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Many mothers prefer to knit clothes and shoes for their children on their own. It can be hats, bonnets, blouses or booties. The latter are especially easy to knit, and there are many different models. Booties or marshmallow footprints are popular. Several workshops with descriptions, patterns and photos of their knitting can be found below..

How to tie marshmallow booties

Knitted marshmallow slippers with knitting needles are apparently very simple but attractive. Their back part is knitted in one color, and the front one – with a pattern of willows in the form of a combination of stripes. One of them has a contrasting shade. The other is knitted from the same yarn as the back. The difference of the strips is also in the knitting technique itself. One is performed by facial loops, and the other is purl. It turns out that knitting booties-marshmallows is performed with a garter pattern. You can decorate products with beads, bows or pompoms made of yarn.

Knitted fabric consists of two identical parts, although their sizes can easily be changed. There are several options for how to tie such booties:

  1. The easiest way to do this is on two needles. Then in the middle of the sole you get a seam.
  2. On four knitting needles the technique will be the same as when knitting socks. For kids who are already walking, this option is preferable.
  3. An equally simple lesson is to crochet marshmallows. Better take this tool at number 3 or 4.

Knitting Marshmallow Booties

If you have a burning desire to knit marshmallow booties with knitting needles, it is important to start with choosing a yarn of a certain color and texture. It is necessary to take special children’s threads. They are soft and contain only natural fibers. The best option is 100% acrylic, which holds its shape well and does not prick unlike wool. By weight it will take about 50-60 g, so it is quite possible to use the remains of yarn in two different colors. It is better to choose shades that would suit other baby’s things. White and pink are suitable for the girl, and for the boy the latter can be replaced with blue.

Marshmallow booties for a newborn girl

Knitting Marshmallow Booties for beginners

First of all, for knitting marshmallows with a lapel, you need to calculate the number of loops. To this end, the baby’s leg is first measured, and then a sample of approximately 10 by 10 cm is knitted from the selected yarn. Next, the number of loops for the same 10 cm of length is considered, i.e. the density of knitting, and with this in mind, they are gaining them for booties. For convenience, it is better to draw a diagram, as shown in the photo. With her, marshmallow booties for beginners will be much easier to knit. From materials and tools you will need:

  • needle – for stitching parts;
  • knitting needles number 3,5 – 2 pieces;
  • yarn of the main color – 1 skein of 100% acrylic;
  • contrasting yarn – 1 skein of 100% acrylic.

The approximate number of rows of half the canvas depends on the size of the baby’s legs. She is determined based on his age. It turns out the following dependence:

  • 0-3 months – 45 rows;
  • 3-6 months – 53 rows;
  • 6-9 months – 61 rows.

In this master class, the value of 61 rows is taken as an example, i.e. for an older baby aged 6 to 9 In order to create one marshmallow booties you need to follow the steps below step by step:

  1. Knit 26 loops on the knitting needles, remove the first edge loop, then knit with the front stitch, and make the last loop back.
  2. The second and subsequent rows up to 61 perform all in the same shawl technique.
  3. On row 62, it is necessary to close 8 stitches. To do this, 2 knit together, then put the resulting from them back on the knitting needle, again knit two together. So until 8 pieces close.
  4. Next, enter the second yarn, as shown in the photo, perform 4 rows of front smooth with it. Then return to the main color, knit the same amount, but with the wrong loops. Do so 6 strips of each color, i.e. there will be 12 of them.
  5. Sew the short side to the long side with an accordion, tighten, fasten the thread.
  6. Next, sew the bottom of the booties, and pull off the striped sides. Tear, tie and hide the thread.
  7. Tie the second marshmallow booties and decorate both of them as you wish, especially pay attention to the place of the screed.

Marshmallow booties for a newborn baby boy

Crochet Marshmallow Booties

If you have at least basic knowledge about crocheting, you can easily make such booties. A step-by-step master class with a description and a scheme of work will help you with this. From materials and tools you will need the following:

  • stitching needle;
  • yarn of two colors, the best children’s acrylic;
  • hook number 3.

For a denser fabric, it is better to take the hook a little thinner than the yarn itself. Although it’s more difficult for them to work. Crochet the marshmallow booties according to the following instructions:

  1. Pick up a chain of 20 air loops and make another one for lifting.
  2. Next, run 34 rows with a crochet of 34 rows.
  3. Next, reduce 8 loops, knitting them with a connecting column. At the same time, stretch with the addition of yarn of a different color.
  4. Make 1 stitch loop and knit 12 single crochet all the way to the end of the row.
  5. To do so 14-15 strips, alternating yarn and ending with the threads of the main color.
  6. Sew the striped parts folded together along the edge, pull them off at the top of the booties.
  7. Next, you need to attach the main fabric and the striped face inward to sew the lower part with a needle.
  8. Fill the remaining strings with a needle, knit the second and decorate the pair with bows, rhinestones, beads.

Crocheted Marshmallow Booties

Sole marshmallow booties on a sole

If your baby has already learned to walk, then marshmallows with a seam will not be too comfortable for him. In this case, there is a very simple way out. Tie seamless marshmallow booties. It is easy to do it – first, stock up on the following materials and tools:

  • jewelry for marshmallow booties;
  • children’s hypoallergenic yarn of pink and burgundy colors;
  • 1.5 mm spokes
  • burgundy auxiliary thread.

If you have everything you need, then you can proceed to the work itself. Its description is as follows:

  1. Dial 45 loops with burgundy threads, knit 8 rows of garter stitch.
  2. Next, enter the gum thread, perform 2 more rows with the same technique.
  3. Then introduce ordinary burgundy yarn, knit another 8 rows.
  4. Add a pink thread, move the first 15 loops to the working knitting needle without knitting, and perform the rest with a garter stitch.
  5. Expand the fabric, knit the pink loops again, and gently knit the last together with the maroon.
  6. Perform 5 points until 15 loops of pink yarn remain on the knitting needles, burgundy should be completely reduced.
  7. Close the loops, count 8 out of them and start to loop from the gum from it – you should get 16 pieces.
  8. Run 4 rows of stocking viscous, then change the thread to burgundy and knit 4 more rows, but with purl loops. Perform until 12 strips.
  9. Next, the marshmallow booties must be folded in half so that the edge of the strip is sewn to the heel.
  10. Firmly pull the strip of booties up and down with a thread, tie the ends with a knot.
  11. With a pink yarn, hem with a crochet column.
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