Is it possible to get pregnant before menstruation

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Everyone has heard the generally accepted opinion that pregnancy is formed exclusively with ovulation. Cases are different, and safe days for sex become that crucial moment of a successful conception. It’s time to figure out and find out how many days before menstruation can get pregnant, and which days do not provide for the continuation of the genus.

Features of the menstrual cycle

The duration of the menstrual cycle for each girl is individual. Normally, its duration varies between 21-35 days, but the optimal interval is considered to be a time interval of 28 days. The planned onset and end of menstruation is due to the specificity of the hormonal background. If you are interested in whether it is possible to get pregnant before the menstruation itself, it is advisable to recall such a concept as an egg.

On the 12-14th day of the menstrual cycle, she leaves the space of the ovary and is ready for further fertilization. Here, in order to get pregnant, the participation of sperm is mandatory. In the absence of such, the egg soon dies, and the girl may no longer be afraid of the arrival of an extremely inappropriate pregnancy. This is an established process in the female body, which periodically, under the influence of pathogenic factors, may be disturbed..

Menstrual cycle

How does the cycle affect conception

At the beginning of the menstrual cycle, the chances of getting pregnant are minimal, in the middle – the highest, at the end they decrease again and allow you to relax a bit during unprotected intercourse. Experts warn that there is always a risk, therefore it is recommended to consult a doctor with an appropriate question. The most favorable period for a woman to become pregnant is 12-14 days after the onset of menstruation. In addition, conception may occur 3 days before ovulation or within 3 days after.

It turns out that the ovulation phase, that is, 9-17 days of the full cycle, became the starting point. When asking a question whether it is possible to get pregnant the day before menstruation, she should remember that during this period there can be no talk about the onset of ovulation, especially with stable and timely menstruation. If a hormonal failure occurs, the risk of successful fertilization increases significantly, or, conversely, is reduced to zero. There may be several causes of deviations, and the local gynecologist, a planned instrumental and clinical examination will help to find the correct answer.

Modern obstetric practice shows that two ovulations can occur at once in one menstrual cycle. In practice, the case is exceptional, but significantly increases the patient’s chance of becoming pregnant immediately before or after menstruation. In order not to get a baby ahead of time, you need to buy individual ovulation tests, conduct them at home, control the arrival of menstruation. Look for the cause of such an abnormal phenomenon in the gynecological office.

There are cases when ovulation is completely absent, and the menstrual cycle is broken. In the female body, hormonal failure predominates, which can be corrected medically, that is, by taking synthetic hormonal drugs. In the absence of ovulation and instability of menstruation, there is a suspicion of diagnosed infertility, which must be treated in order to become pregnant.

Menstrual phase

Is it possible to get pregnant before menstruation

If a woman leads an unstable sex life, she is more likely to get pregnant before the onset of menstruation. This is explained as follows: the egg begins to mature after a previous sexual intercourse, so the planned arrival of menstruation can be significantly disrupted. Pregnancy progresses immediately before menstruation, and the woman’s calculation is incorrect. Doctors, in order to avoid such situations, recommend leading a full-fledged sexual life, otherwise health problems and extremely undesirable fertilization cannot be avoided.

The methods to calculate ovulation are domestic and professional, and doctors recommend stopping at one proven method and constantly using it. The question of whether it is possible to become pregnant a few days before menstruation does not have a clear answer, since it all depends on the specifics of the body, health and functionality of the reproductive system. If the arrival of menstruation is distinguished by its stability and constancy, then it is impossible to get pregnant a couple of days before the planned menstruation.

Pregnant woman

If doubts about a given topic are still present, their local gynecologist and the videos below will scatter them. Any young lady should know what to expect from her body, correctly plan her pregnancy and avoid rash acts, unwanted abortions. With ignorance on a given topic, an “interesting position” will turn out to be inappropriate, and a future mother will not bring a feeling of happiness and inner comfort. If there are any other questions on the topic of menstruation, the patient can visit the gynecologist unscheduled.

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