Magnetic charging for the phone – how to choose by model, manufacturer and cost

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A novelty in the world of technology is a magnetic charger. This device is not the first need, but it makes life easier for owners of smartphones and laptops. Magnetic charging is a plug for the usb connector on the phone, to which a special power cable is magnetized. You can buy a new product in the hardware store or order on the Internet. The cost depends on the manufacturer. For example, the original magnetic charger for the iPhone will cost several times more than the Chinese.

What is magnetic charging

Such charging on a magnet has several purposes. Count how many times a day you plug a cord into a usb connector? The phone must be charged, take off photos, videos and other information. It turns out that the usb connector is subjected to mechanical stress more than once per day. He quickly gets loose, starts to “buggy” and eventually becomes unusable.

To avoid expensive repairs, you can use a magnetic charger. You need to insert this charge once into the usb connector and forget it. Gadget users can no longer worry that their device will have to be brought to the equipment maintenance service after a while. This is an important advantage of the gadget if the smartphone does not support the wireless charging function. Another advantage of the fashionable plug is that it prevents dust from entering through the micro-usb connector.

Operating principle

There is no secret from the technical side. The stub is a receiver that sticks into the phone, the cable does the rest. It contains spring contacts, a magnet and an LED. When the cable head is brought up to the adapter, physics is triggered, i.e. plus or minus are attracted and the two parts of the gadget are connected. Do not be afraid, the phone is firmly connected to the wire, but this is not enough to disconnect them from each other.

Magnetic charger

How to use

The magnetic charger kit consists of two components:

  • adapter;
  • magnetic usb cable.

The magnetic charger must be inserted into the micro usb connector of the smartphone or tablet. This is done using an adapter in the form of a stub, on the back of which a special platform with magnetic contacts is installed. A similar platform is located on the usb cable. When the need arises, a cable is magnetized to the plug, after which the gadget is charged or connected to the computer. Result: untouched usb connector, instant convenient connection.

Cable and smartphone

Magnetic charger

The first manufacturer of gadgets on a magnet was Wsken, a manufacturer of charging models for iPhone and Android. This is not the only manufacturer of quality add-ons for devices. Consider several options for devices, indicating the technical characteristics, pluses and minuses, prices. For a review, models from Wsken and other popular manufacturers are offered:

For iPhone

Lightning WSKEN X-cable. The name WSKEN speaks for itself. Prices for this company’s gadgets are high, but in practice you pay for quality. Here is an example device:

  • name: iPhone Lightning WSKEN X-cable mini 2;
  • price: 1490 rubles;
  • Features: 1 meter silver nylon magnetic cable for iPhone;
  • pluses: simple and convenient to use, reliability and wear resistance, connection indicator in the form of a bulb.
  • cons: price.

For iPhone Lightning WSKEN X-cable mini 2

Lightning COTEetCI M11. Another popular magnetic cable for iPhone owners will simplify the use of a smartphone:

  • name: magnetic USB-charging iPhone Lightning COTEetCI M11 NYLON;
  • price: 1300 r.
  • Characteristics: nylon cable with a magnetic adapter 1200 mm long golden color;
  • pluses: reliable, adapted for iPhone and iPad, on the device’s case there is a connection indicator;
  • cons: price.

Magnetic USB Charging iPhone Lightning COTEetCI M11 NYLON

For laptop

The laptop can also be charged using a magnetic gadget. But the cost of a decent device is considerable. Example:

  • name: power supply with magnetic corrector MagSafe Apple VC747Z / A;
  • price: 5900 r.;
  • specifications: power supply for Apple laptops with a power of 45W, an output voltage of 14.5V, an output current of 3.1A;
  • pluses: small size, compact, reliable, wear-resistant, there is a charge indicator.
  • cons: high cost, 2010 model.

The power supply unit for the MagSafe Apple VC747Z / A laptop

MagSafe Apple MC556Z / B. Another model of a magnetic cable with higher rates for fast charging, which is worth a closer look when choosing a gadget:

  • name: power supply with magnetic corrector MagSafe Apple 85W15 ”and 17” MacBook Pro 2010 MC556Z / B;
  • price: 5600 r.;
  • specifications: power supply for Apple laptops with a capacity of 85W, output voltage 16.5V, output current strength 4.5A;
  • pluses: reliable, it is possible to adjust the length of the wire, equipped with an indicator, stylish and convenient design;
  • cons: high price, 2010 model.

Power supply MagSafe Apple 85W15 ”and 17” MacBook Pro 2010 MC556Z / B

For android

SITITEK ABC-437. On the Android operating system, every second smartphone or tablet works. Maybe it’s time to buy a magnetic charge? For example, this:

  • name: SITITEK ABC-437;
  • price: 890 p.;
  • Features: 1 meter long nylon cable with a maximum current of 2A, support for micro usb connector;
  • pluses: charging in 2 hours, reliability, choice of wire color;
  • cons: high cost.


WSKEN X-cable Metal magnetic Cable. WSKEN did not stop at the production of magnetic cables for iPhones alone. Whether this happens successfully or not, owners of their products who purchased, for example, such a cable can say:

  • name: cable with magnetic adapter WSKEN X-cable Metal magnetic Cable;
  • price: 1200 r.;
  • specifications: cable with a nylon braid 1 meter long weighing 69 grams;
  • pluses: good adhesion to the wire, wear resistance, convenience;
  • cons: high cost.

For Android WSKEN X-cable Metal magnetic Cable

How to choose a magnetic charge

A huge number of magnetic chargers have appeared on the Internet, half of which are low-quality products. An unscrupulous website-seller can be recognized by an incorrect domain and a design “muffled” from the original website. Product for sale in such online stores also leaves much to be desired. The charger may have a weak magnet or an inflexible wire. There is an advantage: a small price that allows you to take a gadget for testing without losing part of the budget.

Especially popular are such inexpensive brands as Aircable, Ucable, Asap, Snap and others. In fact, Chinese craftsmen put nameless magnetic wires in a box. These brands do not have a website, support department, etc., which makes the purchase of a gadget unreliable. Is it worth buying such a magnetic wire for charging, everyone’s business. However, before buying it is worth weighing the pros and cons.

If you purchase a device in order to try a new gadget or you have a financial constraint, then before buying, pay attention to the following factors:

  • certificate of quality;
  • Warranty from the manufacturer and seller;
  • reviews of people who purchased this charge.
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