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The legislation of the Russian Federation provides that all individuals who have gone on a well-deserved rest due to reaching a certain age cannot remain without means of subsistence – the state pays them a specific amount of money. However, the law also establishes that a certain list of civilians can apply for retirement benefits from an earlier age, so you should carefully consider who is eligible for the seniority pension in 2018 and what is needed to apply for it.

What is a seniority pension

The state assigns a monthly cash payment to all Russian citizens as the main source of income when they reach the age limit or due to certain circumstances. It has been established that women go on well-deserved rest at the age of 55, men at 60. Until now, this norm has not changed, even in the context of the economic crisis. But a number of individuals have the right to retire early on. For this, the concept of length of service is introduced – a special work experience with special characteristics of labor..

The long-service pension is close to the old-age pension, but the right to receive it comes earlier. She is peculiar

compensation to those who, due to their professional activities, cannot work for a long time, as increased demands are placed on their health. Since age-related changes can affect the quality of work, it is determined that such persons have the right to go on vacation or continue to work in more favorable conditions. To compensate for lost earnings, they are assigned such an allowance.

Types of Pension Payments

According to the law, a length of service pension in 2018 is granted subject to the following requirements:

  • If on the day of dismissal the experience is two decades, the age of the citizen is not taken into account. The amount of payments is 50% of the available earnings, and for each year over 20 an additional 3% is additionally added, but as a result the total should not exceed 85% of the existing income, which includes not only salary, but also additional incentives for seniority, title, food compensation, etc..
  • If the total length of service is 25 years or more, while 12.5 or more years of them are given to military service, service in the authorities:
    internal affairs;
    control over the circulation of psychotropic and narcotic drugs;
    fire service;
    penal system.
    The monthly supplement to the pension for civil servants for long service in this case is 50% of earnings and one percent for each year over 25.

Elderly couple

Who should be in 2018

In order to understand who has the right to apply for a seniority pension in 2018 (including in terms of increase), it is necessary to refer to the federal law of December 15, 2001 No. 166-ФЗ “On state pension provision in the Russian Federation”, where categories of citizens are clearly spelled out:

  • federal state and municipal employees. Minimum 15 years, but there are certain exceptions;
  • workers in underground or mining. Their experience should be at least 25 years, but the size of the payments is 75% of the earnings;
  • emergency services workers. They have the right to go on a well-deserved rest after working out for 15 years, but this rule does not apply to all categories;
  • civil aviation staff and astronauts. Depends on occupation and health status.
  • teaching staff. Minimum 25 years needed.
  • medical workers. There is an additional distinction: for all those who worked in the city, the length of service requirement is 30, in rural areas – 25 years.
  • cultural workers. Depending on the position and working conditions, the minimum length of service varies from 15 to 30 years.
  • employees of the river and navy in the fishing industry. Depends on the type of activity, moreover, men go on vacation after 55, and women at the age of 50;
  • military personnel. Not less than 20 years.

Retirement after seniority – the procedure for registration

According to established practice, all personnel pension issues in 2018 (including on special conditions) are handled by personnel services of enterprises and organizations. Responsible for this are certain employees. They prepare pension documents, and then submit them to the territorial bodies of the Pension Fund. The whole process consists of several successive stages:

  1. identification and registration of workers whose age is approaching the moment designated by the legislation;
  2. notification of a citizen about the occurrence of his right to a well-deserved rest;
  3. accepting a pension application;
  4. collection and execution of necessary documents;
  5. consideration of the submission of prepared securities to the authorities involved in the appointment of pension payments.

What documents are needed

When submitting documents to the Pension Fund yourself, you will need to prepare:

  • a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation or a residence permit for foreigners;
  • a statement compiled in accordance with all the rules;
  • extract from the work book;
  • income statement for 12 months;
  • health proof papers (if necessary);
  • documents confirming other circumstances.

In some cases, the applicant may be requested additional information due to the specifics of his activities. You can submit them at the place of permanent or temporary registration. It is allowed to do this at the place of actual residence. Papers can be sent by registered mail or at a personal visit to the Pension Fund. In addition, a multifunctional center can also provide a package of documents. When sending papers by mail, the date stamped on the envelope will be considered the day of acceptance, and not the day the letter is actually received.

Passports of citizens of the Russian Federation

How is the service life determined?

A list of all employees who have the right to go on a well-deserved rest on general or preferential grounds is compiled annually. For this, personal cards and work books are used, which are considered taking into account the chronological order, based on the dates of birth of each citizen. According to the list received, the personnel officer prepares documents for the appointment of pensions to employees..

If corrections and cleanings without an appropriate mark were noted in the workbook, a written request is made at the organization where the record was made with a request to document the corrected information. If, when calculating the experience, it becomes clear that the employee has insufficient experience, he will be notified about this in order to find out if there are any documents that can confirm the labor activity. The organization has the right to request such data from archival sources or organizations specified by the employee.

Terms of appointment

The main condition for obtaining a seniority pension in 2018 is the attainment of the age that gives the right to old-age or disability payments. In addition, there are other requirements, compliance with which is necessary: ​​For different categories of citizens who have this right, they will be different, but all of them can be reduced to the following:

  • occupy a position (profession) defined by law;
  • availability of necessary experience;
  • dismissal for a good reason, which, for example, may be related to the termination of the contract, state of health, etc..

The procedure for determining and calculating

For each category of citizens who are entitled to a seniority pension in 2018, there is a personal calculation formula. The main criteria:

  • total length of service (work);
  • average monthly earnings, which are calculated from the provided certificate with accruals for the last 12 months;
  • increasing or decreasing coefficient;
  • allowances and increases;
  • indexation (payments are indexed when official inflation rises);
  • possible deductions from pension payments.

Ministry of Internal Affairs

The pension to internal affairs workers is military, but the Ministry of Internal Affairs is responsible for calculating and paying it. It is assigned in two cases:

  • In the presence of a 20-year length of service;
  • If you have a 25-year mixed length of service, of which half or more time is devoted to service in the authorities. It is important to consider that the dismissal came because of a state of health, under organizational and staffing circumstances, or when the age limit was reached. At the same time, in the period of 12 years and 6 months, the service is counted from the moment the title is awarded.

For the correct calculation of the experience you need to refer to the decision of the Council of Ministers. According to the document are taken into account:

  • military service, participation in hostilities;
  • service in law-enforcement bodies, law enforcement agencies, FSKN, FSIN;
  • fire service;
  • training in educational institutions at the rate of 2 months of study – 1 month of service (no more than 5 years);
  • serving a sentence (subject to subsequent rehabilitation).

The amount of pensioners ’allowance depends on several components: the salary appointed by the regular position and valid before dismissal, and the salary according to the special rank. The allowance accrued for seniority and monthly monetary food compensation are also taken into account. The formula can be represented by the following expression:

(OD + OZ + NVL)? 62.12%? (50% + (3%? CL), where

  • OD – salary;
  • OZ – salary by rank;
  • NVL – service allowance
  • 62.12% – the amount of monetary allowance established by law (subject to change);
  • KL – the number of years over 20.

If a citizen decided to continue his labor activity after leaving the Ministry of Internal Affairs, he has the right to do so. The state will continue to pay him for the length of service, but on condition that he will work in a civilian specialty. If work is continued at ATS, payments will be suspended..

Employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia

Municipal employee

Since 2018, new rules have been in force to increase the length of service, according to which each year will be added six months to the total amount until the length of service of public civil servants reaches 20:

  • 2017 – 15.5;
  • 2018 – 16;
  • 2019 – 16.5;
  • 2020 – 17, etc..

Employees of municipal authorities will be able to go on a well-deserved rest when reaching 56 (women) or 61 (men). If after this a person decided to get a job, then pension payments are not canceled and cannot be recounted, unless the citizen continues to work in government bodies. The amount of allowance should not be less than the minimum wage applicable in the region of residence (registration) of a citizen.

The pension for civil servants for years of service from 2018 can be calculated according to the following formula:

PVL = (45% SZ – SP) + 3% SZ? St,


  • PVL – the amount of pension accruals for the length of service;
  • SZ – average wage;
  • SP – the amount of pension payments for old age (disability);
  • St – experience over 15 years.

The average salary is calculated by adding the monthly earnings for the year and dividing the result by 12. For calculation, take:

  • monthly salary;
  • monthly allowance;
  • cash incentives;
  • monthly and one-time bonuses, etc..

The calculation does not take into account:

  • unpaid leave;
  • being on sick leave due to temporary disability;
  • maternity leave;
  • Holiday to care for the child.

When calculating the following are not taken into account:

  • free vacation;
  • maternity leave;
  • temporary disability;
  • Holiday to care for the child.

If it was, then income is not divided by the number of full months, but by the days actually worked, and is multiplied by 21 (the average number of working days in a month). An employee at any time after drawing up a pension service allowance has the right to refuse him and go to an old-age pension with all fixed payments.

For teachers

Pedagogical workers have a number of privileges, for example, the possibility of early exit on a well-deserved rest (if 25 years of experience are accumulated), regardless of age. The following are entitled to a preferential pension:

  • directors and their deputies involved in the educational process;
  • head teacher;
  • teachers
  • educators;
  • psychology teachers;
  • speech therapists;
  • masters of vocational schools;
  • teachers and methodologists combining the position of educator;
  • organizers of leisure in educational institutions;
  • teachers of music schools;
  • social educators;
  • teacher trainers.

Separate requirements are also imposed on the institution itself, where the pedagogical activity is carried out:

  • primary and secondary schools;
  • gymnasium;
  • lyceums;
  • comprehensive schools for certain categories of children;
  • centers for gifted children;
  • paramilitary schools;
  • sanatorium schools;
  • children’s homes of all kinds;
  • kindergartens, including nurseries;
  • correctional and special educational institutions;
  • specialized schools;
  • music, art and similar schools;
  • rehabilitation centers;
  • centers for continuing education.

To calculate the seniority pension in 2018 for the teaching staff, the following periods are taken into account in the calendar order:

  • full-time work in accordance with the established standard hours for each category of teachers (this rule does not work in relation to teachers working in rural schools and primary schools);
  • annual urgent leave;
  • maternity leave;
  • parental leave until one and a half years of age;
  • sick leave;
  • obtaining specialized education and advanced training, if before this moment and after the applicant worked in a pedagogical specialty.

To calculate the amount of payments, it is necessary to take into account the data from the income statement for the last 12 months. An indispensable condition for accruals is the availability of an individual pension coefficient, which is 13.8 with a subsequent annual increase in the lower threshold by 2.4 points until 2025, when it will have to be 30. When assigning allowance, it is necessary to stop teaching (except for work in private institutions ).

Teacher in the classroom

Federal employees

In the experience of the federal public service, all periods are taken into account if the total number of years is not less than 16. Moreover, with each year this indicator will continue to increase. Until the appointment of the allowance, the civil servant must work continuously for at least 12 months, and dismissal must occur for the following reasons:

  • the occurrence of health problems that make it impossible to continue to work;
  • the dissolution of the state agency;
  • dismissal in connection with reaching retirement age;
  • staff reduction.

When a state body is disbanded, the requirement to work out a twelve-month period does not apply. If a civil servant at the time of the right to leave for a well-deserved rest in 2018 worked for his 16 years, the amount of payment will amount to 45% of the average monthly salary.

For each additional year, 3% is added to the experience, but as a result, it should not exceed 75% in total. When calculating the average wage, it is necessary to take into account the legal framework that cannot be exceeded. For each post they are different. The seniority of federal employees does not count:

  • time spent on sick leave;
  • maternity leave;
  • caring for a child up to one and a half years old;
  • vacation at your own expense.

The length of service pension is funded from the federal budget and is calculated by the formula:

PVL = (0.45 x SZ – SP) + 0.03 x SZ? St,


  • PVL – the length of service pension;
  • SZ – average wage;
  • SP – the amount of pension accruals by old age (disability);
  • St – experience over 15 years.

Health workers

In order for a physician to have the right to allowance for seniority, he must work at least 25 years in a medical institution (in the countryside) and at least 30 in the city. When calculating this time, the following are additionally taken into account:

  • urgent holidays;
  • sick leave (provided that there was a deduction to the insurance fund);
  • maternity leave and childcare until one and a half years of age;
  • work as an intern and intern.

It does not take into account residency training, advanced training, leave at one’s expense and work in another position for more than one month throughout the year. The positions that are eligible to apply for a seniority pension in 2018 include:

  • obstetric staff.
  • doctors of various specialties.
  • nursing staff.
  • laboratory staff.
  • forensic staff.
  • sanitation specialists.

In some cases, one year spent in a medical institution is counted when taking into account the experience with a certain coefficient, which can be 1.5, as, for example, for ambulance workers or 1.9 for surgeons practicing in the village. Calculation of payments for employees of medical institutions is carried out individually, employees of state and private centers are entitled to claim it.

Military personnel

The military have the right to receive allowances, having given service in the ranks of the armed forces of the Russian Federation and the USSR for at least 20 years. In case of mixed length of service, the value should be 25, provided that half or a large part is given to service in the armed forces. All retirees are entitled to certain allowances. They are paid if the soldier gave the service at least 24 months, and the service in the internal, border and railway troops counts.

Foreign intelligence officers, the FSB, employees of the state fire service and forced labor colonies can also expect additional payments. Increasing factors are used to calculate allowances for pilots and divers (1.5). The amount of benefits for former military personnel depends on the length of service, however, the allowance is made for a service life of 20 years. For at least the past five years, there has been an active discussion of increasing the minimum threshold from 20 to 25 years.

From January 2018, you can get an increase according to the following scheme, depending on the length of service:

from 2 to 5


from 5 to 10


from 15 to 20


from 20 to 25


over 25


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