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Constant changes in legislation lead to the fact that pensioners are poorly versed in the accrual of due payments, not knowing the calculation algorithm. In order to navigate in subsidies, you need to have a common understanding of what insurance pensions are in the Russian Federation, to understand the types, method of formation, and indexation applied. The apparent complexity in the future is offset by a confident knowledge of rights. The insurance pension in 2018 depends on the length of service, it is assigned by old age, disability, and the total amount includes fixed surcharges.

What is an insurance pension?

Reform of pension benefits in the Russian Federation began 15 years ago, in 2002. It was found that the previous system of payments is canceled and pension subsidies issued to citizens consist of two parts – insurance and funded. Cumulative assumed monthly contributions by a citizen to form a substantial amount when reaching a specified age, which can be disposed of. Since 2014, this portion of deductions has been frozen.

The main factor determining the future size of deductions was insurance compensation. The name says that this is a kind of insurance awarded to a citizen in case of loss of legal capacity, compensating for previous earnings. The amount of the old-age insurance pension depends on several factors – the official amount of income, the established length of service, the reasons for the assignment of benefits.

Differences from a retirement pension

Until 2015, insurance and labor pensions were synonymous. The principles for the issuance of labor benefits extended to the conditions for assigning an old-age insurance pension, disability. The adopted Federal Law on Insurance Pensions changes the basis – the main factor affecting the amount of payments is the insurance experience, and not the size of the paid contributions, as it was before. Without this indicator, pension insurance premiums are not recalculated. The length of service is the citizen’s working hours, which is confirmed by the payments made by the employer to the PF.

Who receives an insurance pension

Funds from the state budget to non-working recipients of subsidies are laid in the following circumstances:

  1. Work experience of more than 8 years in 2017, 9 years in 2018.
  2. The age limit of 55 years for women and 60 years for men.
  3. The size of the individual coefficient, which could not be less than 11.4 in 2017, 13.8 in 2018.
  4. Insurance of a citizen applying for surcharges should be carried out according to the norms laid down by the legislation, and he himself should be a citizen and resident of the Russian Federation.

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Legal regulation

The main regulatory document is the Federal Law No. 400 dated December 28, 2013, which defines the types of support, calculation of length of service, and requirements for an individual indexation coefficient. From 01/01/2018 the order and method of calculating pension subsidies for working pensioners who have decided to retire on a well-deserved rest will change. Government benefits were not subject to indexation while a citizen was working. After the pensioner’s dismissal, the resumption of indexation began from the third month. From January 2018, the increase will affect the first pension payment due to a pensioner.

Types of insurance pensions in 2018

The legislation provides for three types of insurance pension subsidies at the beginning of 2018:

  • Issued upon reaching a certain age, or old age. It takes into account the person’s age, duration of work, work in hazardous industries, region of residence, social status. Some categories may earn early insurance benefits..
  • Assigned if the Russian has 1, 2 or 3 disability groups. Duration of work and the amount of insurance contributions do not affect the amount of pension subsidies.
  • Paid to citizens upon loss of breadwinner. Assigned to family members of a deceased person, who was the only source of family welfare.

Formation order

An insurance pension in 2018 consists of a calculated amount and a fixed supplement, the amount of which is regulated by federal laws. The accounting department of the company makes mandatory contributions every month from the official salary of employees. 22% of them are mandatory contributions to the FIU. The money received by the fund is divided as follows: 6% goes to ensure a joint tariff intended for fixed payments, 16% form an individual coefficient (IPC), which is taken into account when calculating the amount of benefits. This indicator depends on:

  • the total amount of contributions paid at the place of work of the Russian;
  • length of service, including insurance and non-insurance periods.

Insurance (individual) rate

The legal basis of the legislation states that the individual tariff is formed by two-level deductions – for insurance and funded payments. The citizen himself chooses which option to prefer. If funded contributions are selected, then 16% of the employer’s contributions are divided into two unequal parts – 6% goes to savings, 10% – to insurance contributions. If the funded option does not suit the future pensioner, then all 16% go to the insurance part, setting the tariff.

All payments go to the person’s personal account, recorded in SNILS, and “settle” there as pension points taken into account in the future calculation of pensions. The cost of 1 pension point in 2018 is 78.58 rubles, in 2018 – 80 rubles. The government conducts indexing annual events so that the rising level of forecast inflation does not depreciate the value of points.

The funded part of the pension

Since 2014, the procedure for calculating subsidies has changed. To reduce the budget deficit, the funded part is frozen. Citizens are scared, thinking that the state is taking away their legal accumulations. This is the wrong approach – just for the period 2014-2018. all 22% of contributions paid by the PF by the enterprise go to the insurance part, regardless of the previous wishes of the citizen. Employee contributions are accumulated, but in a different “piggy bank”. The deductions made in previous years are saved, they can be transferred from the state fund to non-state, and vice versa.

Joint tariff

6% of the paid contributions that go to the joint tariff are spent on the goals established by the standards. These include:

  • the formation of a fixed premium for insurance benefits;
  • payments to ensure payment of the burial of uninsured pensioners;
  • other goals stipulated by law, not related to the accumulation of pension contributions.

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Old-age insurance pension in 2018

For orientation in the principles of calculating the amount of benefits, you need to know the parameters that affect the accrual. The table below shows the conditions taken into account in the calculations:


Experience, years

Minimum PKI

Maximum annual points for insurance benefits

Maximum annual points for insurance and funded benefits














































Terms of appointment

People who meet the following conditions can apply for state pension benefits:

  • 60 years old men and 55 years old women;
  • having seniority taking into account contributions to the Pension Fund for 9 years (2018);
  • having the required number of points, taking into account the individual coefficient, in the personal account – 8.7 or 5.43 (2018).

Who is eligible for early retirement insurance?

There are categories of non-working recipients of subsidies to whom a well-deserved rest is granted ahead of schedule, until they reach the age that is due for calculating insurance compensation. The following persons are entitled to benefits:

  • who have worked a certain number of years in a hazardous, hazardous production associated with difficult working conditions that could harm human health;
  • the region of residence or work of which is the Far North or areas equal in severity of living conditions to it;
  • military pensioners, or other Russians with special social status.

How is disability pension calculated?

A person who has lost all or part of his ability to work is supported by the state through social programs and the issuance of benefits. To receive financial assistance caused by the onset of disability, you must have a VTEC certificate confirming the appointment of 1, 2, 3 disability groups. The reason for the person’s disability, the length of his previous working experience do not affect the purpose of the insurance pension – you can have 1 day of work in production.

If a child is injured, or a person who has not worked for a single day, then the amount of deductions to citizens who did not participate in the pension insurance procedure is paid at the expense of social benefits. The duration of payments correlates with the period of disability, or continues until a citizen reaches the age of 55 (60) years with indicators of experience, 60 (65) years if the required level of experience is not.

Retirement benefit insurance benefits

In order to support a family that has lost support due to the death of the person who kept it, social assistance is provided for the relatives of the deceased. With a request for appointment, you can contact the following bodies:

  • the branch of the Pension Fund nearest to the place of residence or registration;
  • MFC, in the provision of such services by local staff;
  • official website of the FIU, with an online petition.

Citizens applying for benefits can send a package of documents by registered mail to the regional or federal branch of the Pension Fund, if personal presence is not possible. If the papers are collected correctly, the FIU staff will consider the application 10 working days, then notifying the petitioner of a positive or negative decision. In the absence of the necessary papers, the application is returned to the applicant with the reasons for the refusal.

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Terms of receipt

The welfare arrangement provides that the breadwinner is dead or missing. The conditions for assigning a pension benefit are the presence of at least one day of the deceased’s labor activity, and the fact that his death or disappearance did not occur as a result of criminally punishable actions by relatives claiming to receive payment.

Eligible Persons

Social benefits for loss of breadwinner provide for certain categories of people who rely on money. These include:

  • second spouse, father, mother, grandmother, grandfather of the deceased, not working and caring for the children of the deceased, sisters, brothers, grandchildren, until the latter reach the age of 14;
  • minor children, grandchildren, sisters, brothers, full-time students up to the age of 23, or children who become disabled by the age of majority;
  • spouse, mother, father of the deceased who are recipients of an old-age or disability pension.

Calculation of the insurance part of the pension

The formula used in the final calculation of insurance premiums is simple. It consists of three indicators:

RP = IPC x SPK, where:

  • RP – the total amount of compensation;
  • IPC – individual coefficient of a pensioner;
  • SPK – the price of this ratio at the time of assignment of pension payments.

A pensioner can decide that there are no difficulties, however, the multipliers of the formula — IPC and SEC depend on several factors, IPC is calculated individually, being directly dependent on the size of contributions on an individual account, and the generation of years. The SEC changes every year, depending on the level of inflation and changes in the legislative framework, so a specific calculation is difficult for an unprepared person.

The value of the IPC in 2018

The factor determining the final amount of the deposit is the IPC. The calculation of the coefficient is complex, the formula takes into account data on monthly income before and after 2015, allowing citizens to retain their rights under previously adopted laws establishing pension supplements. The general formula is as follows:

IPK = KSP x (IPK? + IPK?), Where:

  • KSP is a stimulating raising indicator used to calculate the retirement benefits of people who go on well-deserved rest after the deadlines. When you go on vacation with an annual delay, the total IPC increases by 7%, with an eight-year – by 90%.
  • PKI? – individual ratio, applicable until 01.01.2015.
  • PKI? – individual indicator used after 01/01/2015.

Fixed payout

Being an analogue of the basic allowance, a fixed payment for an insurance pension in 2018 is assigned at the same time. The amount of the surcharge is determined by the state, amounting to 4823 rubles 37 kopecks in 2018. Federal law establishes:

  • Persons over 80 years of age, orphans, people with dependents, and also living in the Far North for 15-20 years, and in rural areas for 30 years, can apply for an increased amount of surcharge.
  • 50% of the fixed allowance is established for people with disabilities of 3 groups and those making out welfare for the loss of a breadwinner.
  • If a person has the right to receive compensation upon reaching age, but refuses it, then it is indexed by a raising coefficient.
  • Supplement is subject to annual indexation, may increase with increasing reserves of the FIU.

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Increase in pension payments in 2018

The basic amount of assistance depends on the SEC indicator, which is determined by the cost of pension points. The growth rate depends on the annual indexation of the price of points. If on January 1, 2018, the point value was considered equal to 78.58 rubles, then, according to the explanatory documents of the PF that appeared in the media, from 01.01.2018. the point price will increase, reaching 81.57 rubles, which means SEC indexation by 3.8%. Knowing the number of points on the account, using this indicator, you can independently calculate the amount of insurance pension payments due.

Minimum pension for non-working pensioners

The lower boundary of pension payments is tied to the subsistence level (PSP) established in a particular subject of the federation, depending on the consumer price index and inflation indicators. This means that if during the calculation it turns out that the size of the insurance premium is less than the PMP established for this period of time, the pensioner is entitled to an addition to this indicator. There is no insurance pension below unemployed pensioners in 2018.

Will there be indexing for working retirees

Citizens who prefer to continue to work despite their retirement benefits do not enjoy the right to index pension payments. This privilege becomes available to workers if they prefer to quit and retire to their well-deserved rest. Starting from the next month after the dismissal, the pensioner is indexed insurance premiums for the planning period.

How will the insurance part of the retirement pension in Moscow change in 2018

According to the statements of the Governments of the capital, from January 2018, pensioners-Muscovites will be indexed benefits. The minimum amount of insurance premiums will increase, as the PMP in Moscow will increase, amounting to 11816 rubles. Such will be the lower limit of the amount of assistance to Muscovites living in the capital for less than 10 years. Old residents of Moscow who have information about living in the city for more than 10 years will be paid extra until the social standard, which in 2018 is 17,500 rubles.

In addition, the mayor’s office decided to index the pensions received twice by the beneficiaries. This category of citizens includes labor veterans, home front workers, rehabilitated persons. One-time surcharges of 10,000 rubles in 2018 will be received by WWII veterans and those involved in the defense of Moscow. The average size of pension increases in subsidies is 366 rubles.

Rules for registration and appointment

There is no automatic calculation, a person must independently collect a package of documents and contact the PF branch at the place of residence, or entrust the accounting department of the enterprise with the collection and transfer of the required papers. Russians can receive insurance compensation in person or through a person who has issued a power of attorney for such actions. Pensions for children with disabilities receive a parent or guardian. After the age of 14, a teenager can independently take the money.

Where to go

To obtain a state pension pension, a citizen can apply to the following organizations:

  • to the enterprise where he constantly works;
  • to the local PF branch by sending a request with a package of documents by mail or by appearing in person at the office;
  • at the MFC, in the provision of pension deduction services;
  • leaving a request on the official page of the FIU, filling out an application remotely.

What documents are needed

In order not to waste time, nerves, and quickly draw up the compensation due, you need to know the list of documents that must be presented for the purpose of insurance compensation. Prepare the following paper package:

  • application for assignment of benefits by filling out the paper in the prescribed form;
  • identity card (passport);
  • SNILS;
  • a certified extract or the original of the work book confirming the experience;
  • earnings information for the last 60 months, up to 01.01.2002;
  • other documents confirming contributions and years of work.

Passports of Russian citizens

Terms of appointment

According to the established standards, pensions are deemed to be granted from the day the application is submitted to the Pension Fund. The change of terms occurs in the following circumstances:

  • age benefits are awarded the day after dismissal, if the applicant filed a petition no later than 30 days later;
  • for disability – after the award of disability, if a Russian applied for a pension later than a year after the assignment of the group;
  • by loss of breadwinner – the day after his death, if relatives applied for assistance no later than a year after the event.
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