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Previously, the consolidation of information in institutions for preschoolers and schoolchildren took place through its repetition, registration in the form of abstracts, design work. A laptop (children’s clamshell book) is a new method of studying, remembering a certain topic, which is built according to the template and consists of many pockets, tabs, windows, mobile items, pictures, etc..

What is a laptop

The word lapbook came to us from America, in literal translation – “knee-high book” (lap – knee, book – book). This is a kind of home-made interactive folders, including pockets, doors, windows, cards, mobile parts made of paper, with which the child teaches and secures the material. They focus on a specific topic, being the final stage of its study..

What is it needed for

Lapbooks help in consolidating the material covered, understanding and remembering the contents of the book, conducting a research project, introducing them to the processes of children (searching for information, sorting and analyzing it). Such a learning tool is one of the areas of partnership between an adult and a child, equating them to each other. The content depends on the topic requiring study, development.

In general, a laptop includes not only educational moments, but also an educational process that helps to understand the needs of children and help create the conditions for independent development of the world. A “book of books” can be compiled by adults (parents, teachers, educators) and should include the following points:

  1. Strength. In the hands of children, a paper interactive folder will quickly turn into a rag, so it’s better to make it from durable materials.
  2. Aesthetics. It must be bright, colorful, attracting attention, otherwise the children will not want to play.
  3. Informational content. Provide information embedded in the laptop in a language that the child understands, fully revealing the topic.
  4. Availability. Children can choose their own section. Signatures, long texts with descriptions, recommendations and instructions will complicate the game, suppress interest in the book.
  5. Variability. All sections of the topic that are part of this learning tool need to be done in different versions, suggesting different ways of mastering information.
  6. An opportunity to use this collective book at the same time by several people, including the adult.

For learning languages ​​and countries


This folder book has the A4 format in the folded state and the A3 format in the open. They are divided into groups according to the method of presenting information, structuredness and content. There are such types of laptops:

  1. Encyclopedic. Information is presented as an encyclopedia..
  2. Fabulous, animated. Such laptops are made on the basis of a fairy tale, a cartoon, contain a favorite hero figurine that allows you to play with him, come up with different stories, play scenes.
  3. Thematic. Include songs, poems, fairy tales, pictures – all that a child likes about a specific topic.
  4. School. Contain information on school subjects. This is a great way to consolidate the material, prepare for the test..

Laptop for preschoolers

The thematic laptop for kindergarten has several goals at once: it develops independent research activities, creative thinking, observation, cognitive activity, and forms interest in the object of study. A clamshell book helps parents to strengthen relations with children, replenish knowledge on a specific topic, and fulfill themselves. Teachers of the preschool organization assist such teaching aids in introducing a new form of work with children, organizing interaction between parents and babies.

Technology laptop for preschoolers

Compared to older children, it is difficult for preschoolers to perceive information by ear, especially when there is a lot of it. “Knee-high books” help to make classes vivid, emotional and exciting with the help of visual, tactile perception. A laptop for preschool children contributes to the development of memory, creativity, communication skills. With the help of a creative assignment, children are happy to study the topic, repeat the past, systematize the information received.

Due to its colorfulness, the folder contributes to the upbringing of artistic and aesthetic skills in a child, introducing them to the field of art. The technology for creating a laptop for preschool education consists of the following steps:

  1. The choice of topics. She can be anything. Please note that for children of the younger group of kindergarten, information can be provided in a global form, for example, general information about animals. Older children need specifics, that is, a laptop needs to be made up of a single animal.
  2. Planning. Decide on what moments, facts you want to highlight, reveal.
  3. Creating a layout. Draw a thumbnail of a future clamshell book in detail.
  4. Sticking a laptop.

Laptop Themes

One of the important points in creating a lapbook folder is determining the topic of the lesson. It can be absolutely any, depending on what you want to teach the child. A laptop for kids is often a review, orientation, containing general aspects and concepts. School children are given a thematic folder that helps to visually master and fix the topics of specific subjects. The didactic material contained in them must include complete information, be as useful as possible in the lesson.

By professions

The focus of this interactive book-folder is a general excursion into existing professions. It is important here to explain to the child what the principle of work of a person of a certain specialty is, to help navigate the world of professions and understand who wants to become who. Such a laptop can contain the following educational sections and auxiliary elements:

  1. Why do we need each of the specialties, using pictures, cards located in pockets. Older children can attach mini-books or accordion books containing text descriptions.
  2. Demonstration of workwear on the cards, but it is better to make a little paper man and several sets of clothes. So the child will be able to identify and dress up the doll.
  3. Related attributes, tools in the form of pictures in your pocket.
  4. Envelope with puzzles.
  5. Envelope with small coloring.
  6. Rotating circle with an arrow – the game “Who works where?”.

Visual Aid by Occupation

In biology

Biology laptops help to study different classes of living organisms (birds, animals, insects, fungi, etc.). Preschoolers will be interested to know about the evolution and interaction of all life on Earth, built in the form of chains with pictures, cards describing living things, their role in nature. Such didactic material is presented in a generalized form. Specify information by composing a folder about a specific class or representative of living things.


Clamshell folder in mathematics for preschoolers is aimed at the formation of the concept of numbers, numbers, counting. Put here cards with poems about numbers, riddles, mini-pockets containing geometric shapes, coloring books, easy tasks for addition, subtraction. Children of primary school age are better to build a laptop in the form of a house of several pages and place in it:

  • cards for training writing numbers;
  • chests filled with puzzles on a mathematical subject;
  • hours for teaching time;
  • a pocket with coloring, where each figure corresponds to a certain color;
  • mini-folder with tasks;
  • a cabinet with samples of pictures made up of geometric shapes and an envelope with figures, etc..

Around the world

Cognitive laptops around the world help expand the horizons of children’s knowledge of the seasons, weather events, plants, etc. They are best done separately for autumn, winter, spring, winter topics, providing with the following sections:

  • mini-book with a fairy tale about the time of year;
  • envelopes with cards: signs of the season, riddles, poems;
  • opening circles with the distinguishing features of each month;
  • pockets with puzzles, coloring;
  • colorful illustrations, attributes inherent in a particular pore.

About family

Such material forms the child’s idea of ​​the family, the role of each member in it, and fosters respect for relatives. You can include in the folder:

  1. Envelope with cut images of each family member to be collected.
  2. Pocket with multi-colored stripes, from which it is necessary to make a mat of a certain shape.
  3. Pocket with figures of people from which the family of a child is made with a description of each person.
  4. A set of pictures with scenes from life, the child must make a story on them.
  5. Cards with a picture of cases, they must be compared with each of the family members.
  6. Mystery Book.


The didactic guide about animals tells about specific representatives of this class. When composing such a laptop, take care of the presence of the following elements:

  • photo of the animal;
  • map with habitats;
  • pocket with a picture puzzle;
  • rotating circle with the image of food consumed by the animal under study;
  • mini-book with interesting facts;
  • a strip where you can enter the status of the animal to the Red Book;
  • envelope with coloring;
  • daisy with riddles and proverbs on the petals.

Laptop about marine animals

Speech Development

A speech development laptop is aimed at eliminating problems in this area in children: pronounce sounds correctly, make sentences and short stories using prepositions, be able to understand the meaning of poems, retell them. When composing such a laptop, use:

  • sayings, counters, riddles;
  • poems, parables, stories;
  • cards with letters, words;
  • coloring books;
  • pictures for their oral description;
  • envelopes with tasks: say a word, say affectionately, find a difference, etc..

About school

Such topics should contain information about this institution, the rules of conduct in it, interaction with other children, teachers, etc. Use the following practices to create your own book folder:

  1. A pocket in the form of a backpack and an envelope with small images of school supplies. Invite your child to play the “Collect the Briefcase” game..
  2. Image of a school with opening windows, door.
  3. A pocket with textbooks (in pictures).
  4. Envelope with riddles about school.
  5. Baby book with rules of conduct.
  6. Cards containing rules for interaction between children and teacher.

How to do it yourself

You can build any laptop yourself. To do this, get acquainted with the technology of its creation, determine the topic and stock up on the necessary materials, tools. For the first time, use ready-made templates provided electronically on the Internet, but then try to do everything yourself, attracting children to the exciting process.

What to do

Starting to create an educational didactic paper laptop, prepare the following materials:

  1. Cardboard folder. Buy or make yourself from whatman paper.
  2. Colored paper, cardboard, foamiran, different pieces of fabric.
  3. Scissors, glue.
  4. Adhesive tape, stapler, thread.
  5. Cards, pictures, images of animals, people, etc. Cut them, draw or print on a color printer.
  6. Pencils, paints, felt-tip pens, markers.

DIY laptop


The next step is to draw a layout (of how the laptop will look). To do this, immediately fold your folder so that it then opens, unfolds, and with a simple pencil, sketch out the places where there will be pockets, books, pictures, in what form and size all this will be presented. Next you will have to glue all the parts and attach to the workpiece.


To diversify your interactive “knee-deep book”, to make it more interesting, perhaps due to different ideas on the original creation of thematic zones. For example, use envelopes of different sizes and shapes, you can take packaging for disks or make them yourself. Accordion books, split notebooks, splitter cards and opening windows look very unusual. However, most of all children like rotating parts and elements with many openings..

How to do it in stages

So, a detailed step-by-step instruction for creating a paper interactive folder is as follows:

  1. Decide on the subject.
  2. Prepare a layout and all necessary materials.
  3. Next, you need to make pockets for a laptop, envelopes, books, accordions, cards, images, figures, etc..
  4. Glue the blanks to the layout according to the plan.
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