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The remote control function is provided for personal computers and mobile devices – tablets and smartphones. Gadgets store a lot of personal information: user information, bank card and account information. Remote control of Android from a computer increases the security of information use and helps to interact with the device, even if it is not in the access zone.

What is remote access to Android?

In order to control the smartphone, wires are no longer required: Android Device can be connected to a PC using special applications. There is an opportunity to manage data from the device – contacts, images, videos, personal information. The connection does not affect the operation of the tablet or phone, the connection time takes a couple of seconds.

Remote access to Android devices from a computer

What is it needed for

Remote control of an Android tablet is not just another smart option, it allows the user to:

  • if there is a problem of loss or theft of the device, set up remote blocking of information, take a photo of the abductor with a front camera;
  • copy images, any files from your phone to a computer or, conversely, without connecting a USB cable;
  • locate a child’s phone, use the camera as a tracking tool.

Benefits and Opportunities

Android remote control is the blocking of personal data in case of loss or theft of a smartphone or tablet: contacts, photos, information about bank cards, accounts for social networks. Managing Android through a computer helps to carry out parental control of children’s phones, launch location determination, tracking on a video camera.

How to connect Android remote control

Computer control is carried out remotely through several applications with different functionality. Connection may vary: through an account in Google or a QR code, registration on the manufacturer’s website, providing data on devices. In order to remotely control a smartphone, to access its information, you need to install the application and execute a number of commands in the settings menu that synchronize the operation of the gadget and PC.

Google remote access

Before you start remote control of Android, you need to clarify the version of the Android OS on the gadget: is there any way to support this option? If the settings do not have such a function, you must use the system update function to the latest version. After that, find the item “Remote control” (Settings, Security, Device administrators), check the box opposite.

Remote access to the Android phone will work only when the device is connected to the Internet (Wi-Fi or mobile network). On your computer, you need to go to the site to confirm the password for your Google account. Access to the following functions will appear:

  • determining the location of the device;
  • a call that will work even if the gadget is turned off;
  • disconnect the phone, block and delete data in case of theft or loss.

Third Party Programs and Software

Google has released its own application for remote control of gadgets based on Android, but there are several more effective programs released by third-party companies:

  • TeamViewer QuickSupport is a free program that allows you to control your tablet and smartphone from a PC and vice versa;
  • AirDroid is a free application with the function of transmitting a smartphone screen to a PC monitor, there is data management, but there is no direct launch of applications;
  • MobileGo – can work with data, applications, fast copying data to a PC;
  • Airmore – connects through a QR code, viewing data, photos, managing contacts, writing SMS

TeamViewer QuickSupport

From an Android device

There are Android applications that provide feedback, make it possible to work on a PC from a mobile device based on Android:

  • Splashtop2 Remote Desktop – works when creating an account in the service, managing the desktop of a Windows PC through a system of touching the screen;
  • TeamViewer is a multifunctional application that gives access to a PC, working with its data and a memory card, locking, connecting not only to your own, but also to a third-party PC;
  • PocketCloud Remote Desktop – convenient navigation, several connection modes, in the free version only one PC is connected.

PocketCloud Remote Desktop

Connection via embedded services

The Android application system provides built-in services for controlling Android from a computer. Google services are an effective tool for working remotely with mobile devices. Locating the gadget, making a call (even to a switched-off phone), blocking data when it is stolen or lost, completely rebooting the Android system, turning off the phone if necessary.

To connect you need:

  1. Go to the “Applications” section, then “Google Settings”.
  2. Select “Security”.
  3. Put a checkmark in front of the item “Remote device search”.
  4. Enable geolocation (in the settings go to the “Personal” section, enable location determination).
  5. Go to Google on your computer.
  6. Enter password from google account.

Manage your Android phone from your computer

Several applications have been developed that are designed to access mobile devices from a personal computer. The principle of operation and installation are similar, but differ in the type of connection and functionality. Some programs are free for private use; in others, certain options are offered only in the paid version.

Google account

A prerequisite for connecting to a PC using a remote Google service is an account, because in the process you will need to enter your username and password on the computer. Connection is via phone settings, takes less than a minute:

  • Configuring remote access
  • Account Verification
  • work with phone and PC.

The built-in application finds the phone on the card, this works even when another SIM card is inserted in the device. The time and place of the last activity of the phone is displayed. A useful feature is a forced call, even if the smartphone is disconnected. Data lock, full reset helps with the loss or theft of the phone. The advantages include accessibility, ease of connection. Minus – truncated functionality, the inability to remotely control Android data.


A popular free application that provides remote control of Android using a remote connection to a computer. There are two ways to install the AirDroid service – through a Google account, an account on the Airdroid website or a QR code, but then the PC and gadget must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. To use advanced features, additional configuration is required (granting root rights).

The pluses include simple quick setup, convenient functionality, the presence of many functions in the free version. Cons – the full version requires installing the application with additional settings. Some features are available for money. Airdroid app features (free):

  • control panel, work with data, music, photos;
  • list of messages;
  • Search for a phone using sound notification;
  • switch the phone to silent mode;
  • use of the front and conventional cameras (paid);
  • file transfer of more than 50MB (paid).



The Airmore app is designed to provide remote control of an Android device from a computer. The remote connection does not require account information, the connection is through a QR code. Pluses of the application – the program is free, there is no limit on the size of the copied files, simple installation. The disadvantages include the lack of a Russian version.

The installation process is simple: install through the browser on the computer, then click the camera button when scanning the graphic code from the monitor window. Next, download the application from Google Play and put it on your phone. Application Functionality:

  • full access to the file manager, contacts and SMS;
  • simultaneous alerts on PC and mobile;
  • camera control screen lock;
  • determining the location of the phone;
  • creating backups, transferring files of any size.



Functional program for synchronizing mobile devices on the Android platform with a computer. It is convenient to use when connecting to a PC using a cable or connecting via Wi-Fi networks (you will need to scan a QR code). You need to download the application on both devices, run the program. Some features may require root rights. Using the MobileGo service you can:

  • work with contacts, calls;
  • copying files to a PC;
  • viewing and converting video files on the monitor;
  • work with the phone’s RAM;
  • work with installed applications and with device manager.


TeamViewer QuickSupport

A popular application for remote control of Android devices from a personal computer, free for personal use. It is installed on the PC and the device, then the logic and password for the computer are created. Additionally, you need to enter the identification number of the smartphone. The connection to control the Android device is secure. Works on all operating systems.

Features of TeamViewer QuickSupport:

  • work with files, there is an option to select the destination folder;
  • work with applications;
  • Broadcasting the smartphone screen to the monitor, transferring screenshots;
  • viewing system status information;
  • no limit on the size of the transferred files.

Computer control from Android

With the option of remote control of a PC from a smartphone, it becomes possible to work with files on a computer, manage programs and broadcast the desktop to the screen of a mobile device and any gadgets connected to it. As a rule, when connecting, you must first obtain registration on the website of the application manufacturer and enter the login and password received there.

PocketCloud Remote Desktop

An application with a paid and free (using only one computer) version. The difference from other programs is the choice of the connection method (through a Google account, RDP protocol or VNC system). It is suitable for beginners and advanced users, its functionality is rich. Fully displays the desktop on the screen of a mobile device, adjustable using certain gestures and a virtual keyboard.

Splashtop 2 Remote Desktop

To connect the program, you need to download the application from the official website of the developer on a PC and smartphone. Next is registration, data entry about devices. The pluses include quick installation and configuration, a convenient toolbar, advanced functionality. Of the minuses – in the free version one computer is connected, after purchasing a paid one up to five machines are connected, a cloud storage is provided for Splashtop information. The cost of the paid version is low – in the region of 160 rubles.

Splashtop 2 Remote Desktop


A new mobile version of the well-known program for remote access to a PC. Easy installation (on both media), secure connection, convenient interface. In the free version, translation to the desktop, data management, keyboard and sound control are available. In the paid version, the functionality of the software is wider – viewing video from a PC, managing prints and transferring files. To configure the connection, registration is required on the manufacturer’s website, mobile device data.


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