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If earlier such a thing was part of sports uniforms, then modern fashion offers to wear this product even with high-heeled shoes. Leg warmers with knitting needles, the description and patterns of which you will see below, can be tightly knitted to fit and warm your leg, freely in several additions, and they can also be openwork, being only a decorative object. If you are new to this business, first check out the initial knitting course: find out what types of loops, patterns are, try to do simple things from the descriptions.

Knitting needles with patterns and description

Such a wardrobe item can be multi-colored, plain, associated with the use of a particular pattern. Inexperienced needlewomen should not take up complex schemes, they are easy to get confused in – they better learn knitting for beginners. You should not use too thick or thin yarn: in the first case, the thing will be uncomfortable to wear, and in the second – it is difficult and long to knit. If you knit according to the description in a circle, then you will not need a pattern. And if there is a seam, it must be made in the form of a rectangle, where the smaller side is the circumference of the calf, and the large side is the length of the thing.

Knit leggings for women

The knitted wardrobe item presented in this description is suitable for practicing ballet, yoga, sports, everyday wear in casual style. According to the instructions below, even a beginner needlewoman will be able to connect a fashionable and beautiful thing. The figure consists of alternating the seamy, facial loops, nakidov and cones (knots). Thanks to this, the thing looks voluminous. For work, you will need two skeins of yarn, circular knitting needles. The knitting begins and ends with a simple 2×2 elastic, and between them you need to make a pattern according to the scheme below.

Knitting pattern with leggings

How to knit long leggings

The instructions below will help you connect maxi gaiters. Due to the size of the product, you can wear it even with boots. For work, you will need stocking knitting needles, another additional, 300 g of wool yarn. The drawing consists of braids that look very beautiful, interesting. The scheme consists of alternating the seamy, facial loops, removing them to form a braid. The thing fits in a circle. Do not forget to add, reduce loops, as indicated in the instructions.

The scheme and description of knitting long leg warmers

Knitting pattern with melange spats

To master the creation of this product from melange yarn, use the instructions at the end of the section. A thread from melange looks very interesting in the finished thing, does not require the use of complex patterns. For work you will need mixed yarn from acrylic and mohair, melange, knitting needles. To make the product more dense, use a thread in two additions. The thing is knitted in the form of a rectangular cloth, which must be sewn after completion of work. The scheme begins with a simple rubber band. Next alternate: garter stitch, braid pattern. The product ends with a simple rubber band.

The scheme of knitting melange spokes with a description

Knitting openwork leggings for dancing

Try to knit interesting socks, socks, which are ideal for practicing yoga, ballet, different types of dances. They prevent muscle cooling, minimizing the risk of sprains. In this model, for greater convenience, the toe and heel are open. For work, you need knitting needles, a hook, acrylic yarn. Knitting with a “braid” pattern begins according to the scheme below, then the gum follows the description, again the braids. A hook is required to tie the edge of the product.

Knitting pattern of openwork leggings for dancing with knitting needles.

White-and-black leggings with butterflies

Such a thing has a sole, a toe and a heel. It looks original due to the use of two colors, decor with knitted butterflies. For work you will need acrylic yarn, knitting needles. First, knit according to the scheme (at the end of the section) with the front stitch, then go to the “honeycomb” pattern. Sew the finished fabric. Separately, according to the description, butterflies should be made with which to decorate the product..

Knitting pattern leggings with butterflies knitting

Description of knitting leggings

How to knit children’s leggings and a knitting vest

Combine a beautiful, bright set with an original pattern of yarn in different colors for a baby aged 3-4 years. To work, you will need instructions (below), woolen thread, knitting needles 3 mm thick, buttons. Products include three patterns: the front surface, a simple elastic 1×1, jacquard pattern. For a vest, it is necessary to separately knit in front, the back, tying the neck by reducing the loops. Parts are assembled by stitching on the sides. The thing fits from top to bottom: first comes the gum, then you need to follow the pattern according to the scheme.

Knitting pattern for children's leggings

Knitting a bright kit for a girl: a scarf, hat and leggings

This bright striped kit will delight any little fashionista. Even a novice knitter will cope with the creation of such things, since the instruction diagram includes simple patterns of elastic, a front surface. For work, you will need wool, a hook, knitting needles. Choose any thread color: contrasting or harmoniously matching colors. A hook will be needed to close the knitting and create an interesting edge at the edges of the product.

Knit the scarf with the front stitch, changing the color of the thread every 2, 4, 6 or 8 rows. When the rectangular canvas is ready, crochet around the perimeter, following the description given in the diagram. For the cap, you first need to make two ears with the front stitch, then knit according to the instructions (below). The finished fabric is sewn, crocheted. Separately, you need to make a pompom and ties. The creation of this thing begins with a set of loops, a double elastic band, then you need to knit with a front smooth surface, changing the color of the yarn.

Knitting pattern for hats, scarf and leggings with knitting needles for a girl

Actual knitting patterns with knitting needles in 2019 – photo

Fashion for knitwear in 2019 will allow any girl to look stylish and beautiful in the cold. This season, leggings become part of the current image. They perfectly warm their legs, can be worn under and on boots with and without heels, with a wedge. The most fashionable patterns are:

  1. Spikelets

How to knit spikelet pattern

  • Dial the number of loops multiple of 4, plus 3.
  • Next, knit: 1 row – 3 l. n., * 1 out., 3 l. n. *, repeat from the asterisk;
  • 2 row – 1 l. n., * 1 out., 3 l. p., repeat from the asterisk to the last two loops, 1 out., 1 l. P.;
  • 3-6 p. – Repeat twice the first and second rows;
  • 7 p. – 1 liter n., * 1 out., 3 l. n. *, repeat from an asterisk to the last two loops, 1 out., 1 l. P.;
  • 8 p. – 3 l. n., * 1 out., 3 l. n. *, repeat from an asterisk;
  • 9-12 p. – repeat 7 and 8 rows twice.
  1. Four-loop harness

How to knit a four-loop tourniquet

  • Dial the number of loops, a multiple of 14, plus 3 additional;
  • Knit: 1 row – 3 out., * 4 l. item, 3 out., repeat from asterisk to the end;
  • 2 – 3 liters n., * 4 out., 3 l. p., repeat from the asterisk to the end of the row;
  • 3 – 3 out., * 4 l. n., 3 out., SK4VL, repeat from * to the end;
  • 4 – repeat 2 rows;
  • 5 – 3 out., * SK4VP, 3 out., Repeat from * to the end.
  • Knit 2 rows according to the pattern to obtain a pattern.
  1. Pigtail

How to knit a pigtail pattern with knitting needles

  • Dial the number of loops multiple of 20.
  • Knit: 1 row – * 4 out., 12 bp, 4 out., Repeat from * to the end;
  • 2 and all even ones – * 4 bp, 12 out., 4 bp, repeat from * to the end;
  • 3 – * 4 out., SK8VL, 4 hp, 4 out., Repeat from * to the end;
  • 5.7 – repeat 1 row;
  • 9 – * 4 out., 4 hp, SK8VP, repeat from * to the end;
  • 11 – as 1;
  • 12 – as 2. Repeat rows 1-12 to obtain a pattern.

Learn how to knit a cap with knitting needles for newborns – diagrams and a description are attached.

Knitting needles video tutorial for beginners

Leg warmers are a universal thing that looks great both with a tracksuit and with a classic one. They look fashionable and stylish with jeans and a short skirt. You can wear such a product even on top of boots. Extravagant persons can afford to wear this thing with sneakers. Openwork items are suitable for summer, and woolen ones with a convex pattern for winter. In order not to overpay the extra money, this wardrobe item is best knitted with your own hands. In the video below, thanks to a visual demonstration of the process, you will quickly learn how to knit a leg warmer with a description and patterns.

A master class in knitting leggings with a jacquard pattern “Snowflakes”

Lesson in heel socks without heel

Check out how to create knitted costumes for baby girls.

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