properly met.

The main features of the symbol of 2018

Each sign of the eastern calendar, elements and colors is characterized by its own characteristics, one way or another affecting the life of every person. The yellow earthen dog is a symbol of constancy, wisdom. The main features of such a patron:

  1. A dog is loyalty and devotion to people, to their word. These traits are common to all born in her year..
  2. Dogs are very sociable, perfectly able to plan finances. Among people born under this sign, there are many successful businessmen..
  3. For a dog, family is very important. The marriage concluded in her year will be happy, and the life of a new family – rich.

What color to celebrate the new year

People are used to giving each shade a property. The favorites of 2018 are yellow (the color of the sun) and brown, it is preferable to meet him in them. They are associated with warmth, joy, well-being, fertility. Lilac color brings material success. By choosing an outfit in blue, you can attract fast career growth. Orange contributes to academic excellence. White is a symbol of changes in life, overcoming difficulties. Find out how to celebrate the new year, what colors will help to achieve the sympathy of the hostess.

The company of young people celebrates the New Year

Soft muted shades of yellow and brown

The symbol of 2018 will like natural shades that cause associations with nature. Yellow is the color of the new year, as are its shades. You can meet the holiday in a dress or suit of orange, brown, lemon, coffee, chocolate, mustard flowers. The effect will increase if you use a combination of several shades at once. It is preferable to complement the outfit with calm accessories, laconic classic jewelry.

Romantic pastel shades

The patroness of 2018 will accept such colors favorably, because she likes modesty and restraint. So that the New Year’s image was not too boring, you can add it with a couple of bright accessories. Suitable pastel colors for the new year:

  • ecru;
  • cappuccino;
  • powdery;
  • pale lilac;
  • peach;
  • sky blue;
  • cream;
  • light pink;
  • vanilla;
  • light coral;
  • mint.

Fine wine tones

Such colors are now very popular and to celebrate the new 2018 year in them will be very appropriate. Clothing in wine tones will help create the right mood. Things in the color of Bordeaux, Marsala, champagne will do. It is preferable that they are sewn from velvet, chiffon, and other noble fabrics. Brandy color is also very relevant. Exquisite outfits of these shades will look beautiful with graceful, barely noticeable decorations..

Noble shine of metallic shades

Outfits in this gamut are the choice of courageous, self-confident women who are not afraid to attract all the attention of those around them. Any metallic shades are suitable: silver, golden, bronze. Dresses in these tones from unusual fabrics look very beautiful: silk, lace, satin. Both the material from which the shiny outfit is sewn and the sequins or other decorative elements with which it is decorated can have metallic shine..

Classic colors with elegant accents on toilet details

Fans of traditional colors can safely think of a festive wardrobe with their presence. Suitable black and white things, blue, green, purple. If the clothes are dark, then the image should be supplemented with a bright detail, for example, a shawl, a leather handbag, a belt. The most appropriate jewelry will be made of gold and other precious metals, but jewelry should be abandoned.

Girl in Santa Claus hat

What to celebrate the New Year with zodiac signs

The individual character of the date of your birth should also be considered when choosing an outfit for the holiday. The personal sign of the zodiac according to the horoscope will help strengthen the beneficial effects of the dog. Having met the new year 2018 in a dress of one color or another, you will help to attract certain benefits into your life. Of great importance here is what element corresponds to your zodiac sign. Each has its own unique, special detail..

Representatives of the signs of the Earth

By Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn, the dog is most favorable, because they represent one element. If people born under this sign choose the right outfit, then luck will accompany them all year and all dreams will come true. It is recommended to wear things in beige, golden, chocolate colors, brown tones. Yellow is suitable – the color of 2018. You can use others that are close to earth: graphite, terracotta, gray.

In the above shades, smooth glossy fabrics, for example, satin, silk, knitwear, will look beautiful. Women of earth signs should prefer A-line dresses or cases. They are restrained but elegant. Recommendations for each character:

  1. Virgo. Representatives of this sign need to choose such things that would emphasize femininity and romance. You can celebrate the New Year in a gentle flowing dress in a sand-colored floor.
  2. Taurus. Those born under this zodiac sign need to carefully consider the choice of accessories. Massive gold earrings will do. Such an ornament will attract wealth.
  3. Capricorn. Representatives of this sign must take a memorable clutch or handbag with them. This accessory should attract attention..

Fire zodiac signs

Lions, Sagittarius and Aries, who are accustomed to dress brightly, on New Year’s Eve 2018 it is better to move away from this. These signs fit pink and burgundy colors. It is better to refuse hard corsets, endless loops, a deep neckline and elaborate accessories. If you want to stand out, choose a dress with bare shoulders and complement it with a scarf. Tips for each fire sign:

  1. Aries. An ideal option for this sign is a long coral-colored dress made of natural silk. Take care of the jewelry. Complete the look with long earrings, a ring with a large stone.
  2. A lion. Representatives of this sign will suit such an accessory as a small diadem. This element will make you feel like a queen..
  3. Sagittarius. The image of people with such a zodiac sign should be spectacular. An original hat will help to make it like that. This unusual accessory is sure to attract attention..

Fashionable palette for representatives of the water element

We are talking about such zodiac signs as Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer. Astrologers recommend their representatives to celebrate the new 2018 year in clothes of sand and lilac shades. They will help to attract wealth and wealth, accompany love successes, positively affect the state of health. These are the areas of life that are priority for representatives of the water element.

Scorpions, Pisces and Cancers do not have to choose plain things; they can be made of contrasting fabrics. Drawings and prints, for example, geometric and oriental motifs, are welcome. Women of these signs are recommended to pay attention to dresses made of lace, silk, chiffon, organza. Men are better off dressing in a classic style, choosing trousers with a jacket and a shirt. Representatives of both sexes should not forget about gold and amber jewelry. Recommendations for each water zodiac sign:

  1. Crayfish. If this is your sign, take a carnival mask with sparkles, rhinestones or flowers to the party with you. This accessory promises success in love affairs..
  2. Scorpio. Women representing this sign need to wear stilettos.
  3. Fishes. If you were born under this zodiac sign, wear a dress or tropical print blouse.

Dog in Santa Claus hat

Signs of the air element

Aquarius, Libra and Gemini for the new year 2018 are recommended to dress in blue or green colors. Prints with tropical and floral motifs will be appropriate. Such images will symbolize the fact that dogs love to spend time in the fresh air. Specific recommendations for each character:

  1. Twins. To emphasize individuality, it is recommended that representatives of this zodiac sign wear pair bracelets of gold or other yellow metal. This accessory is a symbol of openness. Thanks to him, the Universe will provide Gemini with many new acquaintances.
  2. Aquarius. This sign needs an exquisite detail. A great option is lace gloves. They can be complemented by almost any dress or costume..
  3. Libra. If you were born under this sign, wear a dress or blouse with Lurex or sequins for the New Year.

In what style to celebrate the new year 2018

The success of the holiday image depends not only on color, but also on the type of costume and accessories. You can combine different types of clothes and complement them with decorations, but you need to remember that the dog is a symbol of restraint. Give preference to calm and elegant images. Do not use items associated with cats, such as leopard prints. If you want to respect the dog’s hunting instinct, you can choose khaki.

New Year’s clothes

The style of the outfit is not as important as the color, but it also matters. It is preferable to choose modest rather than outrageous dresses, because the dog is an unpretentious animal. From fabrics it is better to choose natural and light: silk, organza, lace, chiffon, taffeta. The outfit should be elegant and comfortable, without provocative details, for example, a deep neckline, a high cut on the skirt, with comfortable shoes. The presence of a large number of rhinestones, sequins, sequins is not welcome.

Overly short skirts and tight dresses are not an option for the New Year’s celebration, because the dog does not tolerate vulgarity. It is wiser to choose outfits that will cover your knees or rise slightly above them. A-line dresses, a case and other options of a classic laconic cut are suitable. Whatever outfit you choose, it should emphasize the merits of your figure and distract attention from the flaws.

Accessories & Jewelry

Without these elements, the festive image will not be complete. Gold and platinum jewelry will be most appropriate, because the colors of 2018 are yellow and brown. Accessories with amber, for example, a brooch or beads, will do. The amount of jewelry should be moderate, do not wear everything that can be found in the box. Let there be any one accent – a choker, a belt, an original clutch, large amber earrings.

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