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If a general blood test during pregnancy has revealed that there is an increased indicator of cholesterol, you should pay attention to this. This substance is a natural fat that is produced by the human body. Only the 5th part comes to people with food. When cholesterol is elevated in a pregnant woman, you should go to the doctor.

What causes cholesterol during pregnancy

Pregnant woman at the doctor's appointment

There are specific reasons that can provoke high cholesterol during pregnancy. This will talk about a specific kind of disease, indicating the presence of more serious disorders in the body of a woman, which can lead to bad consequences if not treated. Can provoke the production of high cholesterol:

  • kidney disease
  • metabolic disease;
  • liver disease
  • hypertension;
  • diabetes.

If in the anamnesis of a future mother some serious diseases are recorded, the level of cholesterol is constantly monitored in the early stages and in the later stages. To do this, you need to regularly take tests during pregnancy for all 9 months. The growth of cholesterol can be triggered by foods that, with excessive consumption, affect its level. This requires you to eat right..

How to lower blood cholesterol

It should be understood that cholesterol is important for human health. It is involved in the synthesis of vitamin D, some hormones, plays an important role in the formation of strong immunity, and participates in the work of the nervous system. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce only if the total cholesterol is significantly increased. Excessive decrease during pregnancy can lead to premature birth. Before any action in this area, you should consult a doctor, take tests: venous blood for biochemistry.

Blood cholesterol plaques

For those who need to maintain normal cholesterol, its reduction occurs if you eat right and adhere to the following recommendations:

  1. Add fish with a lot of omega-3 acids to the diet.
  2. Use vegetable fats instead of animals.
  3. Reduce the amount of sweet, sugar, animal fats.
  4. Add maximum fruits, vegetables containing fiber and antioxidants to your diet..
  5. Watch portions during pregnancy, do not overeat.
  6. Refuse red meat in favor of white.

Folk remedies

To reduce high cholesterol during pregnancy, you can resort to recipes of alternative medicine. They will help if the level is exceeded less than 2 times. Otherwise, you need to urgently consult a doctor for prescribing medication. For example, against high cholesterol, such agents will help:

  1. Onions and honey. You need to take onions, squeeze its juice. Preheat honey in a water bath. Mix the ingredients in equal proportions. Take a remedy against high cholesterol during pregnancy by teaspoon 3 times a day.
  2. Red clover. On the basis of plants to reduce high cholesterol during pregnancy, you need to make a tincture. Pour 500 ml of alcohol into 1 cup of clover. Leave for 2 weeks in a dark place, periodically shake the tincture. To reduce cholesterol, take a tablespoon for 2 months 2 times a day.
  3. Tincture on garlic. Take 150 g of alcohol and peeled cloves. Finely chop the garlic and place in a jar of alcohol, close tightly, leave for 14 days in a dark place. After 2 weeks, strain the tincture, leave for 3 days. By the end of cooking, a precipitate forms at the bottom, which must be carefully separated from the rest of the tincture. You need to take it 3 times a day. Start with 1 drop and add one more every next trick.

Pregnant woman


In the event that the decoding of the tests after the study showed a significant excess of the norm of cholesterol in the blood, drug treatment should be started. As a rule, statins are prescribed drugs that effectively fight low-density (harmful) cholesterol. However, they all have contraindications for use during lactation and pregnancy. Therefore, Hofitol can be used from drugs. The dosage can be up to 3 tablets per day. It is better to see a doctor for an appointment.

Using a diet for high cholesterol

The main point in treatment, if the result of the analysis shows a high level of cholesterol is a diet. Be sure to reduce the calorie content of food, which provokes an increase in the level. It is important that the body during pregnancy receives more fiber along with foods. It is necessary to balance the daily intake of sweets, to increase the consumption of greens, fruits and vegetables. The following is a table of prohibited and permitted foods for high cholesterol during pregnancy.

Cholesterol Reduction Products


It is impossible

Meat. Baked or boiled chicken, lamb, and skinless fish.

Fatty meat, caviar, liver, lard, fatty fish.

Fresh berries, fruits.

Strong tea, coffee, hot chocolate, cocoa.

Croup. Oatmeal, wheat, buckwheat on the water.

Salted fish, smoked, spicy foods.

Coarse Wheat Flour Products.

Cakes, sweet pastries.

Fat-free or 1.5% dairy, dairy products.

Milk decoy.

The eggs. Up to 4 per day (protein without restrictions).

Sorrel, spinach.

Tea. Better green, herbal.

Soft Wheat Bakery Products.


Radish, radish.


Dried Sugar Fruits.

Dry red wine.

Sample menu

Cholesterol Reduction Products

  1. Breakfast. Tea without sugar, fruits, buckwheat porridge on the water – 150 g.
  2. The first snack. Freshly squeezed juice – 200 ml, salad of cucumbers, tomatoes – 250 g.
  3. Dinner. Steamed chicken cutlets – 150 g, vegetable olive oil soup – 300 ml, grilled vegetables – 150 g, orange juice – 200 ml.
  4. The second snack. Apple juice – 200 ml, oatmeal on water – 120 g.
  5. Dinner. Steamed vegetables – 150 g, grilled fish (low-fat) – 200 g, bran bread, tea without sugar.

Norm of cholesterol during pregnancy

After a blood test, the doctor will make a complete decryption, but many want to know what normal cholesterol should be. For each woman, at the time of bearing the child, a normal level is determined, but the average recognized indicator is 6.94 mmol / l. It is worth worrying if the girl is above 11-12 mmol / l. The best way would be to consult a personal doctor, follow a diet and undergo necessary therapy.

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