Loan from a private person – how to find an investor, take and correctly apply for a loan without overpayments and fraud

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Commercial banks try once again not to put themselves at risk, so they often give up loans. There may be several reasons: poor credit history, low income, insufficient documents. What should I do if the bank refused a loan, but I need money urgently? In this case, private lenders come to the rescue, who are ready to give the borrower money on credit on simpler terms.

Who is a private lender

An individual who has a large amount of money and issues it on credit in order to make a profit is called a private lender. The moneylender earns more profit on loan interest than, for example, if he invested this money in other projects or put it in a bank. Now such lending is becoming more and more popular, a lot of ads can be found on the Internet and newspapers. After all, the requirements of a private lender are simpler than banking, and, most likely, the desired money will be received.

How to find a private loan without cheating

Nowadays, the development of information technology, it is easy to find any necessary information. Offers to take a loan from a private person can be read both in the media and on bulletin boards on the Internet. So there will be an opportunity to personally contact the lenders to find out all the questions of interest. It is allowed to contact intermediaries who will help to find a reliable creditor and will guarantee his honesty, but this service is paid.

Lender Check

Having decided on a creditor, you need to make sure its reliability. This can be done independently, without involving additional sources of information, as follows:

  • Check the lender’s phone number through any search engine on the Internet. This will reveal a list of his ads on sites, and, with luck, reviews.
  • Pay attention to the email address of the lender. For example, Petr Petrov with mail alenka 3245 @ is clearly a scammer. Try to write a letter there with questions, look at the answer.
  • Punch mail through a search on social networks. If this is an address that is used constantly, then an account must definitely be registered on it.

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How to get a loan from a private investor

In most cases, they plan to take a loan from a private investor without collateral to develop a business or purchase a home. It is not rational for a private investor to invest money in a bank, because the interest on the deposit is low, and the banking system itself is unstable. Therefore, private investment is chosen with independently established conditions. An investor can be not only individuals, but also legal entities. Mandatory for private investment is its notarization.

Private loan on receipt

Private lenders give loans only against receipt. This document has legal force, gives the creditor the right to defend his funds through the court. The amount of money can be issued both in cash and by bank transfer. This must be discussed personally, documented. The legislation allows you to give a loan without a receipt, certified by a notary. This is allowed only if the amount does not exceed 10 minimum wages. The document is drawn up in handwritten form, when certified by a notary, print is allowed. Such conditions shall be indicated in the contract:

  • Money back. This means that the amount of money must be returned by the borrower..
  • The cost of the loan. It indicates the percentage of funds disbursed, possible fines and extension conditions..
  • Dates. It describes how often interest is paid, until which date you need to fully repay the loan.

Loan from an investor without collateral

Some individuals give out loans without collateral. Its obligatory condition is only a document fixing debt relations. This opportunity attracts many borrowers. Each for himself independently decides whether a loan from private investors without collateral is suitable for them. To make the right decision, to avoid possible problems, it is necessary to study in detail the rules of how to take a loan from a private investor without a deposit.

Private loan without prepayment

A real private lender without prepayment is a person who gives a loan without the participation of any financial organizations. What does this suggest? It is understood that the credited does not leave a pledge in the form of property as evidence of his further solvency. Sometimes it can be money, an advance on the amount that you plan to take on credit. It is also called a guarantee fee or payment for information services that have been received. This amount of money never comes back. The scammers use the above methods.

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Loans and private loans

It’s easy to find a lender, many offers can be found in all media. By contacting the lender, the borrower can already negotiate the terms of the contract by telephone. Many private lenders are ready to dialogue with the client, to change the conditions, since now there is very high competition in this area. Therefore, talking about reducing interest rates or other conditions can be successful. The private trader risks more than the borrower, therefore, it is necessary to issue a notary receipt, indicating in the appendix all the agreements agreed earlier.

What you need to get a private loan

In order to get a loan from a private person, you need to provide documents confirming solvency. It is not enough when a lender is interested in having a borrower a permanent job, a bad credit history. The basis of financial relations is a receipt. If it is a small amount, the borrower writes it himself, without the participation of a notary, but with witnesses, be sure to mention:

  • place of compilation;
  • date of writing the document;
  • address, date of birth and passport details (one’s own and one creditor);
  • the exact amount received;
  • full refund date.

Loan interest

The interest rate on private loans is always very high. Basically, the lender accrues interest on a monthly basis. According to statistics, now the cost of a loan from a private person in Moscow is at least 3% per month, an average of 6% per month. The maximum amount is 10% of monthly charges. At the same time, interest is constantly calculated for the entire amount of the debt, and not, as in banks, for the remaining debt. Too small percentage of the loan, some other unclear conditions, may indicate the bad faith of the lender.

Loan terms

Private loan repayment periods are short. It is easiest to borrow money for a loan of 3-6 months. It is very difficult to obtain an annual loan from a private investor, for 2-3 years it is almost impossible. Few businessmen are attracted to such conditions. Private lenders are used to the fact that their money is constantly working, and long-term credit slows down their turnover.

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Private lending – how not to run into a scammer

Private loan, like other financial transactions, is an active field of activity of fraudsters. The most popular types of fraud in this area are:

  • Prepayment. In 99 cases out of 100, those who request prepayment are deceivers. They operate on many facts, for example, they can claim to have checked your credit history, made loan insurance, paid for a notary’s advice, etc. These are all paid services for which you must immediately give money.
  • Getting scanned copies of your passport. Fraudsters will simply get a loan or urgent loan for you, and hide with the funds received.
  • Deception with bank cards. The borrower offers to transfer a certain amount of money to an electronic wallet or card in order to confirm solvency, or asks to send your card number and secret code located on the back. This data is the secret information of the card holder, in no case can it be transmitted to unauthorized persons.
  • Cheating in documents. Some borrowers are so happy with the long-awaited funds that they do not even carefully read the loan agreement. You cannot sign unexplored documents, because you can specify anything there, and verbal agreements will not be considered, because your financial relations are already documented. In this way, fraudsters can leave a person without property, increase interest rates, etc..
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